Bitcoin Trader Review: BTC SCAM ALERT!


If you hate crypto trading scams, you are going to hate this Bitcoin Trader with a passion. We are told that it has a near 100% accuracy rate with daily profits exceeding $13K, all for 20 minutes of trading per day. Of course, this is way too good to be true.

We found many other scam factors present here too. This is why we are here today, to do this Bitcoin Trader scam review. This Bitcoin Trader review is going to give you all of the dirty details about this low down cryptocurrency trading scam!

Bitcoin Trader App – ANONYMOUS!

Ok, so the first clear indication that that This Bitcoin Trader software is a scam, is that it is faceless and anonymous. Now, there is a man in the presentation video who calls himself Gary Roberts. He claims to be the CEO and founder of this automated BTC trading system. However, there is absolutely no proof that this is true. For one, the website never explicitly states this and there is no section that talks about the leadership.

Next, we did a ton of research on this Gary Roberts guy. He has no online presence whatsoever. Besides his association with this Bitcoin Trader scam, there is no evidence that this man actually exists. We know for a fact that he is just a paid actor, a made up personality being portrayed by some greasy looking man.

What is even worse is that we have already seen Gary before. He has represented several other binary options and crypto trading scams. He never even changed his made up name. He is the leading scam figure in other crypto trading scams such as ICE 9 Tech, The Quantum Code, and the Orion Code. The bottom line is that this man is not the real deal and we really do not know who he is at all. This means that the Bitcoin Trader system is completely anonymous.

This is a really big problem. Unless there is something illegal going on here, there is no good reason for the true owners of this system to keep themselves hidden from us. This is as good of proof as anything else that this Bitcoin Trader program is indeed a scam and a total rip off.


How Does The Bitcoin Trader System Work?

To be quite honest, we also do not know how this Bitcoin Trader trading app works. We are told that it uses state of the art technology and algorithms to achieve amazing trading accuracy rates for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, we are never actually provided with any solid information in terms of the inner workings.

Simply telling us that there is some awesome tech involved is not nearly good enough to convince us that it works. We need to know what these algorithms do, what kind of market analysis is engaged in, and what trading strategies are being put to use. We are provided with none of this info, which makes us think that the Bitcoin Trader system does not actually work at all. The reason we are never told how it works is because it does not work at all!

If you would like to trade binary options and need a good system, we would recommend the BinBot Pro app.


Bitcoin Trader Software – LIES ABOUT ACCURACY & PROFITS!

Perhaps the most ridiculous aspect of this Bitcoin Trader app is the lie about trading accuracy and profits. We are told that this BTC trading app comes with a guaranteed 99.4% accuracy rate. This would mean that less than 1 out of every 100 trades is lost.

However, this is simply not possible. It really does not matter who you are or what software you are using. Achieving that kind of winning trade rate is just not possible no matter what universe you live in. Guaranteeing this is even dumber.

At the same time, the claim is that Bitcoin Trader software can generate a minimum of $13,000 per day without fail. Now, sure, it might be possible to make $2,000, $3,000, or even $4,000 per day with an automated cryptocurrency trading app, but no more than that, especially not in under 20 minutes as is promised here.

That is right, these fools try and sucker us into believing that we can make thirteen thousand dollars per day, in just 20 minutes of trading. How dumb do these fools think we are?

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Bitcoin Trader User Testimonials – FAKE!

The Bitcoin Trader website is full of user testimonials, fake ones that are clearly not real in any way. There are a few Bitcoin Trader user testimonials featured right on the main page. Well, we have seen some of these faces before.

There are a couple of people that have been used for other fake scam user testimonials. In fact, one of the pictures we found for sale on DepositPhotos, a stock image database. This woman’s face has been used for dozens, maybe even hundreds of marketing campaigns.

What we mean to say here is that all Bitcoin Trader user testimonials are 100% fake and fabricated. Don’t trust what they say because these testimonials were made by the same scammers trying to screw us out of our money with this Bitcoin Trader scam software.


Bitcoin Trader Program – NO FEES???

What is also odd is that we are told that this Bitcoin Trader system comes with no fees. Apparently it costs nothing to sign up with or to use, the system itself does not take a cut, and there are no broker fees either.

Folks, nobody gives away money for free, which is what the Bitcoin Trader app claims to do. There is not a single reputable and legit cryptocurrency trading system in the world that actually works and doesn’t charge a fee or take a cut. NOBODY GIVES AWAY MONEY FOR NOTHING! This is pretty much all the proof we need that there is a scam afoot here!


Bitcoin Trader Scam Review – Conclusion

The only thing that is important to know about this Bitcoin Trader software is that it is indeed a scam. It is an exercise in thievery and a rip off of monumental proportions. If you want to make some real money, you are better off using a good binary options trading app like the BinBot Pro system, which can even be used in the USA and Canada.

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