Crypto Wealth Creator Review – SCAM?


We’ve already done one review on the Crypto Wealth app, and we thought that we had managed to put a stop to it. However, just when we think that we won one for the good guys, the bad guys just come up with a new name and recycle their old scams. The Crypto Wealth Creator app is just a new name for an old scam that has been rehashed. It is supposed to be a revolutionary world class cryptocurrency trading platform that is very profitable. Yet, the truth is that this software is here to make money at your expense, not to help you make it. We are here doing a Crypto Wealth Creator scam review to give you fair warning about this highly illegal, dangerous, and downright malicious app. Don’t fall for the cheap tricks thrown your way by the crooks running the show. This is a scam and we are here to shut it down once and for all.

Crypto Wealth Creator Scam – Fake Creation Date

One of the biggest telltale signs that a scam is afoot here has to do with the alleged creation date. The scammer in the video, Max Carney, tells us that this system was created several months ago and has been in use ever since. Apparently, members have been able to generate millions of dollars in Bitcoin and Ethereum money in the last few months. We are even shown a forged bank account statement where Max claims to have made all his money with the Crypto Wealth Creator app. We beg to differ. We found the actual registration date of the website, which is September 22, 2017. So, the claim of this cryptocurrency trading program having been active for several months is a lie. It’s a boldfaced lie meant to lend this scheme some credibility where none is due.

Crypto Wealth Creator Scam Software – Fake Counters

Yet another surefire way that we can tell that this is a scam has to do with the money counter on the front page of the website. The counter shows that “today people have earned $72,000”, yet this is not true at all. The longer you stay on the page for, the bigger the number of daily profits gets. However, if you go to refresh the website, the number goes back down to its original value. This happens every time you freshly load the Crypto Wealth Creator website. Therefore, since the number resets every single time, you can rest assured that it is just a cheap marketing tactic meant to gain your confidence and lure you into complacency.

Crypto Wealth Creator Software & Fake Members

The next red flag that we noticed about this total pile of garbage has to do with the so called members of this system. There are a few different user testimonials and reviews from alleged members who claim to have made big bugs using this software. Once again, upon doing some research we quickly discovered that these “members” were not members at all. The images used to portray user testimonials are just stolen stock photos taken from other websites. Yes, the people are technically real, as in they have a heartbeat, but they have nothing to do with this scam. The testimonials were written by the same crooks trying to push this rubbish heap in our direction.

Crypto Wealth Creator App – Over 700 Canadian Members

Something else that quickly came to our attention was this claim of having various members from all across Canada. If you did not already know, binary options trading and cryptocurrency trading in Canada is neither regulated nor legal when it comes to automated software. Canadians cannot use any kind of binary options or Bitcoin trading software except for a special one or two. The Crypto Wealth Creator app is definitely not one of those. Saying that they have so many members from Canada is total horse crap because it is totally impossible for Canadians to use this cryptocurrency trading system.

Crypto Wealth Creator App & Max Carney

Max Carney claims to be some big time investment genius and trading guru. He put his passion to good use and created this trading system so that people everywhere could become as rich as him. Just like the fake user testimonials, Max Carney is a fictitious and totally made up character trying to portray someone else. Max is just a paid actor hired for a couple of dollars to protect the real identities of the actual crooks stealing your money. This guy does not know a single thing about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading, which is evident when you listen to him stumble over his lines.

Crypto Wealth Creator SystemRidiculous Daily Profits

Another thing that signals this as being a thieving scheme is how the promise of profits is just out of this world. First off, we are told that the Crypto Wealth Creator app makes it mathematically impossible to lose trades. The criminals running the show say that no trade is ever lost thanks to some great mathematical formula.

If this were true, we would say that it is the best trading strategy ever. However, risk is always inherent in any kind of trading including cryptocurrency trading. Having a 100% ITM rate is totally impossible, unrealistic, and unachievable. Furthermore, the promise of being able to generate $4,000 per day, every single day, is just as ridiculous. Even the best trading systems in the world can’t generate that kind of income.

Crypto Wealth Creator Scam App & Scam Brokers

Finally, when it comes to this shady software, there is not a single reliable broker in sight. The brokers associated with this ridiculous app are neither licensed nor regulated. They have no legal business handling your money in any way, shape, or form. Their sole purpose and express intent is to steal your money after you make a deposit into your trading account.



Crypto Wealth Creator Review Conclusion

It is painfully clear that the Crypto Wealth Creator app is a total rip-off. There is not a single legitimate, credible, or trustworthy thing about it. Just stay away from this scheme as far as you can, because it will cost you everything you have if you don’t.

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