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The MT Soft App is not a new scam, but a scam it definitely is. We already did a review to bust this particular scam about a year ago, but back then it was still called the Mirror Trader app. Make no mistake about it. The crooks trying to sell you this bogus app may have changed the name of the service and made a new website, but it’s still the same old Mirror Trader software.

It was a total scam back then and it’s still one now. There is just no denying that. Sure, binary options trading can be very profitable and highly lucrative, but not when you use a horrible program like MT Soft Software. If you did not already clue in, MT Soft is just a clever way of saying Mirror Trader Software.

We guess that the clowns who rehashed this scam did not think that anybody would catch on to their word games, but we surely did. We’re here doing an MT Soft scam review to give you ample warning about this terribly ridiculous trading service. We did a whole lot of research and all of our findings indicate one single thing, which is that the MT Soft app is a total rip off. Let’s find out why.


MT Soft Scam App – The Mirror Trader Company

John Harrison, the alleged owner and CEO of the Mirror Trader company, the main investing mechanism behind the MT Soft app, would appear to own a pretty neat company. He says that he is the CEO of Mirror Trader, a high grade and upper class investment company and trading algorithm development firm. However, the really suspicious thing is that we cannot find a single mention of this Mirror Trader company anywhere.

If they really did exist, they would have a business listing, the necessary licensing, and would have at least a few mentions somewhere on the internet. Yet, none of these things are present in any way, shape, or form. Therefore, the only real conclusion that we can come to is that the Mirror Trader company is totally made up and doesn’t actually exist. It’s all just a lie meant to lend an air of credibility to this MT Soft scam.


John Harrison – The MT Soft Scammer

Every good company and trading service needs a leader right? Well, when it comes to this fraudulent app, we are led to believe that the man at the helm is named John Harrison. This man claims to be some kind of trading genius and financial investment guru who has made millions and millions of dollars for himself, both with the MT Soft app and with other business ventures. Hmm, we are pretty sure that this John character is just that, a fictitious character invented out of thin air. We actually managed to find his acting profile on fiverr.com as well as other actor for hire websites.

In other words, John is not his real name, he knows nothing about this app or BO trading, and he can barely read the script he is given. It’s all a big load of crap meant to trick you. What this also means is that MT Soft trading software is an anonymous system. The only reason for a binary options service to be hidden in anonymity is because the real owners know darn well that their actions are considered illegal. They are using this John Harrison actor as a shielding scapegoat to protect themselves from criminal prosecution.

MT Soft Scam Software – “No Loss Software”

Perhaps one of the most ludicrous claims made by this pile of garbage software is that it is a no loss software. Yes, that is right, these crooks say that the MT Soft app never loses a single trade. This is totally outrageous, unbelievable, unachievable, and wholly unrealistic. Risk is an inherent factor in market and losing your money in BO trading can always happen. It simply is not possible for any trading program in the world to have a 100% accuracy rate and never lose a single trade.

Either this system would have to have supernatural powers to predict the future, or it would have to utilize the biggest stash of illegal insider trading info in the world. Either it’s highly illegal or totally impossible, but with both scenarios you can rest assured that it is total bull crap. Even the best trading systems in the world with the best trading strategies cannot get over 90% in their accuracy, and that is already pushing it big time.

Other Disturbing Things About The MT Soft App

There are quite a few other disturbing snippets of evidence which serves to cement this trading system’s reputation as a thieving rip off.

  • There are a giant load of user testimonials on the official website, all of which are about as real as WWE professional wrestling. The testimonials consist of stolen stock images, fictitious reviews, and a ton of lies. The people featured in the testimonials have already been used to advertise various other things like auto insurance, perfumes, video games, and even penis pills.

  • There are many different “completed” trades shown on the website, all of which are also fake. The successful trades section on the MT Soft website is just as fake as the user testimonial section.


  • There is not a single reliable broker associated with the MT Soft app. There is one broker which you are forced to connect to, which is unlicensed and unregulated. In other words, this broker is not legally allowed to handle your money. The express intent of this broker is to steal your money.






MT Soft Scam Review – Conclusion

When you take a closer look at this bogus trading system, it quickly becomes apparent that MT Soft software is nothing more than a scam. Its sole purpose is to rob you blind and drain your trading account before you know what hit you. Just do yourself a favour and stay as far away from this terrible trading system as you can.

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