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There is simply no denying that the Maximus Edge EA app is a phenomenal binary options trading system. Just in case you are not aware, this program is also referred to as the Maximus Edge AutoBot, the Maximus Edge Expert Advisor, or the Max Edge EA. Anyway, we have now been using this program for around 3 weeks and boy have the results ever been awesome. When we say that the Maximus Edge EA app is the very best BO trading service around, we are neither kidding nor over-exaggerating. We have had the privilege of using and analyzing this program ever since it was first released.

When we say that it has been a privilege, we definitely mean that. Pretty much every single aspect of Maximus Edge EA is better in every way than any other binary options service we have ever seen. When we say that it is the very best of all trading programs to have ever existed and to exist at this time, we are not kidding around. Every single feature this program has and every result it provides us with is much better than we could have ever imagined. We are here doing another Maximus Edge EA trading software update. We want to tell you exactly why we like it as much as we do, and why you should be in love with this app too.

Maximus Edge EA Software – Awesome Manual Trading

When it comes to manual trading, we have never come across a program that is efficient as this one is. The Maximus Edge EA app works wonders when it comes to manual trading. While this trading platform does not really allow you to engage in fully automated trading, it makes up for it by being the most efficient and effective manual binary options trading tools in the world. The fact that it provides us with as many signals as are available in the world is a big bonus.

Many trading solutions simply do not have the fantastic selection of signals that this one single program does. Moreover, there is no trading service in existence today which can rival the amount of settings that can be chosen from. You can choose from so many different settings and options that it just might make your head spin with dizziness. When it comes to binary options trading, this is most definitely a great thing. The more selection is available the better our chances of executing highly profitable and lucrative trades on a daily basis.

Yes, you do need to know a little bit about binary options in order to use the Maximus Edge EA trading app. You cannot just turn it on and let it make money for you, but as long as you aren’t a total newbie, you should be able to us this program with great efficacy in order to make some astounding profits. Once again, while this is not a fully automated trading service, there is no system in the world that excels and manual trading like Max Edge EA.

Maximus Edge EA Software – Great Selection Of Assets

Yet another aspect of this app which is extremely cool is the fact that it not only allows you to trade in binary options, but with many other assets as well. Sure, some other legitimate trading apps out there might also let you engage in Forex or Foreign Exchange trading, but that is about it.

On the other hand, the Maximus Edge EA trading app allows you to trade a full range of financial assets including binary options, Forex, commodities, stocks, and indices too. Like we said, every single feature of this app is better than any other trading service in existence on planet earth, and that includes the huge selection of assets. On that same note, within each asset category, there is also a ridiculous amount of selection available for you to choose from.


Maximus Edge EA App – The Great Selection Of Brokers

Something else which really stands out about the Maximus Edge EA trading app is the awesome selection of brokers available. Fear not people, because all of the brokers available for connection with this system are 100% licensed and regulated. They are undoubtedly some of the best, most credible, legit, and profitable brokers that can be connected with any binary options trading system.

This is very important to us, especially because we spend much of our time chopping scams down to size. You can rest assured that none of the brokers connected with this system are scammers and none of them will rip you off. They are here to help you make money through binary options trading, not to make money at your expense. These brokers are all the real deal and they won’t just drain your trading account like all too many scams out there.



Moreover, the fact that you can change your initial broker simply by singing up with a new email address is another big bonus. We did not like our initial broker, so we just signed up again and got a new one that we like. That is not even the best part though. Maximus Edge EA software is literally the only BO program in the world at this point where you can easily hook up more than one broker. If the broker is compatible with this system, simply connect your account and you are good to go. We currently have 2 broker’s accounts connected and are planning to add a third, but you can actually have up to 5 at once. This is seriously impressive.


Maximus Edge EA Trading Software – Awesome Market Analysis & News

The next thing which stands out about this particular trading solution is that it provides you with awesome market analysis tools and techniques. This is like no other system that we have ever come across in history. First off, the platform itself has a news tab where you get access to the most important financial, historical, political, and environmental news. Most other trading apps out there only give you access to a few choice snippets of financial news, but that is just not enough to make informed trading decisions.

Maximus Edge EA software on the other hand gives you access to a plethora of relevant news stories, all of which can affect the prices of the assets you are trading. Yes, strict financial news is very important, but so are other types of news that can indirectly affect prices. With this spectacular trading service, you get access to absolutely everything you need to make the most informed trading decisions that you have ever made in your whole life. Being able to analyze the market is a key factor in being successful in the world of binary options and Forex, which is exactly what you get with this revolutionary system.


Maximus Edge EA App – Educational Material

Another awesome aspect of the Maximus Edge EA app is that it provides you with tons of educational material. Like we said, you do need to have a pretty good understanding of binary options to be successful when trading them, especially when using this app. Since it is not totally automated, you need to know how to read to the data and when to place trades, plus in which direction too.

Being a beginner or newbie can be really hard in the world of BO and lead to quick and consecutive losses. This is of course not ideal. However, when you sign up for Maximus Edge EA software, you get access to a multitude of educational materials. These educational materials will help teach you how to be the best binary options trader ever. From the basics to the hardcore science of it all, this is the app where you can learn everything there is to know to be successful and highly profitable when trading these assets.


Maximus Edge EA Trading App – A Full Charting Solution

The next thing that is truly overwhelming when it comes to this particular trading service is that you get a full blown charting solution. Yes, that is right. You get a fully functional and totally comprehensive charting solution like none other. This is something that has been completely unheard of up until this program was released.

Sure, there are many other trading programs out there, and all of them give you access to some kind of chart, mostly including a couple of key indicators, but nothing like Maximus Edge EA software. When we say that you get access to a full charting solution, we mean that in every single sense of the word. This is something that has never existed or been available with any other trading program in the world. Even those apps that do have charting solutions, they are never as versatile, comprehensive, effective, or easy to read as the solution available with the Max Edge AutoBot.

With this groundbreaking service, you get access to a chart that comes in many different styles. Some people prefer candlestick charts, some like plot charts, some like line graphs, and some like others. The point is that you get access to all of those styles right here. Moreover, you also get access to literally hundreds of different fundamental and technical analysis tools. For the most part, you get access to dozens of different fundamental analysis indicators. MACD, Stochastics, RSI, RVI, Bollinger Bands, and much more is all here for you to use. Whatever your trading strategy is and whatever indicators you like using the most, they are all ready for you to utilize right here.

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Maximus Edge EA Software – Ease Of Use

We do also like how the Maximus Edge EA app is very easy to use. Yes, you do need to know a thing or two about BO to make it work in your favor, but that is easily done with all of the analysis tools and educational material available. The fact of the matter is that the platform itself is extremely user friendly and simple to get the hang of.

One of the only problems here is that this app is not available for use in Canada, the USA, or in France. In this case, you can try using BinBot Pro, another great BO trading service that is available for use in France, USA, and Canada.


Maximus Edge EA Trading Software – High ITM Rates & Profits

The most important aspect of any trading application is of course how profitable it is and how accurate the signals are. Well, we would be lying if we said that Maximus Edge EA software is not the most accurate or profitable system that we have ever used. We are totally dead serious here. We have never been able to make more accurate trades with a higher profit potential than with this one awesome trading application. When it comes to ITM rates, which is how accurate the trades are, or the percentage of winning trades, the results here are stellar beyond any reasonable point of comparison.

With Maximus Edge EA software, our ITM rates sit between 80% and 90%, with the current daily average being about 87%. This means that a full 90 out of every 100 trades executed by this system end up turning a profit for us. This is something that we have never experienced before. At the same time, when it comes to profits, those are also unrivalled by any other trading system. Maximus Edge EA trading software has been able to provide us with an ROI as high as 500% on a daily basis, with the average returns being around 400%. This means that for a small $250 deposit, we can make as much as $1,250 in profits on a daily basis. Impressive is not a strong enough word to describe these truly phenomenal results.

Maximus Edge EA Update – Conclusion

At the end of the day, our statement that Maximus Edge EA software is the most accurate, reliable, legit, and profitable BO service to date definitely holds true. The simple fact of the matter is that there is not a single program in the world which can rival this one in any way, shape, or form. It is legit, it’s credible and trustworthy, it’s extremely helpful, and of course it is extremely lucrative as well.



IMPORTANTIf you have any questions, issues or you experience any problems please email us and we will be glad to assist you. Our contact customer support email is: bin[email protected] If you register with this service from our website then you will always have our full free support in case you run into any issues or problems. Remember that you are not alone, with us you will always be safe!

To date, we have settled close to 2,000 trading disputes and we will not stop until we put every last scam out of business! If you have been cheated out of money or scammed by any fraudulent trading service, we encourage you to reach out to our complaint center for free help. If you need help, we will provide it for you!

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