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Today we’re here to take a look at the Bitcoins Wealth Club app, a trading service which definitely looks like a scam to us. There is no denying that there is a ludicrous amount of wealth floating around right now in the form of cryptocurrencies. One of the most popular, most frequently traded, and most profitable ones is Bitcoin, each of which is currently worth close to $4,500. So yes, there is a big potential for you to make a good income simply trading Bitcoin. However, many people want to do things the easy way, which in this case means using an automated trading service to automatically perform trades.

The issue here is that the overwhelming majority of automated Bitcoin trading services are total scams. Bitcoins Wealth Club software is one of these money thieving schemes. Not only is the program itself highly fraudulent, but it also advertises and tries to get you to sign up for many other thieving services too. We’re here doing a Bitcoins Wealth Club scam review to get to the bottom of this dangerous and malicious software. You can rest assured that there is nothing credible, legitimate, trustworthy, or profitable about this program and we are about to tell you why.

The Leader Of The Bitcoins Wealth Club Scam - Vitaliy Dubinin

One of the most apparent signs that this is a total rip-off is how Vitaliy Dubinin is a fictitious character. He claims to be some kind of longtime trading guru and investment genius, yet there is nothing at all to prove this. We did some research online and could not find a single shred of evidence which would prove that he is the real deal. The only results we found in association with Vitaliy Dubinin are those related to this very scam.

In all reality, it is safe to say that this guy is just a paid actor hired for a few measly bucks to portray something that he is clearly not. He’s nothing more than a scapegoat being used to protect the real identities of the scumbags running the show. The real crooks at the helm of the ship want to stay anonymous so they can avoid criminal prosecution due to their highly illegal and fraudulent actions.

Bitcoins Wealth Club App & Association With Other Scams

Without a shadow of a doubt, the biggest issue that we have with Bitcoins Wealth Club software is that it pretty much forces you to sign up with various other scam programs in order to trade with it. This is a clear, obvious, and totally apparent scam which is meant to rob you of your money.

When you sign up for this program, you will also have to sign up with USI-Tech, which is allegedly a world-class automated Forex trading platform. Well, first of all, it will cost you 600 Euro to sign up with USI-Tech, which means that this service obviously is not free. Yes, Bitcoins Wealth Club software itself is free of cost, but the other programs you are forced to sign up with are definitely not. It’s a surefire way to lose 600 Euro in one fell swoop.

Another scam service which you will be redirected too upon signing up with Bitcoins Wealth Club trading software is Trade Coin Club. This is another anonymous scam with no real credentials and that has been proven to rip people off for money. So, as you can see, this is one huge scam meant to steal your money, make you join other scams, and then steal everything you have left.

Both USI-Tech and Trade Coin Club have already proven to be scams. Both of these services are anonymous, which means that they are neither licensed nor regulated. Providing financial advice and trading signals is not allowed or legal when there is no licensing or regulation. So, in other words, both scams associated with the Vitaliy Dubinin app are criminal entities. Moreover, we have no idea who runs these scams as they are totally anonymous. Also, both scams provide false contact info and location details.

The truth behind it all is that all 3 of these scams are just crappy Ponzi schemes. In other words, they use the money stolen from new members to give little payoffs to older members. Of course, this can only go on for so long before the whole operation collapses into ruins. Once again, these are all Ponzi schemes and their goal is to make money at your expense, not to help you make it. Oh, this service is also associated with Mindset 24 Global, yet another BO, Forex, and Bitcoin scam which costs $3,500 to join, but never pays you anything. In other words, this one bogus app tries to take your money by getting you to sign up for 3 other scams at the same time.

Other Red Flags About Bitcoins Wealth Club Scam Software

There are quite a few other disturbing pieces of evidence which we came across when digging around about this pile of garbage that has the audacity to call itself a legit Bitcoin trading service.

  • None of the brokers involved here are licensed or regulated. You do get a choice of Pure Market or ArgusFX, both of which are well-known scam brokers notorious for ripping people off.
  • None of the user testimonials on the Bitcoins Wealth Club website are real. They are simply fictitious and invented out of thin air. They are a combination of stolen stock images and poorly worded paragraphs.
  • Ryan Conley recently went on YouTube where he admitted to playing a role in stealing from people. He was part of the Trade Coin Club, a scam closely associated with this one. He warns people to be very weary of the Bitcoins Wealth Club Scam.
  • Earning 0.3 Bitcoins per day is virtually impossible no matter what trading program, strategies, or methods you are using.

Bitcoins Wealth Club Review Conclusion

The only viable conclusion to come to here is that this app is a total scam, a rip-off, and nothing more than a way to get fingers on your wallet. These guys are all crooks. Any person associated with Bitcoins Wealth Club or any of the other scams we have mentioned here today is a total con artist and belongs in prison.

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