Auto Binary Signals Scam Review – CREDIBLE?


Is the Auto Binary Signals app just another binary options scam, or is it the real deal? Well, we have done a whole lot of digging around, especially into the man behind the plan, Roger Price. Let us tell you that the signs are not good. All of the evidence we have found clearly indicates that this is just another thieving binary options trading service. As far as we can tell, everything about this software is totally fake. We are here doing an Auto Binary Signals scam review to give you fair warning about it. We came across a whole lot of red flags which signal that a scam is afoot here. There is just way too much going on in terms of lies and over exaggerations for us to ever be able to trust this app. Keep reading our Auto Binary Signals to find out more about this highly dangerous and very malicious trading app.

How Does The Auto Binary Signals App Work?

Something that came to our attention about this BO service right away is that the way in which it claims to work is obviously bogus. Now, the explanation itself is not too bad, but when we looked deeper down, we realized that it was just a load of crap. It is said that the Auto Binary Signals trading app uses 5 different indicators to make trades. Once all 5 of the technical analysis indicators align on a certain pair of signals, the trade gets automatically executed. This is not a horrible explanation, as some software does actually work that way, but the next part is an obvious lie. In terms of a trading strategy, however, we are not told what the 5 indicators are, so we cannot really confirm how effective it could be.

We are told that when these five indicators work together, they can achieve trading accuracy or ITM rates of 100%. This is such a downright and boldfaced lie that we don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Even the best of the best trading services in the world cannot muster those kinds of numbers. Having a 100% ITM rate would mean that all trades are always won. This is totally unrealistic, impossible, and wholly unachievable. Simply put, there is no piece of software or person in the world that can predict trades with 100% accuracy. The risk of losing your money is always inherent in BO trading, and there is nothing that any program can do to change that.

Who Is Behind Auto Binary Signals Scam Software?

Yet another suspicious aspect of this app is this Roger Pierce character. We are calling him a character because he is nothing more than a fictitious scapegoat meant to protect the identities of the real criminals in charge here. During the presentation video, all we see is a picture of a man. This is combined with some really horrible voice over narrating of a man who says that his name is Roger Pierce. Well, whenever we are faced with narration, we become suspicious right away. Using narration combined with a random stolen image of a random guy is a classic practice used by scumbag scam artists to remain anonymous.

We did some snooping around in terms of this Roger Pierce guy and were not able to come up with any comprehensive results. Besides his connection with the Auto Binary Signals app, we could not find any search results about him, no social media presence and nothing else. In all reality, this guy is just a paid voice narrator put together with a stolen stock photo. He is not the real deal, he’s not some binary options expert, and he barely knows how to read a script. This guy is a phoney and his only purpose is to help the real crooks at the helm remain anonymous.

Auto Binary Signals Scam - $720 In 72 Seconds?

Perhaps the most obvious indication that this app is a pile of garbage is the claim of being able to make $720 in 72 seconds. Sure, their trading strategy with the 5 indicators sounds legit enough, but it really is not. Just do the math, $720 in 72 seconds would amount to $36,000 every single hour, or in an 8 hour trading session, that would equal $288,000. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could earn over one quarter of a million dollars in a single day?

If the claims were true, the Auto Binary Signals trading app would have you a millionaire in under a week. This is completely not true in any way, shape, or form. The best trading programs out there can take in maybe $1,250 per day, which is already being very generous. This is a scam, a thievery, a get rich quick scheme meant to make you think that you can become a multi-millionaire in a matter of months. It just is not true.

Other Disturbing Evidence Found About Auto Binary Signals Scam

There are a few other very suspicious things going on here, all of which you definitely need to know about right now.

  • There is no broker involved here, at least not a reliable broker. Providing signals is considered providing financial advice, an activity which requires regulation and licensing. Well, since this app is anonymous, it is not licensed or regulated. Moreover, neither are the brokers. In other words, when you sign up for Auto Binary Signals software, you are signed up with a criminal of a broker that has the ability to steal your money.
  • The Auto Binary Signals website is chalked full of fake, fictitious, and totally fabricated user testimonials. None of the people who “left reviews” are real at all.





Auto Binary Signals Scam Review Conclusion

At the end of the day, you can rest assured that the Auto Binary Signals app is a total rip-off. It’s a money thieving scheme headed by anonymous criminals that want nothing more than to steal every single last penny you have. Stay away from this monumental and epic pile of stinking garbage that has the nerve and audacity to call itself a BO service. It will cost you everything you have!

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