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We are here yet again to bust another bogus binary options scam system that claims to be the next big money maker you can use to make yourself rich in almost no time at all. Martin Foster (scam artist) is the man who claims to be the brain behind Market Filter trading system, and boy is he ever a character, something we will get into shortly. Martin brings to us The Market Filter 3.1 trading program and he claims that we can make thousands of dollars every day because his program is just that good.

There are a few different glaring points which we simply can’t ignore, all of which point in one single direction. The direction of travel you will be taking if you use Market Filter 3.1 app is the one which takes you closest to your local bank so that you can file for bankruptcy. We’re here to do The Market Filter 3.1 scam review and there is good reason for it. There is nothing which indicates to us that The Market Filter 3.1 app is truly a reliable and profitable program, so let us tell you why you need to stay away from it at all costs.

The Man – Martin Foster, real or scam?

Martin Foster is the man that we see in Market Filter 3.1 app’s presentation video and he claims to be the multi-millionaire CEO of it. He gives us some long spiel about how he used to be a kingpin in the crooked world of finance and banking, but then he had a change of heart, decided to stop ripping people off, and created The Market Filter 3.1 trading system, presumably so that the people he used to rip off by selling them bad investments could make their money back.

Interestingly enough, even though Martin claims to have worked at some huge investment banks in the U.S, and even though he is a multi-millionaire, we can’t find a single piece of evidence to back this up. He never tells us which financial institutions or banks that he used to work for, he never told us in which exact sector he worked in, and really he doesn’t tell us anything about himself at all.
To make things even worse, we could not find any concrete evidence of his existence when we did some searching online. We could not confirm his credentials, we could not confirm that he is a millionaire, and thanks to a complete lack of search results we could not even confirm that his name really is Martin Foster.

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The only conclusion that all of this leads us to is that Martin is most likely a paid actor who has been hired to read a script concocted by a group of mischievous criminals looking to steal your money. Are you really going to invest any amount of cash with a man who is clearly a fraud and a liar? In their official presentation video it can be clearly seen that he is reading a script.

How The Market Filter 3.1 Trading App Works –


Something that is very troubling about Market Filter 3.1 trading program is that we have no clue how it works or what it does. The extent of the explanation that we get is that it uses some kind of algorithm in combination with specialized trading strategies in order to identify and make profitable trades. This explanation is completely and utter terrible.
Of course the program is going to use algorithms and trading strategies, that is obvious, but what exactly does it do? We don’t know how the algorithm functions, what it trades in, what signals it uses, what trading strategies it utilizes, or anything else for that matter.

Yes, we are told that Market Filter scam system has a 98% ITM Winning accuracy rate and that it can generate over 7,000 dollars per day, but how it does that is not explained to us in the least. Even more troubling is that the guy in the video completely lies to us when he says that this is a fully automated program.
In fact, The Market Filter 3.1 app is a semi-automated program, which means that you still have to make every trade that it identifies, thus requiring you to constantly monitor it, something which seems to be more of a pain in the butt than anything else. We don’t know what you think, but we certainly would not trust any trading application when we have no clue what it does or how it does it.

The Creation Date…..fake….BUSTED!

Something that Martin Foster tells us in the presentation video is that Market Filter 3.1 scam trading system has been in use for the last 12 months (1 whole year) and that it has managed to generate over 10 million dollars in that time.
Well, needless to say that is a complete LIE. We did a quick domain registry search and found out that The Market Filter 3.1 app was only registered at the beginning of 2017. This program has not been around for over 1 year, yet another lie we had to tell you about.

Profits & Accuracy…… More Lies

Have you ever heard of any kind of trading program or investment scheme that can turn a small investment of 300 dollars into 7,000 dollars every single day? If your answer is NO, then you should not change that answer, because The Market Filter 3.1 service definitely can’t do that. It is impossible for any trading application to generate that much cash plain and simple.
Moreover, claiming to have a 98 percent trading accuracy rate is about as ridiculous as any other claim that these crooks have made. There just is not any way that either of those claims could be even remotely true. Ask any professional investor or financial analyst and they will tell you the reality. Even the Best & Most Profitable Trading Systems can only generate up to $800 per day (depending on market volatility and investment per trade). 

Market Filter 3.1 Scam Review: CONCLUSION

Market Filter 3.1 scam is no different from other scams out there. It promises massive rewards and delivers the exact opposite. If you want to lose a few hundred bucks by investing it in a crappy program, then this would be the one to do it with. You’re better up burning your money than using The Market Filter 3.1 illegal program! We did some snooping around. After our in-depth research it turns out that all people who invested their hard earned money into this fake service lost it all within 4-5 hours. Please stay away from this software and warn others who may be interested!

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