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BO Millionaire Software is a brand new binary options trading platform, and actually BO stands for binary options. We assume they appreciated binary options into BO because the name is much less intimidating for newbies who have never traded in this industry. Yet make no mistake, these guys are scammers and The Bo Millionaire App is definitely not ideal for beginners or experienced traders.

A really suspicious guy named Clark tells us that this fake scam trading system can generate somewhere around 12,000 dollars every single day, and that with minimal effort we can become millionaires in just a matter of months.
There are some really fishy things going on here, which is why we just had to do this BO Millionaire scam review, to reveal the truth to you so that you don’t make the same mistake which countless other people have already made. This is the Bo Millionaire scam report for 2017, a vital report you definitely want to give a glance at.

How Does Bo Millionaire Trading Program Work? How Does it Function?

Right off the bat we can say that one of the biggest reasons as to why we are so suspicious of this trading application is because we know very little about it, and that includes the inner workings of The Bo Millionaire app. We are given some long winded and convoluted explanation as to how the system works to generate cash, an explanation that is more confusing than anything else.
We are told that Bo Millionaire trading system uses a highly sophisticated algorithm that analyzes various different trading strategies at once in order to come up with good trades to make.
When the algorithm finds trading signals that have been chosen by more than 2 or 3 of the strategies in place, The Bo Millionaire app will recommend those trades, and when on fully automated mode, it will simply make the trades for you.

Don’t get it wrong because we have managed to condense the explanation into one single paragraph, while it took the presenters in the video over 10 minutes to explain this. In all reality this does not make all that much sense.
Sure, saying that there is a sophisticated algorithm in place that analyzes the market is about as basic as it can get.

The presenters at Bo Millionaire scrap trading program tried to make it sound much more complicated and used some very big words to impress us into thinking that there is more to this system than there really is.

Now we aren’t going to say that The Bo Millionaire app’s way of generating cash is 100 percent bogus, but it seems as though they are selling us a 25 year old car with a brand new paint job in the hopes of tricking us into thinking that this system is some kind of new and revolutionary system. We can say with near certainty that Bo Millionaire trading app doesn’t function all that well. Based on the explanation we are given, there is definitely something wrong here, and that is mostly due to the fact that we just don’t know that much about The Bo Millionaire app.

Who Is Clark?

Now, we immediately get suspicious of any automated trading program that does not give us much information about anything. One of the big points for us is that the guy behind it all, Clark, is as lacking in information as everything else about Bo Millionaire program. First off, we only ever get to hear Clark’s voice in the form of voice over narration.
We never even get to see his face, something that is definitely a big deal. We want to be able to confirm who we are dealing with, and even worse is that we aren’t even provided with his last name. Simply dealing with a guy named Clark just is not good enough.

We don’t know who he is, we have no idea what is background is in, what his credentials are, and we certainly don’t know if his name is really Clark at all. In all likelihood Clark is not his name and he is probably some paid voice actor who was given a few measly bucks to read an incoherent script.
We definitely are not going to trust a trading program with our money when we cannot confirm who is really behind this program. And seeing as Clark is choosing to stay anonymous at all costs, we would assume that he isn’t the guy behind it anyway.

BO Millionaire App’s Profits and Profit Performance Rate

Yet another thing that definitely is not true when it comes to The Bo Millionaire trading software is that it can generate over 12,000 dollars every single day of the week? Ha ha ha! The sad reality is that making over 10,000 dollars per day with an automated trading app is about as likely as spontaneously sprouting wings after diving off of a high rise building.
Most Legitimate and Accurate Autotraders & Signals Services that have been proven to work can make somewhere around 800 dollars per day (max) at the very most, yet Bo Millionaire scam service claims to be able to make that much about every 30 minutes. This is highly unlikely and impossible with initial investment of $250.

Moreover, we are told that The Bo Millionaire trading system can do this 7 days per week. Do we really need to tell you that trading markets are closed on the weekend? So how exactly does The Bo Millionaire trading app generate 12,000 dollars on Saturday and Sunday when the market is not open to trading during those days?

There is only one conclusion to come to, and that is that this whole promise of huge profits is a complete LIE. If you want to make 12,000 dollars in one day you are going to have to go stick up a bank because Bo Millionaire app is absolutely not going to do that for you! 

Bo Millionaire Scam Review Conclusion: IT’S 100% SCAM, STAY AWAY!!!

It is rare that we come across such a clearly bogus trading app such as Bo Millionaire scam, but when we do, we have no choice but to expose it for what it really is, a COMPLETE SCAM. We keep receiving emails from actual users who claim that they were required to make $250-$350 deposit with scam brokers and money was gone within 2 days. Stay away from this faulty and fraudulent autotrader because there is nothing to be gained from using it.


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