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John Williams is the man who brings to us the HFT Finance trading system, one that promises us huge amounts of riches simply by turning it on and letting it do its thing. It is a well known fact that trading in binary options can be a fairly lucrative thing, especially when you can use a fully automated program that literally does all of the work for you.
However the unfortunate reality is that the vast majority of automated trading systems that we see today are complete and utter scams which only have one purpose, which is to empty your account of all your money and take it for themselves. There are only handful of Legitimate Trading Services that are Profitable.
It is really quite concerning that somebody would put together such a blatant scam such as HTC Finance and try to pass it off as the next big thing. HFT Finance fake software may seem like a good investment to anyone that has never engaged in binary trading before and knows nothing about it, but for people that do have some knowledge and experience, you should be able to tell that this is a fraud.

We are promised handsome profits of up to 50,000 dollars per month and we are also told that using HFT Finance app is virtually risk free? Well, we are here to do an HFT Finance trading system scam review, and our mission is to EXPOSE this crock for what it really is. If you have ever considered trading in binary options, it would be wise to first read this HFT Finance scam review before you make any decisions.

Who Is John Williams?

John Williams comes to us as the presenter in the HFT Finance bogus video, and he also tells us that he is the owner, main source of funding, and the CEO all at the same time, something which already inspires a lot of doubt in us. We have never heard of one person playing so many different roles in a company.
Doing all that much at once would require the day to 48 hours in it, it would require John to be experienced in multiple disciplines, and it would mean that John did everything by himself. We highly doubt that this is possible.
John Williams takes us through the spiel that is HFT Finance scam and he makes some pretty big promises. He tells us that he spent many years in the finance industry, where he got the necessary know how to create his own binary options trading program. The reality is that we have no idea who John Williams is and he does not go to great lengths to give us any real info about him. In video presentation it can be clearly seen that J.Williams doesn’t even know what he is talking about. 

We did a whole lot of snooping around and we realized that John Williams has:

  • no real search results,
  • no reviews,
  • no biographies,
  • no social media profiles,

and nothing else which would confirm that he is in fact who he says he is. Even worse is that we found some troubling information on several actor for hire websites.
To keep things short and simple, we were able to confirm that John Williams is in fact a paid actor who gets paid minimal amounts of money to read scripts for other people. John is not his name and he is definitely not the CEO of this HFT fake and bogus trading application.
We are absolutely not going to trust a program such as HFT Finance scam software with our money when we know for a fact that the man who claims to be the owner is a fraud.

How Does HFT Trading App Generate Profit? Can it generate any profit? 

During the presentation video given to us courtesy of John Williams, the paid actor, we are told that the HFT Finance trading system can generate up to 50,000 dollars per month, which is well over 2,000 dollars per day, but what we are never told is how HFT Finance actually does that.
Sure, we are informed that the HFT Finance scam trading program uses some highly sophisticated algorithms in order to make over 2500 impossible trades per day, but past that we aren’t told squat. The fact that HFT finance software is supposed to use some awesome algorithm to generate cash is nothing new, and it’s a claim that we have heard a million times over.

Every automated trading program has to use an algorithm to predict trades, but what does this one actually do? When it comes to the HFT Finance trading scam we are left wondering what trading strategies it uses to generate cash, what signals it follows, what it trades in, or anything else for that matter.
When it comes to our hard earned money, we aren’t about to trust a paid actor who doesn’t even bother telling us how his program functions. The sad reality is that there probably is no algorithm at all, and the only thing that HFT software does is steal your money out of your trading account when you look the other way.

HFT Finance Possible Profits & ITM Rate

We don’t want to get too much into this, because quite frankly it’s almost too ridiculous to even be worth mentioning. We’re told that HFT Finance software can generate over 50,000 dollars per month, which is what John Williams, the paid actor, tells us in the video. However, the banner above the website says that we can make over 15,000 dollars per month.
The simple fact is that we aren’t about to trust these crooks with our money when their story is full of contradictions. They can’t even get their lies straight! And about the whole, 99% accuracy thing, needless to say, this is not a future telling oracle, so being able to correctly predict 99 out of 100 trades is just impossible.

VERDICT: HFT Finance is Dangerous SCAM! Stay Away and Warn Others!

The HFT Finance trading system is so riddled with inconsistencies and contradictions that even making sense of the most basic points is near impossible. However from what we can gather, there is nothing about this crappy scam app that would indicate that it is either legitimate or profitable in any way, shape, or form. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this bogus program because it will only cause you heart ache, stress, and financial turmoil.

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