FX Revenge Review – FOREX SCAM??

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Forex scams are rife in the online world right now. Scams like FX Revenge software have their crosshairs set on you and they are shooting to kill. Yes, Forex, or the exchange of foreign currency pairs, can be very profitable and lucrative. There are trading services out there which can make the trading process much easier. However, for every good Forex service there are thousands of scam services, with the FX Revenge app being one of the worst. We did a lot of research and digging around. The problem with this app is that there is a severe lack of crucial info that we need to know. Even worse is that the information we are provided with is obviously bogus. We’re here doing an FX Revenge scam review to give you fair warning about this dangerous program. This is a highly malicious Forex trading app that will not rest until it has stolen every single last penny from you!

How Does The FX Revenge Trading App Work?

One of the first indications that the FX Revenge app is a scam has to do with the lack of explanation provided in terms of the inner workings of the program. Whenever we go to invest any amount of money a trading program, we want to know what trading strategies, methods, algorithms are in place. The FX Revenge system tells us that it works really fast and really well, but what it actually does is still a mystery to us. This is one of the biggest signs of a scam. If nobody tells you how a program like this one works, you can rest assured that it probably does not work at all. Yeah, these crooks say that this awesome trading app is highly profitable, but you can be sure that is not the case in any way, shape, or form.

Who Is Running The FX Revenge Show?

This is yet another important question to which we have no answer to. There is a man in the presentation video who tells us that his name is Dollar Bob. Well, first of all, Dollar Bob is obviously not a real name. If Dollar is his first name, he has the dumbest parents in the world. Either way, there is clearly no way of confirming his identity. This is also true because we never even get to see his face, so we cannot cross reference a name with a face. That is a huge issue.

Whenever you come across voice narration you should automatically become suspicious right away. The only reason to use a narrator in a video like this is so we, the viewer, cannot confirm or deny the identity of the speaker. People who have legit, real, and profitable software don’t hide behind a scapegoat that is a narrator.

These people are crooks and their aim is to steal your money, which is the exact reason they stay anonymous. They know that the FX Revenge app is totally fraudulent and illegal, so they choose to remain hidden in the shadows. Don’t use an anonymous app like this because when your cash inevitably gets stolen, there is no one to blame for it. Once your money is gone, there is nothing you will be able to do about it, so just stay away from this horrible Forex trading system. Anonymity is a clear way to tell that a scam is happening.

FX Revenge Scam App – Where Is The Broker?

Yet another big red flag we encountered about this horribly bogus trading app is in relation to the broker, or lack thereof. Whenever you trade Forex or BO, you need a broker to handle the money and actually make the trades. Well, when it comes to the FX Revenge trading app, there is no mention of a broker anywhere. Yes, we are told that we have to sign up with a broker, but we are never told who the broker is.

For all we know, it is not a reliable broker. Based on experience, it is safe to assume that the broker involved here is totally unlicensed and unregulated. Heck, we are not told who the broker is, so it is only safe to assume that he is in place to rip us off. Having a reliable broker is the most important aspect of any trading platform.

There is no reliable broker here, so you can be 100% positive that the system itself is a total money thievery of a scheme. The only reason this broker is here is to steal money from you. He is located in some offshore platform with a total lack of laws. Once your money is gone, there is no legal recourse that you will be able to take to get it back.



FX Revenge Scam Software & Fake User Testimonials

The next thing which tells us that a scam is afoot has to do with the clearly fictitious and fabricated user testimonials. The FX Revenge website has lots of user reviews and testimonials displayed on it. However, the unfortunate reality is that they were all written by the same low down scumbags that are trying to rip you off with this app.

All of the images used are stolen stock photos, not real traders. These stolen images are then combined with some overly positive writing to try and trick us. These reviews are absolutely fake and completely made up to try and lure us into complacency so we drop our guard and invest money. Don’t fall for these terrible tricks! Using fake user testimonials is very low down, dishonest, and it is a surefire way to tell that FX Revenge app is not credible.

FX Revenge Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, there is not a single shred of evidence which tells us anything remotely positive about this program. Everything we have discovered about the FX Revenge app tells us that it is nothing more than another scam meant to screw you out of your hard-earned money.

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