TBO Trading Software Review – Legit or NOT?

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The TBO Trading App is said to be one of the best binary options trading platforms out there at this very moment. The presentation video does make some pretty bold claims, most of which do not seem to hold any merit whatsoever. Binary options and Forex trading can definitely be quite profitable, but not when you use a horrible trading program like TBO Trading scam software. There is a really good reason why we are doing a TBO Trading scam review, and it is not because we like the program, not in the least.

The fact of the matter is that there are just way too many false promises made when it comes to this platform. Moreover, there is lots of vital information that is missing, info we need to come to a positive conclusion about TBO Trading software. It takes a lot of different factors to come together and work in combination for us to trust any kind of trading program with our money. Unfortunately for this particular trading service, none of those factors are present, not in the least. Keep reading our TBO Trading report for 2017 because you definitely do not want to miss what we have to say about it.

Who Is Behind TBO Trading Scam Software?

Well, this is one of the biggest issues that we have with this pile of garbage. We have literally zero clues as to who is running the show. Whenever we are expected to invest money with any kind of trading or signals service, we obviously want to know who is behind it and making all of the decisions. We need to know that we can trust the people who are handling our money. Unfortunately for TBO Trading software, we can say nothing of the sort.

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This is a completely anonymous trading program where the creators and owners are choosing to stay hidden in the shadows of the internet. This is a sure fire way of telling a scam from the real deal. A legitimate and reputable trading service would never hide the identities of the people behind it because there is no reason to.

The only reason to keep their identities hidden is because the real people behind TBO Trading scam software know darn well that their actions are illegal. They are committing Felony theft and fraud by actively deceiving you into forking over your money just so they can steal it. We are never informed of a name, company name, or entity that is behind the TBO Trading app. We are not about to put our trust in this program when we don’t know who the brains of the operation are.

How Does TBO Trading Software Claim To Work?

Once again, we are not given nearly enough info to work with here. Yes, we are told that TBO Trading scam software uses a series of six market indicators to determine which signals have the most profit potential and when to make calls or puts. It is told to us that indicators such as MACD and the RSI are used to come to a solid conclusion, but that is not nearly enough to work within our eyes. All trading programs use indicators, which is because they have to.

However, trading programs also use various trading strategies, market analysis tools, and underlying software algorithms too. We are never informed of what is really going on here. Some lightly veiled, long winded, and totally convoluted statement about using indicators is about as useful as saying that trees are made of wood. It gives us nothing to work with and your guess as to how TBO Trading software works is about as good as ours. Once again, we are not about to put our faith in a  program such as this one when they can’t even afford to give us a decent explanation as to how it works.


TBO Trading Scam Software – The Fake Demo Account

Perhaps the biggest deception that we are faced with when it comes to this wholly lacklustre piece of trading software is the free demo account. We are told that we can sign up for a free demo account that lets us see the program, get a hang of it, and see what the profits are like. Of course, this demo account only uses fake money to make trades, just so we can see how profitable it is. This is, however, a giant fraud.

We realised that this demo account only shows wins, huge profits, and only positive things. This seemed a little more than slightly suspicious to us. What we realised is that this free trial account does not function in the real world, make real time trades, or use legit signals either. It is a totally fabricated world that is completely separate from anything to do with real life.

The results that we get to see in this trial account are one hundred percent meaningless, irrelevant, and have no bearing on what trading with TBO Trading scam software is actually like. In other words, this is just a really cheap trick, an empty shell with fake winning trades, designed to lure you into a state of trust and complacency. This is the way that these crooks pull in their victims, then once you invest they steal all of your money.

TBO Trading Scam Review Conclusion

The only real conclusion that can possibly be extracted from all of our findings and the plethora of evidence we have gathered is that TBO Trading software is a giant scam. This is a ridiculous trading platform intended to rip you off and drain your trading account! Stay away from this software at all costs because it will end up robbing you blind!

If you would like to engage in binary options or Forex trading, you should try using MS Management Software. MS Management Software is a fully licensed and legal trading service, one that has been tested by our group of experts here at Binary Options Army. Depending on market volatility, it can help you generate as much as $800 per day.



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To date, we have settled close to 2,000 trading disputes and we will not stop until we put every last scam out of business! If you have been cheated out of money or scammed by any fraudulent trading service, we encourage you to reach out to our complaint centre for free help. If you need help, we will provide it for you!

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