BTC2Double Scam Review: DOUBLE YOUR BTC???


The BTC2Double system is said to be able to double your Bitcoin investment every 6 hours. This would of course be totally awesome, but it is also completely impossible. It just cannot be done. We are here to chop this Bitcoin trading scam down to size. This is our BTC2Double review and we are here to shut this terrible crypto scam down once and for all.



The first thing that stood out to us about this BTC2Double system is that it is completely anonymous. First off, there is nowhere on the website where we are told who is in charge here. There is a total lack of transparency and no clear leadership. Are you really going to send your Bitcoin stash to a bunch of anonymous crooks that won’t bother telling you who they are?

The only reason they won’t tell you who they are is because their plan is to steal your coins from you. They obviously won’t reveal their real identities to us because they would end up serving prison time for fraud.

Next, we also know that the BTC2Double company itself is totally fake. It claims to be registered in the UK, and even provides an address and contact details. Well, the contact details are totally fake, the address is made up, and the company does not actually exist as far as we can tell. BTC2Double is neither registered nor licensed. It simply is not a legit business at all. This is more than we can handle and it should be more than enough to send you running for the hills.




BTC2Double Software – How Does It Work?

This is truly a totally ridiculous system. The claim here is that BTC2Double software can double your money in just 6 hours. Apparently, it is a fully automated trading program. However, as the story goes, we do not even have access to this software. We simply deposit our Bitcoin into the system, and it will do all of the work for us.

This is very suspicious, especially considering that we are never told how this program actually works. Since it is supposedly an automated Bitcoin trading program, we want to know exactly how it works. What trading strategies, algorithms, indicators, and analysis tools are used to execute these highly successful trades?

We are provided with absolutely no information in terms of the inner workings of this BTC2Double scam software. We are just expected to believe that it can double our investment every 6 hours without any proof of such. This is extremely suspicious and it is just way too good to be true.




BTC2Double App – 200% ROI IN 6 HOURS???

Do you really think that you can double your Bitcoin investment in 6 hours. This would mean that you can technically double your money 4 times over in a 24 hour period. If our math is correct, this would mean that your initial investment would be multiplied by a factor of 16 in a single day. A $1,000 investment would therefore result in a total return of $16,000 per day.

This is absolutely ludicrous, it is unrealistic, unheard of, and it just cannot be done. For one, we aren’t told how this actually works, which is already suspicious enough. Seriously folks, there is no way that this is possible, not with any amount of programming out there. It just cannot be done.

It is a get rich quick scheme, but the only people getting rich are the anonymous crooks behind this BTC2Double app. They would literally be giving away free money if this were real. The sad reality is that this is just an easy way for these crooks to get their hands on your Bitcoins. To use this BTC2Double system, you have to deposit Bitcoin and give these criminals your Bitcoin wallet address.

They simply steal whatever you deposit, then they hack into your wallet and steal whatever is left in there. This is a scam and it is meant to steal all of your Bitcoin. We have been in contact with several people that have been scammed by this BTC2Double scam system. They have all had their Bitcoin wallets hacked and emptied. Make sure that you are not the next victim!





Yet another telltale sign that there is a scam afoot here has to do with the so called financial planning advice that BTC2Double software provides. Did you know that providing financial advice is a legally regulated financial activity? In other words, a company needs to be licensed in order to provide financial advice.

The BTC2Double system consists of a fake company and anonymous leadership, so there is no way in hell that it is licensed to provide you with financial advice. If there is any financial advice being provided here, it is totally illegal, and probably a load of crap anyway. Don’t trust these scammers!





The other surefire way of telling that BTC2Double software is a scam, is by taking a closer look at the affiliate program. These clowns promise a full 10% in commissions to you if you get your friends to sign up. In other words, these guys are trying to get you to actively screw your own friends and family out of their hard earned money.

Simply put, this is both a pyramid scheme and a Ponzi scheme. The BTC2Double scam app is just trying to steal as many Bitcoins from as many people as they can trick. There is also the point that these clowns never actually pay out any affiliate commission bonuses, which is another big indicator that this is indeed a complete rip off.



BTC2Double Review – Conclusion

There is not a single chance that this BTC2Double app is anything but a scam. Hundreds of people have already had their Bitcoin wallets emptied because of this terrible rip off. Folks, just stay away from it because you won’t accomplish anything but financial ruin if you come into contact with it.





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