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Today we are here to compare 2 awesome trading systems. One of them is the Maximus Edge AutoBot and the other is the Maximus Edge Crypto Bot. Both programs were made by the same people, but they certainly do not do the same things. This is our Maximus Crypto Bot vs Maximus Edge AutoBot comparison review and we’re here to find out which of the two is the better system to use on a daily basis.



Maximus Crypto Bot vs Maximus Edge AutoBot – Asset Choices

The first thing that needs to be understood here in this Maximus Crypto Bot vs Maximus Edge AutoBot comparison, is that both programs are intended to trade different things. First off, the Maximus Edge AutoBot is strictly designed to trade Forex, CFD, and binary options, plus a couple of other things too. You might notice that there is one major type of asset missing here.

The Maximus Edge Crypto Bot can actually trade all of those things as well. However, it has one clear advantage, one type of asset that it can trade, which the AutoBot cannot. This asset type is cryptocurrency. As you might be able to tell from the name of the program, the Maximus Crypto Bot is designed to trade cryptocurrencies. However, it can also trade all of those other things.

The point here is that the Maximus Edge Crypto Bot is a lot more versatile. Besides the fact that it can trade crypto, whereas the other one cannot, the choice of assets is much larger, cryptocurrencies or not. The bottom line here is that the Crypto Bot allows you to trade many more different asset types than the AutoBot, but this is not to say that the AutoBot is not profitable when trading binary options.




Maximus Crypto Bot vs Maximus Edge AutoBot – ITM Rates

In terms of signal strength, accuracy, and ITM rates, both of these systems are actually very good. Now, it is kind of hard to compare them, because like we mentioned above, one of these systems is intended more for cryptocurrency trading than anything else, while the other one is the exact opposite. It is kind of like comparing apples to oranges, but both trading programs are very good and highly accurate, plus they were created by the same makers too.

When it comes to the Maximus Edge Crypto Bot, you can expect ITM rates between 85% and 100%. Seriously, if you watch some of our trading videos, we have had trading sessions where we won 5 out of 5 or 7 out of 7 trades. Yes, this is very rare, and we would say that the average ITM rate for the Maximus Crypto Bot is around 92%, which is very impressive. That is a lot of trades being won.

In terms of the Maximus Edge AutoBot, the ITM rate is a little lower. The average is around 85% at the moment. Now, this is not bad, because it means that more than 8 out of 10 trades are won on average. However, as you can see, numbers don’t lie and the Maximus Crypto Bot comes out ahead here. In terms of trading accuracy and this Maximus Crypto Bot vs Maximus Edge AutoBot comparison, the cryptocurrency trading system comes out the clear winner.




Maximus Crypto Bot vs Maximus Edge AutoBot – User Friendliness

To be perfectly honest, there is no doubt about the fact that the Maximus Edge Crypto Bot is much more user friendly than the AutoBot. Now, this does have to do with the fact that the Maximus Edge Crypto Bot was recently overhauled and upgraded. To be fair, everything about it is new and improved, including signal accuracy, the platform itself, the number of assets, and more.

The real advantage that you get is that the Maximus Edge Crypto Bot has been made so easy to use that pretty much anybody can win trades with it. The platform itself has been modified to make it super user friendly. While the Maximus Edge AutoBot is not hard to use per say, it’s not nearly as easy to get the hang of as the cryptocurrency trading version of it.




Maximus Crypto Bot vs Maximus Edge AutoBot – Daily Profits

Without a shadow of a doubt, the most important part of any automated trading application is how much money it puts in your pocket on a daily basis. Therefore, this is the main point of interest in this Maximus Crypto Bot vs Maximus Edge AutoBot comparison. First off, if you use the Autobot for Binary Options trading, you can expect to take in somewhere around $1000 per day, maybe a little more if you place really good trades. Make no mistake about it, this is a good number and it’s nothing to look down your nose at.



However, the Maximus Edge Crypto Bot is a whole different story. With all of the neat tools and the easy to use interface which it comes with, making good money through cryptocurrency trading is easier than ever before. We have personally been using this system for several months now. We have had trading sessions where we made close to $1,000 in a single hour. Yes, it took some skills and knowledge, but it is doable, For your average trader, making around $3,000 on a daily basis with the Maximus Crypto Bot Should not be a problem at all.




Maximus Crypto Bot vs Maximus Edge AutoBot – Brokers

Finally, both of these systems use really reliable brokers. That is something that we can say with absolute certainty. The Maximus Edge Crypto Bot does have a bigger selection of brokers, which is a bonus, but other than that, when it comes to brokers, there is not too much of a difference.




Maximus Crypto Bot vs Maximus Edge AutoBot – Conclusion

The clear winner of the Maximus Crypto Bot vs Maximus Edge AutoBot comparison is the Maximus Crypto Bot. Now, the Maximus Edge AutoBot is also a good trading system. It is quite profitable. However, the profits are smaller than with the Maximus Crypto Bot, plus you can’t trade cryptocurrencies with it. Therefore, if you want to use the best trading system in the world, the Maximus Edge Crypto Bot is the best way to go.



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