Five Minute Profit Sites Scam Review


Five Minute Profit Sites software claims to be this highly profitable system. Apparently, it is supposed to allow for the quick and easy creation of an advertisement based revenue website. As the story goes, all you need to do is pay a bit of money. Then, 5 minutes and 17 clicks later, your ad revenue generating website will be created.

Supposedly, it can easily bring in several thousand dollars per day, and we don’t even have to do anything to earn this money. Does this not sound awesome? Seriously, these guys are pretty much giving money out for nothing. Hmm, does it also not seem way too good to be true? It certainly seems that way to us.

Sure, there are many ways of making money online, but none of them are as simple, quick, or profitable as the Five Minute Profit Sites system promises to be. We have quite a bit of evidence which shows that this Five Minute Profit Sites program is a complete rip off and nothing more than an epic scam.

The Five Minute Profit Sites app offers absolutely no proof that it is the real deal and actually delivers profits of any kind. We are here today doing this Five Minute Profit Sites scam review to give you the scoop on what is going on here. It might seem like a really easy way to put some cash in your pocket, but this is simply not the case at all.


Five Minute Profit Sites Software – A CONTROVERSIAL LOOPHOLE?

One of the first things that came to our attention about this Five Minute Profit Sites app is that it claims to exploit some kind of controversial loophole to make money for us. No, this is not a trading system of any kind.

Apparently the software creates a website for us which will generate money through advertisements and clicks to buy products. This well and all, but where is the controversy? For one, if it were so controversial, it would seem that it would probably be illegal. Next, if it is some loophole that has just been discovered, who discovered it and how? Also, if this were possible, whatever this Five Minute Profit Sites system is supposed to do, why is everybody not doing it?

Let us tell you something, when you are told that there is a “miracle cure”, a “controversial loophole” or some secret that was just discovered, you are being scammed. This is just a way to get the attention of innocent people who don’t know any better. This stuff is never true. This is more or less an infomercial for a crappy product that has never, does not, and will never work at all.



Five Minute Profit Sites Scam System – PRIVATE VIDEO??

Yet another thing that came to our attention about this Five Minute Profit Sites scam is that the video claims to be private and exclusive. It tells the viewer to not share this video with anybody at all. However, the video is not private, not in the least, and it is certainly not exclusive either. You simply have to go to the website to watch it.

It’s not like you have to be a member to watch it. This is just another advertising trick used by these crooks. They are trying to make the Five Minute Profit Sites system feel really special, while also making you feel special. Sorry to tell you folks, but even though mommy told you that you are special, it just is not so.

These anonymous crooks are just trying to get you to think that they have unlocked the next big money making secret. Do these guys think that they invented sliced bread or something equally as valuable? The bottom line is that the only secret contained in this Five Minute Profit Sites software is that they are stealing money from people.



Five Minute Profit Sites App – NO PROFITS!

To make in painfully clear, nobody has ever made any kind of money with this Five Minute Profit Sites scam app. There is absolutely no solid proof that anybody has actually purchased this software. There is no proof of membership, and there is certainly no proof that anyone has ever made a profit with it.

There is however tons of proof that Five Minute Profit Sites software is a scam. We have talked to a few people out there that have gotten mixed up with this system. They all say the same thing. They paid a bunch of money for the software, they never got a website, they never made any money, and their initial investment simply vanished into thin air.

Five Minute Profit Sites System – Sam Smith

The presentation video is narrated by someone named Sam Smith. Now, these crooks got smart. They know we always chop down paid actors, so they call her the spokesperson as opposed to the owner. However, this lady is actually just a paid actor, not a spokesperson. Her name is not Sam Smith and she certainly does not have anything to do with the Five Minute Profit Sites app.

Furthermore, the Five Minute Profit Sites system appears to be totally anonymous. It never disclaims to us who the leadership team consists of. This is a totally anonymous system and that is a big problem for us. You just cannot trust any kind of investment or get rich quick scheme when the owners refuse to tell you who they are.



Five Minute Profit Sites Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that Five Minute Profit Sites software is indeed a scam. It does not at all work as advertised, nor does it produce profits of any kind. You are not paying for any kind of quick ad revenue website creation software here.

All you are doing is literally shoveling money into the pockets of the anonymous crooks running the show. Please folks, stay away from the Five Minute Profit Sites system because all you will achieve through it is the loss of your money and a big headache.




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