GainMax Capital Scam Review: DANGER!


 The GainMax Capital system is supposed to be some odd trading program, but it is very weird indeed. It is also an ICO or initial coin offering for a new cryptocurrency. These crooks want you to invest your hard earned money during the presale and ICO just so they can steal it. Sure, the clowns behind the GainMax Capital ICO expect people to invest money, claiming that investors will get massive profits.

There is also talk that there is more than one way to make a profit here. However, we did a lot of digging around and there are a ton of signs which point towards a scam. Between the lack of licensing, fake owners, and unreal profits, the GainMax Capital system is also clearly a Ponzi scheme. We are here doing a GainMax Capital review to tell you all about this fraudulent cryptocurrency ICO. There is no doubt about the fact that this program is malicious, it’s dangerous, and it is out to steal your money.

The GainMax Capital Ponzi Scheme

The first thing that is clear about the GainMax Capital system is that it is a Ponzi scheme. If you do not know what a Ponzi scheme is, it is when crooks like these guys get innocent victims like you to invest money with them. They promise massive and totally unrealistic returns on even the smallest of investments, usually in the forms of huge monthly interest payments. However, while you may get an interest payment or two, you will never make a profit.

Heck, you will never even get your initial investment back. The crooks from the GainMax Capital program literally use newer investment to may minimal sums to older investors to shut them up and make them complacent. The fact of the matter is that the GainMax Capital system is undoubtedly a Ponzi scheme. We have received numerous complaints from various people claiming that no money has ever been made or returned to them. This is probably the biggest sign that this GainMax Capital program is just a Ponzi scheme. In other words, it’s pretty much a bank account where you deposit your money, just for it to be stolen by the criminals running the show.

The GainMax Capital Pyramid Scheme

At the same time as being a Ponzi scheme, the GainMax Capital ICO is also a pyramid scheme. They have affiliate commission levels. This means that you are supposed to get a certain amount of cash commission for getting your friends to sign up. There are something like 5 or 6 commission levels that supposedly let you earn up to 15% commission for getting people to sign up.

Folks the GainMax Capital system is a pyramid scheme. These guys get you to sign up your friends, get those people to sign up more people, and so on and so forth, thus creating the shape of a pyramid. It’s an easy way to get you the victim, as well as other victims to do the dirty work and pedal this GainMax Capital scam. It saves GainMax Capital a ton of work while suckering more unsuspecting victims in the whole time.

GainMax Capital Program – Fake ICO Returns

One of the things that we can tell you for sure about this new GainMax Capital cryptocurrency is that investing in the ICO will never help you make any kind of profit. There are supposed to be multiple investment levels that you can choose from. The basic GainMax Capital investment plan for the ICO guarantees a 5.6% return on your investment per week. The best package is supposed to provide you with a 10.15% return on your investment per week.

It is needless to say that no cryptocurrency ICO like GainMax Capital could ever provide those kinds of returns. Heck, making a 5% profit in a whole month with cryptocurrency ICOs and investment plans is already pretty impressive, but when it comes to a single week those numbers are anything but real. This promise of unreal GainMax Capital payouts is just another sign that this whole thing is a horribly dangerous Ponzi scheme.

GainMax Capital System & Trading

Perhaps one of the most suspicious aspects of GainMax Capital software is the trading package itself. First and foremost, we are informed that this system can trade in cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, stocks, indices, and commodities too. A system that can trade all of these things with great accuracy is highly unlikely. Next, we are never told how the GainMax Capital system works. We are never informed of any trading strategies, algorithms, or anything else which would tell us how the GainMax Capital app works to put money in our pocket through trading.

However, the crooks behind GainMax Capital software have no problem guaranteeing that you can earn as much as 10% in weekly profits from your initial investment simply by letting the program do its thing. Just think about it people! All of this is totally unrealistic, highly unlikely, and downright unachievable. You will never make this much cash with GainMax Capital, let alone the amount promised by these snake oil salesmen.

Other Disturbing Facts About GainMax Capital Software

There are a few other things that you definitely need to be aware of, so let’s mention then real quick.

  • The GainMax Capital system is not licensed in any way shape or form. It is not legally allowed to take investments from people, nor is it allowed to perform trades.
  • This is an anonymous trading system. There is no clear, real, or transparent person at the helm. Anybody you see is an actor or stolen picture, plus the company name is totally bogus too.



GainMax Capital Review – Conclusion

The only thing that you need to know is that the GainMax Capital program is a total rip off. It is meant to steal money from you and nothing else. Don’t be fooled by these crooks!

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