Crypto Infographic Review: CRYPTO SCAM!


The Crypto Infographic scam preys on the weak, the vulnerable, and the beginner crypto enthusiasts who simply don’t know what a scam looks like. Crypto Infographic software claims to be this awesome big time cryptocurrency trading platform. Supposedly it is the most profitable Bitcoin trading system in the world today. However, this simply is not true. There are many false promises, over exaggerations, and lies told to us by these crooks. There is a whole lot of suspicious activity going on with this Crypto Infographic trading scam, and we are here to tell you all about it.

Make no mistake about it. While Bitcoin may still be a great investment opportunity with lots of potential for profit, using the Crypto Infographic app will do nothing but screw you out of money. There is not a single legit or honest bone in the body of this Crypto Infographic scam. Sure, there are plenty of good cryptocurrency trading systems out there, but this is surely not one of them. There is not a shadow of a doubt about that. We are here today doing a Crypto Infographic scam review to give you fair warning about the very real threat posed to your financial security by this absolutely bogus and fraudulent Bitcoin trading scam.

How Does The Crypto Infographic App Work?

Right off the bat, the first big red flag that came to our attention is that there is never any mention of what the Crypto Infographic system actually does. The presentation video and the website both go on and on about how awesome Bitcoin is, how valuable it is, and how trading with it will allow you to make billions and billions of dollars. However, this is telling us what Bitcoin is, not what Crypto Infographic does.

Yes, apparently it is a fully automated BTC trading system, but that is all we are ever told. We are never informed of any coherent trading strategies, market analysis tools, or any overlying or underlying algorithms being used. We are simply told that the Crypto Infographic trading system will put money in our pockets, several thousand dollars per day in fact. Since we are never told how this Crypto Infographic system actually functions, it stands to reason that it really does not function at all.

There is also the fact that we are never told exactly how much money or ROI the Crypto Infographic system can make for us. The whole website simply says that Bitcoin is very profitable and therefore you should use this horrible crappy program. The bottom line is that we have no idea how much money this scam system claims to be able to generate for you.

Heck, these scammers are smart enough to know that we will disprove and debunk any claims they make, so they don’t even say how profitable this Crypto Infographic scam is. They simply hope that newbies will be flustered, overwhelmed, and instantly fall in love with this system. The fact that this Crypto Infographic scam is coming out at a time when Bitcoin has just gone through such a bearish trend is yet another indication that this whole thing is a scam.

Who Runs The Crypto Infographic Scam?

The next indication that a scam is afoot with this Crypto Infographic app is the fact that we are never told who is in charge of this whole thing. Not once on the website or during the presentation video are we ever shown a face or given the name of a CEO, owner, manager, or any other kind of relevant title. In other words, this Crypto Infographic software is totally 100% anonymous, which is always a really bad sign when it comes to a BTC trading system. We want real people and a real company running the show. Being anonymous and secretive is very suspicious and the only thing this horrible BTC trading app does is send us running for the hills.

The only reason for this junk to be anonymous is because the criminals running the thing are afraid of ending up in prison. They know darn well that this Crypto Infographic app is fraudulent, illegal, and thieving. They choose to remain hidden in the shadows of anonymity in order to prevent themselves from being subjected to any kind of legal prosecution. The danger here is that the Crypto Infographic scam will undoubtedly steal your money, but you won’t even be able to point the finger at anybody because you have no idea who actually stole from you.



Crypto Infographic Scam App – No Licensing

The other thing that definitely needs to be mentioned here is that the Crypto Infographic is 100% unlicensed and unregulated. All BTC and cryptocurrency trading apps, especially the automated signals providers, require regulation and licensing. Well, only the most legit, transparent, and clearly non-scam companies can get these trading licenses. Regulatory and licensing boards need to know that they are not giving a scam the green light to start scamming people out of their hard earned cash.

Seeing as the Crypto Infographic app has no real leader or company backing it, there is no way, nor even in a frozen over hell, that any sane regulatory agency ever gave this junk app the license to steal from you. If the Crypto Infographic system does perform trades, it is doing so without any kind of legal permissions. However, who are we kidding? It is painfully obvious that the Crypto Infographic app never executes any trades at all. It simply takes you cash. The whole purpose of it is to steak your money, not to trade with it.

Crypto Infographic Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that you absolutely need to stay as far away from the Crypto Infographic scam as humanly possible. Nothing good will come of signing up with it and even less good will come of actually giving these goons your money. This Crypto Infographic system is a scam and there is simply no other way to put it. It’s not worth it!

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