FX Master Bot Scam Review: DANGER!

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The FX Master Bot system is a relatively new binary options and Forex trading system, one that has managed to steal lots of money this far. There is no doubt about the fact that the FX Master Bot app is a scam. There are tons of suspicious things going on here and lots of lies too. We’re here doing a FX Master Bot review to give you fair warning about this fraudulent and thieving trading system.

FX Master Bot AppA Fraudulent Demo

One of the first indications that the FX Master Bot system is a scam has do to with the demo bogus account you are encouraged to use before signing up for a full-fledged account. Let us tell you something about the demo accounts advertised by these phony binary options and Forex trading services. They are all full of hot air and nothing but lies, fabricated results, and utter disappointment. You are told that you get to use the FX Master Bot demo account to see what trading with this app is like.

Furthermore, we are informed that the results shown are indicative of the real thing and that they are just the same as real trading with the real FX Master Bot account. However, this is simply not true. The trades you make and the so called results achieved in the demo account are completely rigged to be overly positive. If you use the FX Master Bot system demo, all of the trades are always winners and the profits are always massive. The point here is that the demo accounts are totally fake and they do not indicate in any way what trading with the real thing is like. It is rigged to be overly positive. It’s a scam meant to get you to think that the FX Master Bot app is actually profitable.

FX Master Bot Software – Scam Brokers

Another red flag that came to our attention when examining the FX Master Bot system is that all of the brokers are specifically designed to screw you out of your hard earned money. When you visit the website, the claim is that there are over 10 different reliable brokers you can choose from to fund and execute trades.

However, this simply is not true in the least. While there may be multiple brokers to choose from with this phony BO and Forex trading program, none of them, not a single one, is reliable, genuine, or profitable. All of the brokers that you can use with the FX Master Bot system are scammers. None of them are really licensed or registered, they don’t let you withdraw money, and their sole purpose is to steal money right out from under your nose. Make no mistake about it. The scam brokers here are working in cahoots with the crooks behind FX Master Bot software to take as much cash from you as they possibly can.



FX Master Bot Trading Software – Monthly Prizes

One of the cheap marketing tricks intended to fool gullible beginner traders into signing up for FX Master Bot software is the whole “monthly prizes” gig. Apparently, as the advertisement says, you will get a monthly cash bonus if you are one of the top traders. However, once again, this is nothing more than a lie.

We have talked to several people who have had the misfortune of using FX Master Bot software and none of them have ever gotten any kind of prize. In fact, not a single person has ever gotten a monthly prize for being a top trader with FX Master Bot software. This is nothing more than a cheap marketing ploy and a lie meant to lure you in. Don’t be fooled. The so called leaderboard you are shown is totally fabricated and does not consist of a single real binary options trader.

FX Master Bot App – No Customer Support

Another indication that there is a scam afoot with this FX Master Bot app is that there is absolutely no semblance of customer service. Usually we would not make a huge deal about customer service, but we are here because of the website. On the FX Master Bot website, there are several big mentions of just how awesome and helpful the customer support for this binary options system is.

However, as far as we can tell, the customer support team for this terrible app is totally non-existent. We have called and emailed these guys several times and have never heard anything back. At the same time, we have received tons of complaints from people claiming that the FX Master Bot support team is 100% unresponsive and simply does not exist. The whole point of FX Master Bot software is to steal your money, so they obviously aren’t going to get back to you when you go to them with complaints of missing money.

Who Runs The FX Master Bot Program?

Perhaps the biggest indication that the FX Master Bot scam is indeed a rip off is that there is no sign of an owner, leader, or CEO in sight. We are never told who owns, runs, or who created this FX Master Bot binary and Forex trading system. The fact that this binary options system is totally anonymous is total assurance that it is a scam. Real trading programs have no problem showing their leaders because there is nothing to lose. The only reason why these crooks are staying hidden in anonymity is because their aim is to rob you blind.

They don’t want their identities known because that would expose them to criminal prosecution for fraud and theft. Never trust any kind of anonymous trading platform. There is also the fact that you can be sure that the FX Master Bot system is totally unregulated and unlisenced. There is not a sane licensing or regulation board in the world which would ever provide this FX Master Bot scam with legal authority to steal money from you.

FX Master Bot Scam Review – Conlcusion

There is nothing of worth left to say here, but just for you sake, STAY AWAY FROM THE FX MASTER BOT SCAM!

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