Profit Market Review – Forex Scam??


The Profit Market App is supposedly an advanced Forex trading educational program. It is supposed to teach you everything there is to know about Forex trading including methods, strategies, the basics, and advanced knowledge too. This is what Profit Market software advertises on its front page, but this does not seem to be the case at all.

Is this a real Forex trading educational system? Does it teach real knowledge that can be applied in the real world? Does this stuff really work? Are these guys legit and the real deal? These are all questions that we are here to answer today in this Profit Market scam review. There is a lot of suspicious stuff going on with this Profit Market system, mainly that it is not at all what it claims to be. There are a lot more lies and lots of false advertisements going on here, so hold onto your seats folks because things are about to get really bumpy.

Does Profit Market Software Provide Good Education?

The claim on the front page of the website is that Profit Market software provides you with all kinds of Forex education. We are told that this awesome system will teach us things like how to profit from Forex trading, money management, risk management, Forex strategies, and “overcoming greed”, whatever the heck that is supposed to mean. Sure, so on the outside, this looks like a fairly legit educational tool that newbies can use to get familiar with Forex in order to make a healthy profit in foreign exchange trading. However, upon further investigation, things start to fall apart real quick.

Apparently, the Profit Market system is actually nothing more than a simple Forex auto trading robot, just like all the others out there. Yes, it does provide minimal education, but it is totally useless. Whatever these crooks try to teach you are things that you could easily look up on Google or YouTube for free. Just like all of the other systems out there, this is a total rip off.

It has to be one of the worst educational tools we have ever seen. It’s clearly a bogus scam, because it requires you to sign up for the actual trading bot, which will cost you a deposit of $250. You can rest assured that those $250 will disappear faster than peanuts in an elephant house. This is just a cheap trick meant to quickly relieve you of a few hundred bucks, maybe more if you fall for their tricks. The fact that these clowns falsely advertise the Profit Market app as an educational tool, when it is actually a fully automated Forex bot is more than enough to send us running for the hills.

Profit Market App – How Does It Work To Generate Cash?

One of the most obvious indications that a scam is afoot here has to do with the inner workings of the program itself. Whenever we go to invest in a trading program, we want to know what trading strategies are being followed, what methods are in place, and what kind of algorithm is being used.

We also want to be aware of what the potential accuracy or ITM rate is, as well as the amount of profit we can make in a single day. Well, since these guys claim to be educational in nature, but then quickly switch to a Forex bot, they have neglected to give us any of this info. Upon signing up, we are simply told that the Profit Market app has great accuracy rates with huge daily profits. This is not convincing in the least. This total lack of info is a telltale sign that the Profit Market app is a totally fraudulent system.

Profit Market Scam App & The Problem Of Anonymity

Yet another surefire way of knowing that the Profit Market app is a scam is in terms of the people in charge. We need a legit and credible person at the helm of the operation if there is any hope of us trusting any trading app like this one. Well, there is a short presentation video on the main website, but it is just full of paid actors. We are never told the names of the people speaking, the name of a company who funded the system, or any contact details at all. In other words, this system is totally anonymous and we have no idea who is in charge. When your money inevitably gets stolen, there is no one you can point a finger at.

This brings us to the next problem. Providing financial advice and providing trading signals are both activities which require licensing and strict regulation. A company or entity looking to acquire these licenses need real people at the helm, they need to be transparent, and they need to be credible with the proper credentials. Since the Profit Market app is totally anonymous, there is no way it could have gotten the necessary licensing to do these things legally. If they are providing advice and signals, they are doing so illegally.

This also brings us to the problem of the broker. A reliable broker will only allow itself to be affiliated with reliable trading apps. Since this app is obviously not trustworthy or reliable, there is also no chance that a good broker is involved. Only scam brokers will connect to scam apps. This means that you can be sure that the scammers behind the Profit Market system, as well as the brokers, are all working in cahoots with the express intent of stealing your money.



Why The Profit Market System Is A Scam

  • The website is loaded with fabricated and falsified testimonials
  • They trick us into thinking it’s educational in nature when it’s actually a Forex bot
  • It is advertised as being mostly cost free, yet requires a $250 deposit
  • The system is totally anonymous
  • It does not have the required licensing or regulation to do this legally
  • There is not a single reliable broker involved
  • These crooks changed their domain name from to In other words, it’s just an old scam that decided to change its domain to try and sucker in even more people.


Profit Market Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only real conclusion we can come to is that the Profit Market is a total scam. There is not a single reliable aspect about it. Everything we have discovered about this ludicrous and ridiculous pile of trash is that it is undoubtedly one of the biggest scams we have ever come across.


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