Binary Diploma Scam Review – IS IT REAL?


Binary Diploma software is a two-pronged attack on everything that is good and right in this world. This fraudulent program claims to be the latest and greatest binary options and Forex educational tool. We are led to believe that its main purpose is to educate us in the ways of trading binary options, to the point where we are supposed to be experts.

The crooks behind Binary Diploma scam software also make the viewer think that they were also kind enough to include a full automated signals provider and trading tool in the mix. However, if you believe this, you are totally wrong. This Binary Diploma scam review is going to focus on all of the ins and outs of this program. Our main goal is obviously to keep you away from this nonsensical piece of trash software. Nothing that these people tell us is even remotely true.

Even worse is the fact that we can’t even say who these people are because they decide to remain hidden in the shadows. It is no secret that binary options can be very lucrative, but only if you know what you are doing and have a good piece of software to back up your knowledge. Unfortunately, for anyone who pulls the short straw and signs up with Binary Diploma scam software, you get neither the education nor the automated trading tool that you would hope for.

Binary Diploma Software – Who Runs The Show?

Perhaps the biggest red flag that we noticed right from the start is how we are never provided any pertinent information regarding the owners or creators of Binary Diploma software. Whenever we are faced with an “educational tool” like this one, we want to be sure that the people teaching us stuff actually know what they are talking about.

Moreover, if we are expected to deposit any amount of money with a program that has the power to make or break our bank account, we want to know who exactly is behind it all. Unfortunately for us and for you, we are never given an explanation in regards to any of that. We don’t have a name of a person or people, we have no company name, and nothing else either. We aren’t about to invest any amount of money with Binary Diploma when we can’t check for any credentials, none whatsoever.

Binary Diploma – Is It Educational?

Ok, so to be honest, we did not want to sign up for an account with Binary Diploma software because we know that it is going to rip us off and steal our money. If there was no sign up with a broker and deposit required, we would have done it. Anyway, we have heard enough from people everywhere and the news is not good. As far as education is concerned, there is really nothing of substance behind Binary Diploma.

People who have actually fallen for this nasty trick have reported that besides a rudimentary explanation of what binary options trading is, there is absolutely nothing educational about this scheme. To a newbie or beginner trader it may seem as though all of the knowledge is there for the taking, but in all reality, there is nothing of substance included. When it comes to learning about binary options, you are better off doing so right here at Binary Options Army, or even off of a monkey on YouTube as far as Binary Diploma scam software is concerned.

Binary Diploma – The “Free Signup” Trick – Shifty Brokers

Yet another clear indication that Binary Diploma software is a total rip off is that they make you sign up with some shady broker upon sign up. Yes, technically signing up for an account with this ridiculous platform is free, but you have to sign up with a broker at the same time, and that is going to cost you. It actually won’t cost you to make an account, but you will have to deposit $250 with the broker upon opening a new account.

The problem here is not only that this is a really low down trick to get people to sign up, but that there is not a single reliable broker included in the mix. All of the brokers involved with Binary Diploma scam software are not regulated, they are not licensed, and they aren’t actually allowed to work anywhere in the world.

These terrible brokers are located in places where there are next to no laws regarding foreign money, also known as your money. This makes it child’s play for them when it comes to draining your trading account of your deposit. These guys are crooks and they have the express intent of robbing you blind. This is without a doubt one of the most ludicrous and fraudulent trading programs/educational tools that we have seen in a long time. Trust us when we say that we are using the words “educational tool” and “trading program” very loosely when talking about Binary Diploma scam software.

Does Binary Diploma Software Even Make Trades?

The bottom line is that Binary Diploma software probably doesn’t make any trades at all. Sure, they set up some kind of shell that uses fake money to make obviously false trades just to make it look legit. However, there is never any mention of how the software works, what strategies it uses, what it trades in, or anything else for that matter.

We are almost 100% certain that Binary Diploma scam software does not actually execute trades at all. It is just a smoke screen to keep you occupied while some crook of a broker drains your trading account of all funds from the other end.

Binary Diploma Scam Review Conclusion

At the end of the day, we have no choice but to call out this junk for what it really is, a downright scam that is hell-bent on making your life as miserable as can be. Do yourself a favour and just avoid this criminal trading software. BINARY DIPLOMA IS A SCAM!

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