Agora Financial Scam Review: Opportunities Arise 2017

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For anyone living in North America, there is a brand new investment opportunity for you and it comes in the form of Agora Financial. As you may very well know by this time, Canada and the United States have recently enforced some changes on traders. The main change that has been enforced on the citizens of these countries is that many forms of online trading have been completely banned and have become highly unregulated.
In short, binary trading and anything to do with binary options has become illegal for Canadian and American citizens to engage in. This is a pretty big blow to the North American investor because binary options were of course a fantastic way to make some really good cash. People everywhere have lost the opportunity to make big profits virtually overnight and that is definitely a drawback for anyone who was previously engaged in binary trading.

However this does not mean that all investment opportunities have disappeared. As some doors close there are always others that open, and that door leads to the world of Agora Financial. You don’t need to have any trading experience at all to use Agora Financial.

Jim Rickards (real approved person)

Now to be exact, Agora Financial is not some kind of binary options trading software that has slipped through the cracked and has managed to get around laws, but it is a concise guide on how to make money. As you will soon find out, gold is becoming one of the most valuable commodities on the market, and that means that gold is a great investment opportunity now more than ever.
Well, Agora Financial teaches you why investing in gold is such a fantastic chance to make money, and it even teaches you how to do it too. Agora Financial is definitely a great opportunity for anyone who wants to make some extra money through investment in gold and you should spend a few minutes finding out why.

What Is Agora Financial?

“Agora Financial is the ultimate detailed trading manual that has everything to do with gold. Jim Rickards is the creator of Agora Financial and he is also the one who presents it to us, and believe us when we say that he has some really interesting and shocking information to tell us”.


What it all boils down to is that there is a massive amount of evidence which would indicate that the U.S dollar is about to plummet in value, specifically in April of 2017.

It might be shocking to find out that the U.S dollar’s value is going to fall so drastically in such a short amount of time, which will undoubtedly be horrible for some investors, especially those in the realm of global currencies. However according to Jim Rickards and Agora Financial there is always an upside to every downside.
The upside to the U.S dollar falling in value so drastically is that history has proven time and time again that the U.S dollar’s value has a negative correlation with certain commodities such as silver, and especially gold.

Now, Jim Rickards does not lie and say that he can predict exactly how far the U.S dollar will drop in value in the months to come, but he says that the drop will be anywhere from 100 to 500 percent, which is of course a massive amount. More or less that signifies the complete implosion of the U.S dollar, the U.S economy, and maybe even the country as a whole.

Yet, since there is a negative correlation between gold and the U.S dollar, which means that as one rises in value the other falls and vice versa, it means that the price of gold is going to soar past all previous historical levels. Therefore, since the price of gold is going to hit sky high levels starting in April 2017, Jim Rickards and Agora Financial say that the time for investment is now.

To be exact, Agora Financial is like a trading manual for gold. Well, it’s not really a manual, more like a whole book, some instructional, and even some videos too. It’s an educational system that will teach you exactly why investing in gold is such a good strategy at this time, why the U.S dollar is going to plummet, they give us plenty of evidence to support their statements, and best of all they will teach us how to invest in gold in order to make some awesome profits.

Agora Financial’s Proof - BRICS Taking Power In the IMF

A large part of this equation has to do with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the way that it functions right now in terms of voting to pass proposals. As of this very moment, the U.S has the ultimate advantage in the IMF voting room as they have the highest share of voting power, somewhere over 16 percent, which is of course very high for one country.

This means that the U.S still currently has the power to veto and shoot down the proposals and bills of other IMF member states. In fact, the U.S is really the only country in the world that has this veto power and it is used to ensure the financial well-being of the American State, but that is all about to change and it is because of the BRICS.
In case you did not know, the BRICS are a group of countries that are developing from underdeveloped to developed countries extremely fast and thus their economic clout is quickly rising too. These countries include Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

Up until now their combined voting power in the IMF has been fairly limited, and together the BRICS could muster around 14 percent of the total IMF vote, which was not enough to have any real influence, especially when compared to the U.S. However in April 2017 this is going to change and the change is going to be massive.
The IMF is planning to increase the voting clout of the BRICS countries, so much so that they will be able to effect outcomes in a big way. Their combined voting power is going to rise from the current 14 percent up to between 17 and 24 percent, which at any rate is more than the U.S. What this means is that the BRICS countries will have enough voting power to veto U.S proposal and bills, and ultimately to rally against American power to make the world economy work in their favor.

The BRICS, with their new amount of voting clout in the IMF, will even be able to influence other countries that are not BRICS to work against the U.S, their proposals, and their goals. The point is that giving the BRICS so much power will undoubtedly endanger the U.S’s position in the IMF and will in all likelihood work against the U.S, with the ultimate result of a plummeting U.S dollar. However for potential investors, the plummeting U.S dollar does provide quite the opportunity, and that is because of the Gold – U.S dollar correlation we talked about before.

The Proof Is In The Pudding – The U.S Dollar/Gold Correlation

There is more than enough proof which supports the fact that as the U.S dollar falls in value, the price of gold rises, and vice versa. Agora Financial, with their great trading manual has gone out of their way to offer us proof of this phenomenon.
First of all, Agora Financial offers us evidence of how every time the price of the U.S dollar has dropped in the past, the price of gold has risen in value at an even rate. They also show us how when the price of the U.S dollar has risen, the price of gold has fallen accordingly.
This is especially true at times when the U.S has tried to influence the path and use of Gold in the world financial system, mainly when they try to make gold more expensive, it has always caused the U.S dollar to fall. This shows us how the falling U.S dollars, as it is about to do in April 2017, will cause the price of gold to soar.
Moreover it is shown that in recent years, the number of owners of gold per ounce has risen drastically, while at the same time, the amount of gold reserves has been steadily decreasing. This is the basic principle of supply and demand. As more people want gold and the less of it there is, the higher the price will rise.

As you can see, Agora Financial makes a really strong case for their gold investment strategy. In all likelihood their predictions are going to come true, and that means anybody who has invested in gold before April 2017 is going to become very wealthy very fast.

CONCLUSION: Agora Financial Review

(not a scam)

Investing in gold may not be anything new, but it is certainly going to be a great opportunity to make a whole lot of profits in the near future. Agora Financial has a lot more proof, a lot more points to make, and a whole array of tips too. If you want to invest in gold, you should read and learn from the Agora Financial gold manual and you should do so before April 2017. Agora Financial is trusted and legitimate investment service which has been highly recommended by our subscribers as well as by other reputable blogs and websites. 


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