Copy Buffett THESIS- Support, Problems, Brokers, ITM, Recommendations?

Copy Buffett THESIS- Support, Problems, Brokers, ITM, Recommendations?

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Hello dear readers & subscribers. It has been nearly a month now since we decided to try Copy Buffett Software ourselves. We were extremely skeptical at the start, but we received so many requests from people who asked us to actually try this binary options trading bot even though it may look like a scam at beginning. 

Up until now we have posted detailed blog articles where you can find all the information you need in relation to Copy Buffet. The topics we have covered so far include: the origins of the Copy Buffett software, its background, usability, tricks and tips, frequently asked questions and answers, common issues and problems, ITM trading performance and much more. 

The sad truth is that nearly 99% of all the systems and trading services you see out there are scams and frauds full with deceitfulness. If you have been following our blog, then you know what we are talking about here. We are reviewing Forex and Binary Options trading scams on daily basis and it is extremely rare that we give a green flag to any of the services, because most of them are scams designed to steal your hard earned money. Copy Buffett software however proved that it is not a scam operation like everything else.

Every day we keep receiving significant amount of positive comments and feedback from users who are generating consistent profits with Copy Buffett autotrader. We are also continuously using this autotrading software and up until now our average ITM performance rate is around 81.5%.

Copy Buffett ITM trading performance rate can vary every week due to the changing volatility in the market; For example, our average ITM this week is 82.9% which is much higher in comparison to previous week where we were able to achieve only 80.5% ITM with Copy Buffett service. In addition to that our ITM never dropped below 79.5%.

On the other hand, we still keep receiving vast amount of emails from people who experience some issues, problems with the system. On top of that we also receive many general questions regarding Copy Buffett software and its usability. Therefore, we decided to post another follow-up questions and answers post to help those who are still having difficulties. If there are some topics not covered in this article, please Email us and we will try to help you out.

Question: Do I need to sit in front of my computer in order to trade? Do I need to have my computer turned ON in order to use Copy Buffett?

Answer: No, you don’t have to have your computer turned ON all of the time. Once you are logged in Copy Buffett platform you will have the option to turn ON/ OFF Autotrader. Once you turn it ON it will be running automatically on cloud server.

Question: When is the recommended time to turn ON Copy Buffett? Can I turn ON software during the night?

Answer: Copy Buffett platform used to have Recommended Trading Hours Section on the top of their page. Due to recent upgrade and modifications this section has been removed from the program. Although the recommended trading hours still remain 7am-9pm GMT Monday to Friday. NOTE: markets are closed on weekends.

Question:  I am living in United States, can I still use Copy Bufett?

Answer: Yes, you can as there are 6 brokers from the list that accept US traders.                

Question: Does Copy Buffett software offer manual trading mode as well?

Answer: Copy Buffet has two trading modes. One is Autotrader mode where all the trades will be placed and executed automatically. The other option is to switch the autotrader OFF and use the signals to trade manually. If you want to learn how to trade binary options manually by yourself please read our article in relation to “Mikes Facebook Signals Group”. This is an amazing group of over 5,200 real members including professional Forex & Binary options traders across the globe who are sending LIVE signals 24 hours 5 days a week.

Question: What type of trades is Copy Buffett software taking/ executing?

Answer: The type of trades that Copy Buffett places will vary depending on market conditions. The trade types that we personally came across were: 10 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 3 hour, 5 hour, 8 hour (long term trades).

Question: How to Sing-up with Copy Buffett Software?

Answer: This is the secured registration link if you are interested: After the signup you will be re-directed to trading platform :

Question: What are the recommended settings I should use to ensure optimum performance results?

Answer: We have Strength Level set to 85%, which means that Copy Buffett will only execute trades that have 85% possibility of being a wining trade. In other words, the higher the strength level the stronger the signals. Setting higher strength level will also mean receiving less trades.

Question: My Copy Buffett autotrader only takes 2 to 3 trades per day, why is that?

Answer: We have received many emails from members regarding this issue. Although most members who experience this problem claim that those 2-3 trades are usually winning ones. For instance, today we received emails from few members who have received only 9 trades in the past 3 days, but 8 of those signals were wining ITM trades. On the other hand if you experience that your Copy Buffett is not taking any trades at all then we would advise you to contact Copy Buffett customer support team as there could be a problem with synchronization between your Broker and Copy Buffett Software. Your platform has to be correctly synced to the broker otherwise you might be exposed to potential loses. Click to view one of the emails:

Question: I am not happy with my assigned broker, how can I change it?

Answer: If you are not happy with the broker simply refresh registration page and you will be assigned different one. If issue still remains then try using different computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other internet enabled device.

To avoid any synchronization problems and issues please follow these steps. This will ensure that everything is synced properly.  

  1. Clear your browser cookies by pressing CTRL + Shift + DEL and click clear all (How to clear cookies?)
  2. Click and sign up with Copy Buffett through official website: HERE
  3. Use different email address in case you signed up already but you were not happy with your assigned broker.

We really hope that this article helped those who were searching for answers to above questions. On the other hand please email us with any other questions you may have.


Many people who experienced issues claim that they have difficulty to get through Copy Buffett customer support team. To get reply from their support could take few days. That being said, if you signed up with Copy Buffett software from our website you automatically have our full free support in case you are not happy with results or you run into any issues. We usually contact Copy Buffett support ourselves to resolve the problem. We are helping new members to deal with issues on daily basis. 

Thank you for reading this Q&A review. Remember that you are not alone, we are always here to help you guys. We always reply to emails and we never leave anyone behind as we are fully CFTC Verified binary options blog. 

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6 comments on “Copy Buffett THESIS- Support, Problems, Brokers, ITM, Recommendations?
  1. frank says:

    Hi im seriously considering signing up with copy buffet software which broker would u recommend I use and how do I get assigned to the particular broker….also say I mabye have problems withdrawing my profits from the broker can u guys like assist who should I contact

    • Binary Options Army says:

      Hi, once you register with Copy Buffett you will be assigned to a broker automatically. If you experience any issues with broker please contact us and we will help you.

  2. Jeffry limurty says:

    i cant regrister .. it is tell “Please try a different email ” . Please help! and Tq before

  3. gordon says:

    I can’t arrange the bar of autotrade, it’s like locked,I’m synchronised with the broker but I can’t trade,thanks

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