Crypto Genius Review: Crypto-Scam!


Crypto Genius software is supposed to be a very accurate and highly profitable cryptocurrency trading system. We are old by Chris Peterson that this awesome BTC and cryptocurrency system can generate over $30,000 in a single week. Yes, the price of BTC is at an all-time high, plus the value of many other cryptocurrencies is also rising. This makes it seem as though fully automated trading systems like this one are an easy investment opportunity.

However, when it comes to the Crypto Genius, this is anything but true. We did a whole lot of research and the signs are not positive to say the least. We found a lot of fishy stuff going on with this Crypto Genius app. We found so much that we really have no choice but to label it as a total scam. We are here doing a Crypto Genius scam review to give you fair warning. This system is dangerous, it’s malicious, and it is out to steal your money. Keep reading because you do not want to miss a single thing.

Who Is In Charge Of Crypto Genius Software

One of the first suspicious signs that we came across in relation the Crypto Genius app is in terms of the so called owner, Chris Peterson. All we ever get to see of this clown is an image in the presentation video. This image is combined with some low grade paid voice narration. We have no way of confirming that the identity of this man is real. We looked him up and besides his relation to this Crypto Genius scam, we could not find any evidence that this Chris guy is the real deal. As far as we can tell, he is just a stolen stock image ripped off from a random website.

This is only backed up by the fact that we have seen the same picture used for several other marketing campaigns, mainly for scams like this one. The only reason for the real creators of the Crypto Genius app to use this image as a scapegoat is to hide their own identities. They know darn well that their software is fraudulent and illegal. They are trying their best to stay hidden in the shadows of anonymity in order to avoid spending time in prison for ripping you off. The lesson here is that you can never trust any kind of anonymous trading system.

Crypto Genius Software – Is It Licensed?

Ok, so any kind of BTC and cryptocurrency trading requires a license. Trading, providing signals, and providing financial advice are all activities that are strictly regulated and require special licenses. These licenses are only given to the most credible, genuine, and transparent trading companies out there.

Seeing as the Crypto Genius app does not have a real person or company in charge, nor does it list legit contact details, there is no way it can have the required licensing to perform cryptocurrency trading legally. No sane licensing board would ever grant these crooks a BTC and cryptocurrency trading license. The conclusion here is that the Crypto Genius app either does not make trades at all, or if it does, it is not doing so legally. Illegal trades, whether you knew or not, will turn out bad, so don’t try the Crypto Genius app because you will pay dearly either way.

Crypto Genius App & Scam Brokers

Closely related to the point of licensing is that of a reliable broker. You need a reliable broker to trade cryptocurrencies or else you will get ripped off. Well, brokers like to cover their backs, which means that they will only allow themselves to be connected to a legit, transparent, regulated, and licensed trading app. Since the Crypto Genius app has none of those things, you can bet any amount of money that nay broker involved with this shady app is equally as fraudulent. Everyone involved with Crypto Genius software is here to rip you off, not to help you make money. That is a simple fact.




How Does Crypto Genius Software Work?

Whenever we go to invest any money with a trading service like the Crypto Genius app, there are certain things that we want to know about the inner workings of the program. We want to know what kind of trading strategies are being used, what algorithms are in place, and what kind of market analysis tools are being utilized. However, all we are ever told about the Crypto Genius app is that it works well and it works fast. This is so vague and nonsensical that it almost makes us laugh. This explanation is not nearly good enough to convince us in any way that Crypto Genius software actually works.

On that same note, the promise of being risk free and putting thirty thousand dollars in our pockets on a weekly basis is just as big a lie. The fact of the matter is that risk is always inherent in trading. No program, not even the best ones out there can mitigate all risk. As for the profits, most trading systems are lucky to pull in $1,000 per day, which is the most possible by any means. Now, saying that Crypto Genius software can generate over six times that much on a daily basis is totally ludicrous. It is impossible, it is unrealistic, and it will never happen.

Crypto Genius Scam Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that nothing you see on the Crypto Genius website is true, real, or genuine. It is all just one big lie meant to sucker you in so the criminals running the show can steal your money. The website is chalked full of fake people, made up testimonials, false advertising, and much more. The one and only purpose of the Crypto Genius app is to rob every single last penny you have right out from under your nose.

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