CoinPlus Review – BTC ICO SCAM!


CoinPlus software is apparently the world’s most profitable Bitcoin initial coin offering available today. Supposedly, with a minimal investment we are promised daily returns of 25%, which would be absolutely incredible. Unfortunately, it is also totally not true or even remotely possible in any way, shape, or form. Yes, Bitcoin is currently worth around $8,000, which is more than it has ever been. So, this means that scammers like the people behind the CoinPlus app are looking to take advantage of people who want to make some easy money with the currently rising price of Bitcoin.

Sure, this sounds like it could be the real deal, but upon closer inspection it becomes abundantly clear that it’s all just a bunch of smoke and mirrors. Rest assured folks, CoinPlus software, while it sounds like a legit BTC mining venture, it is anything but that. The people running the show are crooks and they are doing everything they can to get their grubby hands on your hard earned money. Let’s get on with this CoinPlus scam review to give you fair warning about this malignant tumor that has the nerve to call itself a credible Bitcoin ICO. If you know what a Ponzi scheme is, you will instantly recognize the CoinPlus app as being just that, a terrible Ponzi scheme.


CoinPlus Scam App – The Pyramid Scheme

We did forget to mention that CoinPlus software is not only a Ponzi scheme, but a pyramid scheme at the same time. Thee evidence for this is abundantly clear on the website. The aim is to get you to make more people, apparently your friends, to sign up with CoinPlus software. You are supposed to get a commission for getting people to sign up. Moreover, there are also second tier commissions which you can receive when the people you have signed up also get people to sign up. This is the classic pyramid scheme. These crooks get you and others to do the work for them. They promise sign up commissions, however no one has ever gotten any commission. So, not only is CoinPlus software a pyramid scheme, but it’s one that doesn’t even pay out the commissions as promised. Talk about a scam!

CoinPlus Software – The Ponzi Scheme

Another thing which is painfully clear about CoinPlus scam software is that it is a Ponzi scheme with the express intent of stealing your money. Ponzi schemes work by promising astronomical results and ROIs from a really small investment. They lure unsuspecting prey into the fold with the promises of big money, making it nearly irresistible for some people to pass up on the offer. However, when it comes time to receive and ROI on the investment, it never shows up.

This is because the leaders of a Ponzi scheme simply steal your investment. They never invest it or use it to generate money in any way, shape, or form. You never get any returns because none are ever generated. It’s literally just a process of you forking over your savings to the people on the other end. There is no investing, no mining, and no trading taking place with the CoinPlus app. These crooks simply pocket your cash and you will never see a single penny of it again.

Who Is In Charge Of CoinPlus Software?

Besides being a Ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme, we don’t even know who is in charge of CoinPlus software. This is a totally anonymous and faceless program that has no clear leader or company in charge. There are not even any contact details provided, nor do we know the location of the company headquarters. When a service like CoinPlus scam software does not list any people, company, or contact details, you can bet your bottom dollar that it is a rip off. These crooks are protecting their true identities in order to stay out of prison once they inevitably steal your money. We do not have a single clue who is at the helm of the CoinPlus app and that is a massive problem. It could literally be anybody, and once your money is gone, there is no one you can point the finger at.

CoinPlus App – Unlicensed System & Scam Brokers

Yet another telltale sign that the CoinPlus app is a scam has to do with the fact that it is anonymous and therefore not licensed or regulated as is legally required. Cryptocurrency trading and mining licenses are only given to services which are legit, trustworthy, credible, and have real people in charge. Since CoinPlus software has none of those things, there is no chance in hell that it could have ever acquired the necessary licensing to perform these actions legally.

As we established before, this is a Ponzi scheme, so no trading or mining actually occurs, but the fact that there is no license only serves to further prove that CoinPlus software is a complete rip off. This is also true for the brokers. You need a reliable broker to trade and be sure that your money will not go missing. Reliable brokers will only allow themselves to be connected with equally reliable trading and mining apps. Since the CoinPlus app is unlicensed, unregulated, and not credible, and not reliable, you can rest assured that the broker involved is equally as malicious and ill-minded.



CoinPlus Software – Unreal Profits

The final thing that we want to mention here is that there is no way, not in any reality, that any cryptocurrency mining program could provide you with 25% returns on a daily basis. Even the best trading and mining systems in the world that employ the most revolutionary strategies could ever manage this. Sure, 25% ROI per day would be awesome, but unfortunately it is also totally impossible.

CoinPlus Review – Conclusion

The one and only thing that you need to know about CoinPlus software is that it is a scam and you need to stay away from it at all costs. This is a pyramid scheme, a Ponzi scheme, and a totally bogus initial coin offering. You will never make money with this pile of junk, only lose it.

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