Profit Maker Method Review – Is It legit?


Profit Maker Method trading software is supposedly an amazing binary options trading platform, but we beg to differ. Binary options trading can indeed be quite profitable, but not when you use a bogus service like this one. This software is without a doubt one of the biggest money stealing schemes that we have seen in a long time. There are so many lies and unachievable promises made that we don’t know where to begin. We did a fair amount of research and all of the signs point in a very bad direction.

Everything about this scam software is total nonsense. These crooks are not honest, reliable, or trustworthy, plus the program itself is simply not profitable in the least. We are here doing a Profit Maker Method scam review for your protection. This program is dangerous, malicious, and it’s out to get you. After you hear what we have to say you will undoubtedly see this trading service for what it really is, a monumental scam!

Who Is In Charge Of The Profit Maker Method App?

The man whom we are led to believe is the leader of this operation is supposedly named Timothy Hollingdale. Timothy allegedly used to be a big time stock market trader and financial analyst at several big banks in the UK and US. He also claims to be an entrepreneur who more or less created Profit Maker Method software by himself. So, to recap, Timothy is a very important guy with lots of money, cars, and of course super model women too. Ok, so this is obviously not true at all. We did a lot of digging around and this Timothy character is not he is cracked up to be.

We could not find a single shred of evidence which would confirm this guy’s identity, not a single one. There is no mention of him in any kind of financial publication, online or in print. He has no search results on any of the major search engines nor does Timothy have a social media profile. Furthermore, he never actually told us which banks he worked at, making it impossible to confirm that as well. Heck, this clown never even provides us with the company name that is behind Profit Maker Method software, plus he does not give us any contact info either.

One thing that we can say for sure about Tim is that he is a paid actor. He does not know anything about binary options or trading in general. This dude is just a scapegoat for the real criminals running the show. They know darn well that their actions are illegal and that the Profit Maker Method app is a big stinking pile of fraudulence. They are using a paid actor so they don’t go to jail for stealing your money. Remember folks, anonymity is a sure fire way to tell that a scam is afoot!

How Does Profit Maker Method Software Work?

Yet another clear indication that Profit Maker Method is an absolute rip-off has to do with the way it works to generate an income for you. To make a long story short, we have the suspicion that it does not actually work at all, because nobody has ever made money with it! We are never told what kinds of trading strategies are in use, what kinds of algorithms dictate the program, and what trading methods are being followed.

We are expected to believe that Profit Maker Method scam software can make over $2,300 for us every single day, yet we are never informed of how it works. If Profit Maker Method software was the real deal, the people in charge would tell us how it works. Simply saying that it’s a great program that works well and works fast is useless to us. If we are expected to invest money with this trading service it is essential that we are familiar with the inner workings of it. The real reason why we are never told how the software works is very simple and obvious too, because it doesn’t actually work or do any of the things claimed.

Profit Maker Method Scam App – Ridiculous Profits & Win Rate

The most ridiculous part of this whole scam is the promise of being able to turn a measly $7 into $2,300 every single day. That would, of course, be amazing, but unfortunately, that claim to fame could not be any further from the truth. Ok, so first off, you will need to deposit a minimum of $250 with a broker. So, let’s do the math here. If Profit Maker Method software could turn $7 into $2,300, it should be able to turn $250 into $82,000. That is completely ridiculous.

There is not a single platform in the world that could ever muster those kinds of numbers. Even the best of the best trading services out there can only turn $250 into roughly $1,000 per day. However, the Profit Maker Method app claims to be able to generate a whopping 82 times as much on a daily basis. Almost as ludicrous is the claim of having a 96% ITM rate. This would mean that only 4 of every 100 trades it makes would be losers. The fact of the matter is that both promises are total nonsense. It is simply impossible.

This is ignoring the fact that the scam brokers involved are going to steal your money before the Profit Maker Method app ever makes a trade anyway. There are no reliable brokers here and they’re all totally unregulated and unlicensed too. These crooks have no business handling your money one way or another, even if they didn’t rob it right out from under your nose!


Profit Maker Method Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the bottom line is very simple to see. Profit Maker Method software is a total rip-off, a scam, and nothing more than a way to trick you into handing over your hard earned money to some guy sitting in his mother’s basement on an out of date computer!


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To date, we have settled close to 2,000 trading disputes and we will not stop until we put every last scam out of business! If you have been cheated out of money or scammed by any fraudulent trading service, we encourage you to reach out to our complaint center for free help. If you need help, we will provide it for you!

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