McDonald Millionaire App Scam Review


The McDonald Millionaire app is a brand new trading system that has just flooded the market with tons of bull crap. That is no joke because this is one of the dumbest and most ridiculous scams we have seen all year. The McDonald Millionaire program has a supposed accuracy rate of 89% or higher on a consistent basis. Also, it can allegedly generate over $7,000 per week, every single week, no matter how long you use it for.

We honestly have a really hard time believing any of that, not to mention that the owner and creator is as phony as bologna. We’re doing a McDonald Millionaire scam review and you definitely do not want to miss what we have to say about it. When it comes to bad trading systems that have obviously malicious intentions, McDonald Millionaire software is undoubtedly one of them. This is a dangerous trading system that will steal your hard earned money and put your financial well-being in a serious peril. Binary options trading is here to stay, but this horrible BO trading software is not!

How Does McDonald Millionaire Scam Software Operate?

One of the first things that we are told about the McDonald Millionaire system is that it uses sophisticated technology to make trades. We are informed that uses a so called auto-intelligence algorithm to make trades. This would technically mean that it is some kind of artificial intelligence that learns from previous mistakes and successes. In other words, it is supposed to be some kind of smart program that gets better and better as it progresses.

Now, one interesting question here would have to do with the initial results. If McDonald Millionaire software gets better by learning from mistakes, does that mean that it has horrible results at first? According to common sense, that is exactly what it would mean. However, the claim is that you will be able to pull in $7,000 in the first week without a doubt.

Another thing worth mentioning here is that we are never given any details on what the algorithm does in the beginning. Sure, it learns from mistakes, but how does it make those errors to begin with? What we are referring to is the various indicators and trading strategies in place. Between all of the indicators, charts, and trading strategies, there are thousands of methods which McDonald Millionaire scam software could be using.

The real takeaway here is that everything we are told in terms of the inner workings of this trading program is clearly bogus. There is such a lack of info provided that we can’t possibly trust it or consider it to be legit in any way, shape, or form. We can’t put our faith in this terrible trading system simply because it is our suspicion that it doesn’t work at all.

McDonald Millionaire Software & $7,000

Ok, so based on the fact that the explanation of how this software generates cash is total nonsense, do you really think that it can rake in over seven thousand dollars per week? Yeah, we didn’t think so! Now, the claim of having an 89% accuracy, which would mean that 89 out of 100 trades are always winners, is not totally unbelievable. There are other programs out there which can achieve those great results. However, that being said, even the best programs out there cannot generate that kind of cash.

7K per week would translate to roughly $1,400 per day, which is substantially more than any legit BO trading program can muster. This lie about being able to become rich is nothing more than a sure fire indication that McDonald Millionaire software is a get rich quick scheme. Get rich quick schemes are never what they appear to be and their main purpose is usually always to rip you off.

Who Is In Charge Of The McDonald Millionaire App?

Yet another obvious and glaring red flag that McDonald Millionaire trading software is a thieving scam has to do with the so called owner. We are told that the man with the master plan is named Robert Mfune. It just doesn’t sound very real to us. Anyway, that is beside the main point here.

Rob claims to be the CEO of the McDonald Millionaire app. Does that make any sense to you? A CEO is the chief executive officer of a corporation or business entity. This is a trading program, not a company, and can therefore not have a CEO. Also, even if this were true and McDonald Millionaire app was actually a business entity, there is no record of it ever existing. Moreover, there is not a single record of this Robert MFUNE character being real either. He is nothing more than a paid actor hired to read a sub par script that is unrealistic and unbelievable. Just look at the guy, listen to him, and you will quickly see that he doesn’t have a clue in hell about what he’s talking about.

McDonald Millionaire Trading Software & Bad Brokers

The other thing that is worth mentioning here is that McDonald Millionaire software doesn’t have a reliable broker in sight. All of the brokers used by this scam app are unlicensed and unregulated. This means that they have no business handling your money and they are not legally allowed to do so. These crooks hide out in financial safe havens where the laws can’t touch them.

This gives these criminals a way to steal your money without you being able to take legal action against them. Moreover, because the owner is just an actor, you have no idea who is actually leading the operation. This means if you do call the police, you really have nothing of value to tell them that will help them catch these clowns.


McDonald Millionaire Scam Review – Conclusion

Did you really think that this was going to end any other way? The McDonald Millionaire app is a totally bogus, ridiculous, and downright dangerous BO trading scam. It is no way legitimate, reliable, trustworthy, and it certainly is not profitable. This program is here to steal your money, not to help you make more of it!



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