Hexa Trader Scam Review 2017 – INVESTORS BEWARE!


The Hexa Trader program is a relatively new binary trading program that is said to be able to generate thousands of dollars every single day. It is a pretty well-known fact that binary trading can be a really good way to earn a profit, but not if you are using a scam program like Hexa Trader software. The presenter in the video, the so called professor Rupert Connor, makes some very bold and outlandish claims which he expects us to believe without question.

We are told that Hexa Trader software has the ability to generate several thousand dollars on a daily basis without fail, an unsubstantiated claim which we have a really hard time taking at face value. This is the Hexa Trader scam review for 2017 and we are going to prove to you once and for all that this junk software is nothing but a money stealing scam. Once you have read what we have to say about Hexa Trader software, there is going to be no way that you will ever decide to invest money with it.

The Story Behind Hexa Trader Software

The background story being the Hexa Trader app is one of the most unsubstantiated things that we have ever heard. We are told that a man by the name of professor Rupert Connor, a former MIT professor of computational science, decided out of the goodness of his heart, that he was going to create the next best binary options trading tool, which we know as Hexa Trader software.

Apparently Rupert got tired of making the big bucks at MIT, and in 2013 decided that he was going to create a program that could generate a whole lot of money every single day. He makes some pretty outlandish claims such as a 95 percent accuracy rate and daily profits of $1,644.  If all of this sounds a little too good to be true, let’s just talk about all of these claims made here, and why they are complete lies.

The Hexa Trader App & Rupert Connor

The professor is quite the character isn’t he? What we mean by that statement is that Rupert Connor is not at all who he says he is, but in fact he is just a paid actor being compensated a few measly bucks to read a script that he probably can’t understand himself. The so called creator of The Hexa Trader program claims to be an Ex-MIT teacher, but we found no evidence of that. If he was actually a former prof there, there would be records in the school’s database, yet there are no documents which would indicate that he ever spent any time there at all.

Furthermore, we couldn’t even find any real evidence that would back up the claim that Rupert is even his name. There are no real search results about him other than those related to the Hexa Trader scam. In all reality, this guy does not exist, or at least he is using a fake name with completely fabricated credentials to try and lull us into complacency so we fork over all of our money. We can’t possibly trust a program with our cash when we know for a fact that the creator of Hexa Trader software is a phony liar and a downright dirt bag.

The Hexa Trader Scam Review – What Profits?

Just as ridiculous as Rupert’s made up personality is the lie we are told about the possible profits as well as the ITM rate. We’re told that Hexa Trader software can generate a whopping 1,644 bucks a day at the very minimum, plus that it also has an astounding 95 percent accurate winning trade rate.

Therefore, what these crooks are trying to tell us is that Hexa Trader software can without question earn close to $1,700 per day with barely any risk of losing a single trade. The fact of the matter is that even the best trading programs out there can only muster an ITM rate of 85% at the very most, not to mention that making over 800 bucks per day is completely unheard of with any binary trader.

Claiming that there is no risk in investing in binary options, risk that is inherent in all markets, is like claiming that lactose free ice cream tastes good. It just is not true. All of these lies we are told are fabricated out of thin air and there is no proof to back any of the claims up. It’s all one big marketing trick meant to fool you into forking over your hard earned money.

Hexa Trader App – The Creation Date…. LIES!

Something else that is very suspicious when it comes to Hexa Trader software is how we are told that it has been up and running since 2013 and had since then been able to generate literally hundreds of millions of dollars. This sound really nice, and it would definitely be awesome if it was true, but it just isn’t. A quick and easy domain registry check on whois.com led us to the real truth, which is that hexatrader.co was only registered as a website over 1 month ago.

So how exactly can it be the case that Hexa Trader Software has made hundreds of millions of dollars in the last 4 years, when it has only existed for a single month? The obvious answer here is that the claims made by the fictitious character in the presentation video are nothing more than flat out lies.

Hexa Trader Scam Review Conclusion

Are there really still any doubts left in your mind as to whether or not Hexa Trader software is a scam? There should be no doubts left because we have gone out of our way to prove that these crooks lied about the creation date, they lied about the profits, their claims in regards to the ITM rate are false, and even the mad presenting it is not who he says he is. There is not one honest thing said throughout the duration of the presentation video, and that is more than enough evidence to convince us of that.

If you are interested in doing some binary trading of your own, and you want to use an autotrader that is actually proven to work, to be reliable, and to be fairly profitable, maybe you should try using either Penny Millionaire or the Lexington Code. These are both automated trading devices that have a minimal 85% ITM rate, they have been tested by our team of experts, and we can guarantee that they are both legitimate and profitable in the highest. Stay away from Hexa Trader software and use these ones instead.



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