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Scam! evidence EXPOSED!

Currency Code Counter is possibly one of the creepiest scams we have seen. Please read this review before you consider signing up with this product. First things first, are Currency Code Counter a scam? The answer is Yes!

Currency Code Counter is a different from the other scams. It starts with video where a man in black suit and mask starts telling that binary options trading has been threatened by CFTC The Commodity Futures Trading Commission. The guy tells us that the reason behind this is because more and more people are getting rich with trading binary options. (Funny isn’t?). The guy in the video continues by warning us that Binary Options industry will crash and collapse in 2 months time. Scam artists behind Currency Code really wants to scare us and rush us into something here. To be honest the promo video is creepy in every way. The actual statistics shows that binary options trading industry now is growing faster than ever.

Further the Mr. X from the video explains that he has been trading binary options for many years and finally he has learned all of the graph patterns. He claims that he can predict if the price will go up or down at any given time. He claims to be the magic ” currency code counter “.

Everything in the currency code counter spam video sounds fishy and absolutely unbelievable b.s. When continuing to the next page we obviously see fake testimonials from Don’t believe they are fake testimonials? click below:

Creator of Currency Code Counter states that same trend cycles repeat over and over all of the time. Really? That’s just ridiculous. Open any chart and you will see what I mean.

Let’s move on; The man in black mask explains that he will pay you $250 to $500 to start trading. Another lie! To start trading you are actually required to deposit money as well as accept broker bonus. Unfortunately you will not be able to withdrawal your bonus before meeting certain turnover conditions. Therefore he will not give you any money in fact you will end up paying.

Specifics of Currency Code Counter:

  • Legit software- No
  • Any proof provided- No
  • Scam or Legit?- 100% Scam
  • Price: Free of charge (Broker deposit required)
  • Browser Pop-Ups- Yes
  • Fishy looking actors used- Yes
  • Countdown clock indicating limited spaces- No
  • Fake testimonials from Fiverr?: Yes
  • They promise huge profits- Yes

Ugly mistakes

We found another major mistake in Currency Code Counter video. Just look at the winning trades they are showing us. Have you noticed that these trades were placed on Saturday? Yes, Saturday.

As we all know Forex and Binary Option market is closed on weekends. How could they make such a mistake? Creator behind Currency code counter clearly doesn’t have any clue about binary options and Forex market. We really don’t know what else to say in relation to this.

There are few more funny element in their video. Just watch the guy in the mask holding a cigar. He is literally holding cigar even though his mouth and face is completely covered with mask. What’s the point of that? Do creators of Currency Code Counter think that none of us will notice this. Or they are just trying to act like a clowns to entertain us? 

Last but not least, we also noticed that they spelled Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) wrong. At this point we have concrete evidence that the Currency Code Counter is huge, scary and lazy scam.


To conclude we want to say that Currency Code Counter is just another filthy binary option fraud from which you should stay away. There are too many fake binary trading software’s out there. Be careful and stay safe and don’t forget to warn others.

If you are still not convinced that Currency Code Counter is a scam, then go ahead and sign up and we wish you best luck with it. Please read our reviews before signing up to any binary options service.

You can profit with binary options, but certainly not with this scam system. If you are new to binary options trading then we recommend starting with demo account.

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