Bitex Trading LTD SCAM Review - EXPOSED!

Bitex Trading LTD software claims to be a high yield crypto investment platform with daily returns between 110% and over 200%. Apparently it can more than double your money each and every single day. Is the Bitex Trading LTD investment program legit, or just another scam? We are here right now doing this Bitex Trading LTD review to find out exactly what is going on here. Is it a scam?



Another thing that we discovered about the Bitex Trading LTD company is that it’s not actually registered as claimed. The website claims to be registered in the UK. It even goes so far as to provide us with a business number and the UK Companies House incorporation documents. There is also an address and phone number listed on the website. Well, the phone number and address are both totally bogus. We tried looking the Bitex Trading LTD company up, and calling, but to no avail.

Moreover, the company is not actually registered in the UK, or in any other country on this planet. We went into the UK Companies House database, and sure enough, the Bitex Trading LTD system was nowhere to be found. It’s lying about being registered in the UK, or being registered at all.

This company is not registered and not licensed. It has no legal standing. It’s not an official business entity. The Bitex Trading LTD app has no right to even exist, let alone actually take money from you under the guise of being an investment. Heck, does not even tell us a single thing about leadership. The company totally lacks transparency. The leadership is anonymous and faceless. This is a very bad sign indeed.


Bitex Trading LTD Investment App - How Does It Make Money?

This is actually quite unclear. How does the Bitex Trading LTD system produce profits? The ICO and business model setup would indicate that the Bitex Trading LTD system is a Bitcoin or crypto mining system. However, there is no mention of Bitcoin or crypto mining whatsoever, which is quite suspicious.

Yes, the actual name of the application implies that it is a Bitcoin and crypto trading system, but there is really no mention of this as well. Either way, never actually specifies its business model or how it goes about making money. If we are expected to invest money into this crypto HYIP, we want to know what it actually does. The fact that these guys never clearly state how the plan on making those huge returns they promise is very suspicious.


Perhaps the biggest red flag that came to our attention here has to do with the unrealistic returns promised by the Bitex Trading LTD system. There are some truly ridiculous claims made here. There is one investment package where you can supposedly make a 110% ROI each and every single day. There is another package where you can apparently make a 9.17% ROI per hour, for 12 hours. Also, there does not appear to be a limit on how many times you can invest.

Seeing as what we have already discussed about this Bitex Trading LTD program, it seems unlikely that it can produce any results at all, let alone 110% per day. Whether this is a Bitcoin trading or crypto mining system, guaranteeing these results is not possible.

When it comes to crypto trading and mining, you just can’t guarantee results, especially with trading. There is always a risk of losing your money. Heck, even if some returns were guaranteed, close to 10% per hour is just unrealistic. The numbers here are just way too high to make sense and to be possible. Folks, these promises of big returns are not real. They are just a way to lure in unsuspecting newbies that don’t really know how cryptocurrencies work.


Bitex Trading LTD Software – FAKE PAYOUTS!

We have received literally hundreds of complaints in the past week about this Bitex Trading LTD investment system. Everybody who has contacted us claims that they invested money here, only to have it disappear.

Yeah, the website displays some so called latest payouts made to investors. Yet, these appear to be totally fake. We have not heard of one single person making a profit here. Everybody who has contacted us has been unceremoniously screwed out of their money. The payouts chart on the website simply cannot be trusted at all.


Bitex Trading LTD System – A Ponzi Scheme!

One of the things which we know for sure about the Bitex Trading LTD investment program is that it is a Ponzi scheme. At the same time, it is also a pyramid scheme. Ponzi schemes promise massive returns, and they guarantee those returns in fact. There’s no proof that anything here is real, and profits never materialize. It’s exactly what a Ponzi scheme is.

In terms of being a pyramid scheme, the Bitex Trading LTD app has this horrible affiliate partner program. If you get others to invest using your affiliate link, you can get an 8% cut of their investment. Sure, it’s not technically illegal to offer bonuses like this.

However, this program never actually pays out the bonuses as promised. This is not illegal. It’s considered false advertising. We know that they don’t pay out the affiliate bonuses as promised. This means that the Bitex Trading LTD system is a huge illegal Ponzi and pyramid scheme. They tell a bunch of lies and break all of their promises.

Bitex Trading LTD Review – Final Thoughts

Guys, the Bitex Trading LTD investment program just isn’t trustworthy. As you can see, the whole website is chalked full of lies and false claims. The company itself is totally anonymous and lacks transparency. There is also the fact that the company lies about being registered in the UK. Then you have the whole issue of false claims of huge profits and this being a Ponzi scheme too.

At the end of the day, this Bitex Trading LTD HYIP simply does not pay out any money at all. However, it is more than happy to steal the cash which you hand over. Please guys, this is just another cryptocurrency investment scam and you need to stay away from it at all costs.






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