If you are interested in cryptocurrency investment programs, you might have looked at the BTC Grand HYIP, with 200% profits in under 1 week. The BTC Grand crypto investment plan claims to be this automated cryptocurrency trading investment system.

As the story goes, if you send these guys some money, the automated system will trade for you, and then the BTC Grand app just sends you the profits. This sounds very easy, simple, and profitable, right? Well, we are honestly not quite so sure about this crypto high yield investment program. Is it really as high yield as it advertises itself to be? After all, profits of 200% just 6 days after investing do seem a little too good to be true.

Besides the claim of big profits, there are a couple of other shady things that we discovered here. The BTC Grand system really does not offer much in the way of proof or evidence that anything said here is legit. On the other hand, we have done quite a bit of research, and the signs are no good. We are here today doing this BTC Grand review to tell you all about exactly what is going on here.

BTC Grand Leadership

First and foremost, whenever we are expected to invest a bunch of cash into a crypto investment program like this, we want to know who is in charge. Well, not for a lack of research, but we really have no idea who the owners and leaders of this BTC Grand HYIP are. The owners have gone out of their way to ensure that we never find out who they are.

There is not a single mention on the website which would indicate that there is transparent ownership. Folks, whenever you come across something like this, an anonymous investment application, don’t trust it. Unless there is something illegal and shady going on, there is just not good reason why the owners would remain anonymous. This is the biggest scam factor that we always come across with this kind of thing.

BTC Grand Software – The Company

Now, in terms of the company itself, just like there is no transparency for ownership, the company itself seems to be full of lies too. We are told that the BTC Grand company is based and registered in the UK. The website even provides us with an incorporation document from the UK Companies House, plus a registration number. Do you know how easy these are to forge and plaster onto a website? Yeah, everything related to company info on the website is a lie.

We looked up the BTC Grand company in the actual UK database, and sure enough, it does not really exist. It has no official legal standing and is therefore not a legit business entity. It’s not licensed at all, it has no right to exist, and is certainly not legally allowed to accept investments from people. Of course, this has not stopped them from screwing hundreds of people out of their hard earned money.

Is The BTC Grand Trading App Profitable?

Of course the BTC Grand investment program would have you believe that it is super profitable. It claims to be an investment system where you can just send in your money. They will use your money for trading, then send you back the profits. Of course, this sounds way too easy and far too good to be true. For one, they don’t tell us anything about the trading process itself. We aren’t informed of what trading style, indicators, or anything else is in place here. Heck, we are not even told what kind of cryptocurrencies are being traded.

What also seems way too good to be true is that BTC Grand HYIP is free to invest in. Apparently, the owners don’t take a profit and using this HYIP is free of cost. The business model does not make sense. It leaves us wondering, other than stealing money from people, if BTC Grand software is free, how are the anonymous owners supposed to make a profit? Remember people, nobody does anything for free.

Perhaps the biggest joke here is how the BTC Grand HYIP claims to provide 200% profits in just 6 days after investing. This is supposed to be added to your principle. Therefore, if you invest $5,000, after 6 days, you should be walking away with a cool 15K. Of course, this is just not true. For one, those kinds of profits are unheard of. You just cannot guarantee any kind of profits through crypto trading. It’s risky, it’s volatile, and there are never any guarantees. Besides that, even if there were guarantees of profits, they certainly would not be 200% in just 6 days.

BTC Grand System – The Ponzi Scheme

The other thing we noticed about this BTC Grand system is that it is obviously a Ponzi scheme. Here, you are promised 3% of the action if you get somebody else to invest. So, if your dear granny invests $10,000, you should get $300 just for your troubles. While this is not illegal per say, what is definitely illegal is not paying out bonuses as promised. It’s false advertising and it is exactly what is going on here. The BTC Grand system is a dirty Ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme. It just steals money from innocent investors.

BTC Grand Scam Review – Final Thoughts

After all of our research came to an end, we were left with no choice but to call this BTC Grand trading system a complete rip off. We have no idea who the owners are, and the company has no legal standing. We really are not told a single thing about the trading process.

Also, the promises returns here are way too high to be realistic. There is also the fact that this BTC Grand program is clearly both a Ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme. It’s just not worth the risk and you absolutely do not want to invest any cash here.






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