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BitDetector software is a brand new Bitcoin trading system that will rock your world. It’s not a good trading system though, so the way in which it rocks your world is unfortunately in a bad way. It is supposed to be some awesome ICO and trading platform. Apparently, the BitDetector app can help us generate thousands of dollars every single day with absolutely massive returns. Of course it would be awesome if this cryptocurrency trading system could make us filthy rich in a matter of days, but alas, the world simply does not work that way.

Even worse than all of the lies we are told by the scammers behind BitDetector software is the fact that it is obviously a low grade Ponzi scheme. At any rate, you can rest assured that the BitDetector trading app is a total rip off. At the same time, the BitDetector app is also a pyramid scheme, making things just that much worse. We are here doing a BitDetector scam review to give you fair warning about this dangerous and malicious trading application so keep reading because you do not want to miss a single thing.

BitDetector Scam  App – The Pyramid Scheme

The first thing that we know for sure about the BitDetector app is that it is a classic pyramid scheme. What we mean is that you are supposed to get other people to sign up for this trading system. Supposedly, you get commission for each person you refer, as well as secondary commission for each person which your referral refers to the BitDetector trading app. Now, this is not inherently bad, but pyramid schemes are often seen as scams, and in this case, it is a scam.

Think about it, you are doing all of the work for these crooks by trying to get new people to sign up for a commission that does not exist. We have heard from multiple people who went through this referral process and not a single one of those people has ever recieveed a commission. This is nothing more than an easy way to lure more people into this BitDetector scam with minimal work for the scammers behind it all.

BitDetector Scam – The Ponzi Scheme

The next thing that we know for sure about BitDetector software is that it is a total Ponzi scheme. Ponzi schemes involve a bunch of criminals who tell you to invest in their product or company and offer you unrealistically huge returns for it. Of course, these crooks never invest your money in anything at all. They simply take the money for themselves. Sure, they might pay out a few bucks here and there to keep original investors complacent, but you will never ever see a return.

The BitDetector app is quite definitely one of these Ponzi schemes. They offer to provide you with massive returns on a minimal investment and they promise to do so totally free of risk to you. This is exactly what the BitDetector app is. We have talked to multiple people who have complained about never seeing a single penny returned to them.

BitDetector Software – Who Runs The Show?

Something which we have no clue about here is who is in charge of the BitDetector app. Not once are we ever provided with the name of a person or company who could be in charge here. Also, we are never given the location of the HQ, nor are we provided with any contact details. This app is totally anonymous, which is a huge problem.

When your money inevitably goes missing, there is no one to point the finger at. You can’t trust any kind of trading app with your money when you can’t trust the people in charge. The crooks running the BitDetector app know darn well that their actions are illegal and fraudulent. They are simply protecting their identities in order to stay out of prison.

BitDetector Scam Software – Licensing & Brokers

Yet another big red flag that we can see here has to do with the previous point of anonymity. ICOs and other Bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency trading programs definitely require licensing to operate legally. However, since there is no real person in charge here that we can see, it is only safe to assume that the BitDetector operates without a license. This probably doesn’t matter at all because we suspect that the BitDetector app never makes trades or does any crypto mining at all. Like we said, it is a Ponzi scheme and no investment ever takes place.

However, if this app truly does make investments and mines coins, it is doing so without legal authority. Moreover, you need a reliable broker why engaging in cryptocurrency trading. However, reliable brokers will only allow themselves to be connected with equally trustworthy trading apps. Since BitDetector software is clearly a scam, you can bet your bottom dollar that no reliable broker would ever dare connect itself to it. Rest assured that everybody involved here is a scumbag and they are all out to steal your money.



BitDetector Scam App – Unreal Returns

The other thing that is absolutely ludicrous about this bogus trading app is how we are told that we can make up to 15% returns on our investment per day, every single day. If this were true, people everywhere would be using apps just like this one. The bottom line is that it is wholly impossible to make that kind of money, no matter what trading strategy is involved. Even the best trading systems out there cannot get anywhere near 15%. It’s unrealistic and totally unachievable.

BitDetector Scam Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that you will never see a single penny in returns from the BitDetector app. This is a rip off and it will steal your money!


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