Binary Options Watchdog – Killing Scams Since 2013

We here at Binary Options Army pride ourselves in the knowledge that we look out for the little guys. We do our very best to ensure that you are always aware of malicious binary options scams that can and will rip you off and ruin your life. It’s what we do for a living, just like many others, such as Binary Options Watchdog. Chopping scams down to size is something we like doing and we do it well. That being said, we do of course communicate and work with the other scam hunters out there, ones that are just as good at exposing fraudulent trading systems as we are.

One of the very best, if not the absolute best scam killer out there is indeed Binary Options Watchdog. Don’t get us wrong, we like to toot our own horn as much as we can. After all, we are very proud of the fact that we stop people from being scammed by dangerous BO and Forex software. However, Binary Options Watchdog should also be called THE BIG DOG, not just the Watchdog, because these guys aren’t messing around. When it comes to binary options, the Watchdog owns the yard without question. When a new bogus binary options scam tries to step into the Watchdog’s yard, the teeth come out, things get nasty, and scams get killed. This dog doesn’t hunt cats or vermin, it hunts scams, and it does so exceptionally well.


Binary Options Watch Dog



Binary Options Watchdog – Cleaning House Since 2013

Like we mentioned before, Binary Options Watchdog is indeed the biggest and baddest dog in the yard. When it comes to taking down binary options, Forex, and cryptocurrency scams, there is no louder bark or bigger set of teeth around. As soon as the Watchdog was first born back in 2013 it immediately leapt into action, valiantly guarding us from online scams like a real life Bulldog guards people from physical threats.

Dogs may be known for sniffing out bombs and drugs, but the scent that the Binary Options Watchdog looks out for is that of a scam. Trust us when we say that the Watchdog has the best sense of smell, eyesight, and the best hearing around. As soon as a scam steps onto the Watchdog’s block, it doesn’t stand a chance. It only takes a matter of minutes for the Watchdog to catch the scent and put scams out of action once and for all.

Even though the Binary Options Watchdog has only been alive for less than 5 years, it has a phenomenal record of taking down scams. When the Watchdog sinks its teeth into a scam, it’s only a matter of time before it dies and becomes lunch meat. Not a single scam that the Watchdog has chewed up has ever managed to survive its lethal injuries and come back to ruin more lives. When the Binary Options Watchdog gets the scent of a scam, it’s game over, it’s a permanent death, and it’s not a pretty one either.

We are confident in saying that the Watchdog has done more good for the binary options community that anyone else out there, which probably includes us here at Binary Options Army too. We have no shame in saying that we have learned a whole lot from the guidance that the Watchdog has brought us, which is why we do what we do so darn well. Together, scam hunters like us at Binary Options Army and the good people at Binary Options Watchdog work day and night to make sure that you don’t get ripped off by scams, a job that the big dog has excelled at without question.


What Can The Binary Options Watchdog Do For You?

There is a lot that the Binary Options Watchdog does on a daily basis. Yes, it has the words binary options in its breed classification, but that isn’t all. Over the years, this dog has developed quite a big taste for the blood of all kinds of scams, not just binary options. Trading scams of all kinds, whether it’s an auto-trader or a manual trader, whether it’s a BO, HYIP, Forex, commodities, Bitcoin, or Ethereum scam, they are all fair game. When it comes to the Watchdog’s appetite, it’s bottomless, it’s relentless, and it doesn’t discriminate between scams. Eventually this dog finds them all and turns them into mincemeat pies.

Moreover, the Binary Options Watchdog has also developed a special taste for the blood of scam brokers. Brokers are of course an integral part to any trading system, and without a good one, you may as well hang up the leash and stay home. This is why the BO Watchdog doesn’t discriminate with brokers either. If a broker is a scammer and the Watchdog catches the scent, it doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell.

Of course, there is also the flipside to things. While the Watchdog may look big and intimidating, it also has a softer side. Good guys, legit services, and good brokers need not fear the sharp claws and teeth of the Watchdog. The big dog has no problem putting in a good word for the right people. It’s a really smart puppy indeed, and when it realizes that there is a good trading app or a good broker about, it will bark with joy and let you know. In other words, Watchdog shreds scams for the most part, but on those rare occasions when a good service steps foot in the yard, it actually becomes very friendly and will protect it.

Binary Options Watchdog does a whole lot for the online trading community. You can go to them for advice, for help with scams, for help with getting your money back, and much more. It rips scams to shreds, it protects the good guys and the good trading systems, and it watches over the world of BO with unrelenting and never-ceasing persistence.


The Binary Options Watchdog Is Here To Stay

When it comes to the world of binary options and the scams that inherently show their ugly faces, there is truly no better guardian to be offering you protection that the Binary Options Watchdog. Dogs are said to be man’s best friend, which is all too true. The Binary Options Watchdog is a trader’s best friend no doubt.

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  1. Lynn S Frank says:

    I am really happy with Watchdog and also your site, seems like both of you got it right with the scams you’re exposing! I got saved several times since I naturally tried to find a reasonable robot. The email marketers sent me invitations and till this day I have no idea how they got my email and I almost fell for it. I did lose money with The Aussie Method a year ago, but you taught me to do research and how to find the warning signs. Thank you for all the great work! Lynn

  2. Jess says:

    Great Review, watchdog is great . It continues to unravel and cleanse the industry from all the scam and shady brokers

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