MS Management Software Versus Epix Trader

Today we are here for a very special review, the MS Management Software Versus Epix Trader review. The unfortunate reality is that there are many binary options and Forex trading scams out there. These are designed to rip you off, steal your money, and leave you absolutely clueless. However, on rare occasions, there are binary options trading services which actually work, that are reliable and legitimate, and that can actually help you make a great profit. It is even rarer that we find two of these reliable trading services.

Well, funny enough, both MS Software and Epix Trader are awesome trading services. However, you obviously do not want to have to use multiple different trading programs because that is just a pain in the neck. The purpose of our MS Software versus Epix Trader Review is to help you find the best possible trading software out there. We are going to compare both of these programs on a point by point basis, and at the end of it all, we hope to come to a solid conclusion about which program is the one that you should be using.

MS Management Software Versus Epix Trader – How They Work

Our first point of comparison is going to be in regards to the trading strategy which each of these programs uses. WHICH TRADING STRATEGY IS THE BEST?

Epix Trader

Epix Trader is definitely quite the interesting binary options trading tool and it does work pretty well. In essence, Epix Trader uses George Soros’ theory of reflexivity and focuses on trends and trend reversals in the market in order to trade signals with minimal risk. Even better than that, Epix Trader focuses on the Forex trading strategy of scalping. This involved making a whole lot of little trades with short deadlines, kind of like diversifying your stock market portfolio.

This is great for minimizing risk while maximizing profits. Epix Trader uses a variety of algorithms, mainly ones that observe oscillators, determine strike rates and ones that identify trader sentiment. At the end of the day, the Epix Trader trading method is pretty solid and it does work to make a profit, but is it better than the method and strategies employed by MS Software?

MS Management Software

MS Software also uses some really complex algorithms in order to execute profitable trades. This program uses many of the same strategies and algorithms as Epix Trader including ones that utilise oscillators, ones that observe trader sentiment, ones that observe market trends and trend reversals, and ones that utilise key support and resistance mechanisms in order to execute the most profitable trades.

MS Software also incorporates something called short to medium term long/short boundary track trading. Now, this is more or less a fancy way of saying that MS Management Software works to minimise risk while maximising profits, much like Epix Trader, but in a more effective way. As you can see, MS Management Software does everything that Epix Trader does, but a whole lot more too.

One of the biggest aspects of MS Software is that it is run like a hedge fund, which means that your investments are grouped together with investments from hundreds or even thousands of other people. This is overseen by long time hedge fund managers with hundreds of combined years of experience in the field of hedge funds, investment, and Forex trading. This means that you literally have a group of experts looking over your trades and making sure that you get the best possible outcome.

MS Management Software Versus Epix Trader – How They Work – MS IS THE WINNER!


At the end of the day, when it comes to MS Software Versus Epix Trader in terms of their trading strategy, the clear winner is MS Management Software. The bottom line is that MS Management Software does everything that Epix Trader does, but it does it a whole lot better, plus it does more! The fact that there are real life people making sure that your trades go right when using MS Management Software is absolutely fantastic!

MS Software Versus Epix Trader – What They Can Do

The next thing we want to look at is just what exactly you can do with each platform.

Epix Trader

Epix Trader is a fully automated binary options and Forex trading tool. It does have a semi-automated mode, but it is not all that reliable, especially because you don’t get all that much signal info when using the semi-auto mode. Epix trader does let you choose the risk level in the full auto mode to a certain degree, but not enough to really make a difference. In terms of advice and education, Epix Trader is somewhat lacking.

MS Software

Management Software is both a fully automated as well as a semi-automated trading tool. It can be used to trade Forex, binary options, stocks, indices, and commodities too. The full auto mode lets you choose your degree of risk, enough to actually make a big difference in the results. Moreover, Management Software gives you access to info about recent profitable trades and various other educational tools too.

Management Software Versus Epix Trader – What They Can Do – WINNER IS MS

Once again, the clear winner here is MS Management Software. Simply put, MS Management Software has many more trading options than Epix Trader and that is something we always look out for.


 Management Software Versus Epix Trader – Profits

The most important part of any trading program is how profitable it is, so let’s compare both programs in terms of how much money they can generate.

Epix Trader

Generally speaking, from our own experience and that of countless other traders, Epix Trader can muster ITM rates of around 80% - 84% and provide you with daily profits between $400 and $700. The average daily profits are closer to around $550.

MS Management Software

On a daily basis, MS Management Software can achieve ITM rates between 84% and 89%. The daily profits from this program can go up to $800, with the average being around $650 per day.

MS Management Software Versus Epix Trader – Profits – WINNER IS MS


MS Management Software is the clear winner here, simply because it has a much higher average profit potential than Epix Trader.

MS Management Software Versus Epix Trader – Conclusion

Don’t get us wrong. We are not saying that Epix Trader is not a good trading service, but based on our in-depth comparison, MS Management Software is by far the better one. It can do more, it has a better trading strategy, and higher profits too. At the end of the day, if you are going to choose one trading service to use, it should definitely be MS Software. When it comes to Management Software Versus Epix Trader, the clear winner is MS Software.

 Winner #1

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