Arab Money Machine Scam Review – REAL DEAL?


Arab Money Machine is a brand new viral binary options scam that has hit the public with a taste for blood. We all know that binary options can be a great way to make a profit. If you know what you are doing or have access to a great trading service, binary options can be extremely lucrative. Unfortunately, the Arab Money Machine scam program cannot do any of those things. It will certainly not provide you with any knowledge, nor will it execute profitable trades for you.

This terrible software is completely packed to the brim with lies. Everything from the “CEO” and the strategies used to the profits, the creation date, and the brokers used are completely bogus. There is not a single legitimate or truthful aspect present anywhere. There is a reason we are here doing an Arab Money Machine scam review and it is not because we like the program. There is no doubt about it. Arab Money Machine software is a total scam meant to rip you off and leave you with an empty trading account.

Arab Money Machine – The Bogus Creation Date

The first red flag that we encountered when it comes to this scam software is that we are fed a bogus creation date. We are told, during the presentation video, that this software has been active for several years now. In that time, we are led to believe, that this program has been able to make hundreds of millionaires and has generate hundreds of millions of dollars. The reality and truth could not be further from the fibs we are told.

When we did a quick and simple domain registry check we noticed that the website for this crap program was only brought online on March 31 of 2017. In other words, we are given false information by the crooks behind Arab Money Machine software to make us think that it is a well-established trading service. The truth is very different indeed.

Arab Money Machine – The “Owner & CEO”

During the terribly pathetic presentation video, we are greeted by some guy named Daryll Graham. The viewer is informed that Daryll is the owner, founder, and CEO of the Arab Money Machine program as well as the company behind it. Funny enough we are never told what this company is, what its name is, or what it was involved in. This is already enough to scare us away. Then there is the fact that Daryll Graham is not a real person.

Well, he is a real guy because we found a tonne of stock photos of him online, photos which had already been used for several other scams and bogus sales pitches. Anyway, we also found Daryll’s acting profile too. In other words, the man whom we are led to believe is the brains behind the operation is nothing more than a paid actor. We are being scammed by a group of criminals who is remaining to stay anonymous. The only reason to hire a paid actor to read some lacklustre script is because the people behind Arab Money Machine know that what they are doing is totally illegal.

Arab Money Machine – A Terrible Presentation

Between the cartoon graphics, the stock photos, the horrible paid actors, and the fake screen shots of trading accounts, we don’t know if this presentation video was made by a monkey or by a caveman. The bottom line is that a legitimate trading service would have a killer presentation. The presentation for Arab Money Machine, on the other hand, looks like it was slapped together in a few minutes by a hung-over high school student doing a project the morning of its due date. Rest assured, no legit trading service is going to have a presentation video as bad as the one found on

What Does Arab Money Machine Software Do?

Yet another clear indication that this is a total money stealing scheme is that we are never actually informed of how it works. Any good trading software needs to have good trading strategies, complex algorithms, and utilise a large number of indicators and market analysis tools. The point is that any trading program needs to have a legitimate way of generating money and executing successful trades.

If you can’t explain how your program works, then chances are that it either doesn’t work or that it works in a way that we are not supposed to know about. In terms of this program, we are fairly sure that its only purpose is to steal your investment. Not once are we informed of any strategies or algorithms, or anything else that would tell us what Arab Money Machine actually does. Since the crooks behind Arab Money Machine software can’t tell us what it does, we can’t possibly trust it with our money.

Arab Money Machine – Shady Brokers

Something else that sends us a clear signal is the fact that this junk software only uses bad brokers. Instead of reliable brokers licensed to handle money, these guys use unlicensed brokers with no right to be anywhere near your money. These criminals are only put in place so that they can steal your money without having to take the blame for it.


Arab Money Machine – NO PROFITS

The bottom line is that this program is not profitable in the least, not in any way, shape, or form. We are told that this “awesome” software can turn anybody into a millionaire in under one year with minimal investment. Well, anyone who knows a thing or two about binary options will know that this claim is totally ludicrous. It just is not possible to generate that kind of cash in one year, especially not with a $250 investment.

Arab Money Machine Scam Review Conclusion

There is nothing left to say but STAY AWAY FROM ARAB MONEY MACHINE SCAM SOFTWARE! There is more legitimacy in an environmental agency backed by the world’s largest oil producers. There is simply no good reason to invest in this complete pile of trash.

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