Wells Investments LTD  is a SCAM Asset Manager Robot! SHOCKING LOSSES!

Wells Investments Ltd by Nicholas Wells is nothing more than SCAM operation. In this review we will discuss SHOCKING evidence with you that cannot be missed. This review is more like a WARNING to all people who are considering to sign up with this fake and bogus system which appears to be in the binary options trading niche.  

What is this Wells Investments LTD?  

This software appears to be the automated Asset Manager bot that is going to be officially released next week. The bad thing is that their website Wellsinvestments.co is up and running so anyone who is interested in this scam binary trading service can actually go ahead and sign up. We really hope that after reading this scam review you will not even consider going near this money losing autorader.  


  • Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes   
  • Scam Browser Pop Ups used: Yes   
  • Fake Scarcity Counter: Yes   
  • Paid Actor Testimonials: Yes   
  • Looks Authentic: No   
  • Proof and Evidence of Profits: No   
  • Chance of Being a Scam:Yes, 100% Scam   
  • Price: Free (will be required to register with a broker)  

Lies, Lies and more Lies 

Wells Investments LTD has been established 5 years ago? At least that’s what alleged Nicholas Wells is telling us. Well, according to Who.is lookup search Wells Investments ltd was not released 5 years ago, it was only launched on February, 10th 2016. So how legitimate is that? These scam artists use such misleading tactics to increase their authority and legitimacy, although there is nothing authoritative and legit about this scam app, period. 

Furthermore we noticed many fishy statements and claims used in their Wells Investments LTD sales video. Do you believe that Wells Investments LTD app will generate you $879 per hour? That’s practically not possible with initial deposit of $250 unfortunately. I am not saying that such a profit margin is not possible, but with $250 in the brokers account its not going to happen.  

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Mr. Well continuously tries to convince us that he is super successful trader who earns millions of dollars on Wall Street. When we searched for Nicholas Wells we couldn’t find him on any social medias for some reason. There is also no such Wall Street trader with such a name either. This could mean that Nicholas Well is fabricated and fake personality behind this firm? Furthermore we were looking for Wells Investments organization. Interestingly we found a company with same name but this one is located in Florida, US. Hmm, this location doesn’t match the one he described in the video. Overall this fishy story behind wells investments ltd scam website and organization simply doesn’t add up. 

Luxury Life? 

Video presentation doesn’t look different from all of the other scam productions. Bold statements and unrealistic promises combined with fake facts just makes me sick. Wellsinvestments.co website is stuffed with Porches, Lamborghinis, Ferraris as well as Luxury houses and of course the good old private jets. Unfortunately those images are all fabricated and fake. Let’s look at few of them: 

Real Image

Stolen and Fabricated Image 

VERDICT: Wells Investments LTD is a Scam & Fraud   

There is no doubts tha Wells Investments LTD app will result you losing your initial deposit. We have received some emails from readers who claim that this software didn’t generate a single winning trade; their deposited $250 was simply wiped out within 10 minutes. Other forums state that Wells Investments system’s performance is below 35% ITM. This ITM performance will clean any brokers account in very short period of time for sure. Wells Investments LTD scam has no credibility, it has fake proof of performance, no signs of any legitimacy. Please stay away from this service and save your deposit money for something more valuable.  

If you are searching for a tested and reliable software, without negative reviews all over the Internet, an automated system with credible industry websites and forums supporting it, read our Top Signals Services page and you won’t be disappointed!  

Our team tested and confirmed the reliability of our Top Trusted Services along with many other 3rd parties and retained happy members.  

NOTE: If you sign up with any service we promote on this site, and you end up having any issues or problems, you are not alone. Simply let us know with what service you signed up from our site and we will deal with your query. Often we contact the support team behind the service so this will ensure that your issue is solved as fast as possible.  

Thank you for reading our Wells Investments LTD scam review. If you think that this review is important please share and comment below. This will ensure that the truth will go viral all over the internet. You can always email us: [email protected]   


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  1. Robert says:

    Getting sick of all these scams. People should just stick to using auto-traders that work.. like Copy Buffet.

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