BinBot Pro software is a great trading platform and signals provider to use. There is simply no doubt about that. At this time, it is one of the very best options and cryptocurrency trading systems in existence. We have managed to make tens of thousands of dollars with it, and it was not even that hard. This can also be said for thousands of other traders out there. We have already done quite a few BinBot Pro reviews over the past year, but there is more to tell.

Some people have been experiencing trouble with it in terms of actually winning trades. This is somewhat perplexing to us, especially seeing how successful we have been with it. However, we did notice that people are doing some things and trading in ways that they should not be. Today’s BinBot Pro review is going to be all about lowering and mitigating risk, how not to lose trades, and how to actually make money with this stellar trading system.

We have got some great trading tips and tricks for you to follow in regards to this BinBot Pro application. These tips should in all reality turn your losing streak into a winning streak. Yes, these tricks and tips are in part just common sense and some knowledge from our own experience, but as far as we can tell, they are the best pieces of advice that we can give you in order to be profitable with the BinBot Pro trading system. If you like making money, you definitely want to follow these tips.





One thing that we have noticed is that a lot of people are still trading blindly with the BinBot Pro app. What we mean here is that people just wake up in the morning, they turn the robot on, and walk away, all without doing any prior research. Yes, there are lots of different bots and algorithms to choose from here, but none of them will end up being particularly successful if you are not careful. You can’t just turn any of them on and hope for the best.

The biggest tip here is to go to INVESTING.COM and go to the economic calendar. For your time zone, you need to check the market news calendar. What you are looking for is 3 BULL NEWS. When there is 3 Bull News for any kind of currency, you do not want to trade with that currency. Therefore, if you see that the USD or JPY has 3 Bull News, you need to go to the BinBot Pro system and turn off all possible pairs which contain 3 Bull News currencies. It is as easy as that. IF A CURRENCY HAS 3 BULL NEWS RELEASE, DO NOT TRADE WITH IT!


BinBot Pro System – USD & 3 BULL NEWS!

One thing that you need to be aware of is that the USD affects mostly all other fiat currencies in the world. The United States Dollar is the most powerful currency in existence right now, and if it goes down, others tend to do the same. Therefore, if the USD has 3 Bull News coming out, it most likely indicates a downturn for other currencies as well.

In other words, if the USD has 3 Bull News coming out, you do not want to trade any kind of currency with the BinBot Pro system. This does however not mean that you cannot trade with it. This software can also trade cryptocurrencies. Therefore, if the USD is experiencing 3 Bull News, only use the BinBot Pro trading app to trade cryptocurrency pairs. This will most likely lead to success.





One other thing that people still do not fully comprehend is that there are hours of the day which are better to trade at than others. Yes folks, even with the BinBot Pro system, there are indeed recommended trading hours. If you do not trade within these hours, your chances of actually winning trades and making money go down quite drastically.

The recommended trading hours to use the BinBot Pro system are from 9 AM to 7 PM GMT. If you do not live in the GMT time zone, you need to make the proper calculations and adjustments to make sure that you trade within the correct hours. If you trade within these hours, you stand the best chance of winning as many trades as possible and making a good profit.


BinBot Pro Trading System – THE INDICATORS

Another important thing to talk about here is the list of indicators which you can choose from within BinBot Pro software. Yes, there are many premade bots that you can use, but we would recommend making your own bot. If you are going to make your own bot, you need to know which indicators to select and what levels to keep them at. Personally, we think that you should only use 3 of the 6 indicators provided, as using all 6 at once confuses the software and it never turns out too well.

The 3 indicators which you want to activate include the RSI, RVI, and the CCI. Turn the other 3 indicators off. Also, the levels which you set these 3 indictors at are also very important. You want to set the CCI and the RSI to 2, and the RVI to 1. If you use these indicators and set them to the levels which we just discussed, you should stand the best chance of making good profits throughout your trading sessions.



BinBot Pro System – Final Thoughts On Avoiding Losses

As you can see folks, making your own bot is really not that hard. Always check 3 Bull News, don’t trade with currencies that have 3 Bull News, only trade with cryptocurrencies when the USD has 3 Bull News, always trade within the recommended hours, and only use the aforementioned indicators. We follow these exact tips every single time we use the BinBot Pro app. This time, we managed to make over $315 in profits through 4 trades in about 30 minutes.



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