CB Passive Income Review – REAL DEAL?

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The CB Passive Income app is another affiliate revenue generating system on the market today. This particular system, the CB Passive Income program, supposedly teaches you how to make the most out of affiliate marketing. Not only that, but for a low price, you don’t actually have to do much at all in order to make money. Allegedly, you do not have to do any work in terms of creating a website in order to join or be successful with this program. Today we are not here to pass judgment on this affiliate program website building system, but to do a totally neutral CB Passive Income Review.



CB Passive Income System - Patric Chan

One thing to note here is that the leader of this CB Passive Income system is none other than Patric Chan. Patrick is a self-made millionaire and he actually wrote a book a little while back called Wake Up Millionaire. As far as we can tell, this guy does seem to be the real deal. He actually appears in the presentation video as himself, he is a real person, it is his real name, he is a millionaire, and he definitely wrote the aforementioned book. Having a real person behind this CB Passive Income program, instead of some anonymous leaders, is a positive sign.


CB Passive Income Program No Cost?

Ok, as far as we can tell, the CB Passive Income system does cost a bit of money to use. However, it is much cheaper than most other passive income programs in the world right now. While the website does its best to make it seem like the whole thing is totally free, this is not 100% true. You do have to invest a bit of money into the system in order to use it, but not much. Yet, when it comes to all of the ins and outs of affiliate revenue systems, it does appear to be relatively cheap.



How Does The CB Passive Income System Work?

To be totally honest, the website is a little convoluted and difficult to understand, but it does seem as though the CB Passive Income system has a chance of working. The bottom line is that you will be provided with a website that is already full of content and affiliate links. All of the products you will be promoting are Clickbank sponsored, which is a good sign.

The point here is that you more or less get a ready to go and super easy to use affiliate marketing site with barely any work or knowledge needed from your end. We are not 100% confident in the CB Passive Income app as of yet, but it does contain some positive signs that make it seem like this has a decent chance of success. The user testimonials included seem to be genuine as well.



CB Passive Income Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, we cannot yet tell how good or successful this CB Passive Income system is. However, as far as we can tell, it is at least not a scam. Stay tuned for more info.




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  1. herbert oropesa says:

    it would be wonderful software if it would clour the trades to be taken as …..green for today

    yellow for tomorrow and at the same time with the green, should the news be negative, a 3 would appear.

    Why then there has been much scam warning by others regarding this software????

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