Criptotrends Review: CRYPTO TRADING SCAM!


Do you like trading cryptocurrencies and making money? If you do, you probably should not bother with this Criptotrends app. We are told that it is a very highly profitable trading system for cryptocurrencies, but we seriously beg to differ. Besides the fact that we are never informed of how much money this system can make on a daily basis, there are lots of other scam factors to keep in mind as well.

The bottom line is that our research revealed a whole lot of ugly aspects to this system which reveal it to be what it really is, a total scam. Trading cryptocurrencies might be profitable if you are using the right program, but not if you get mixed up with this particular mess. This is our Criptotrends scam review and you definitely need to read it. We are about to provide you with all of the info you need to beware of this terrible cryptocurrency trading scam.

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What Is The Criptotrends App?

As far as we can tell, this Criptotrends software is supposed to be a trading platform and signals provider for cryptocurrencies, mainly Bitcoin, but others as well. We are told that it provides us with signals that we can use to trade, sell, or buy various cryptocurrencies. One of the problems we have with this system is that we are never told which kinds of cryptocurrency signals are provided besides BTC, plus we are not told anything else about this system either.

We do have to say that this looks literally the worst ever crypto trading platform. Now, just because it looks bad and doesn’t function right does not automatically make it a scam. However, there are many other factors here which cement the Criptotrends app’s reputation as a complete rip off. As far as we can tell, this cryptocurrency trading application does not work at all.


How Does The Criptotrends System Work?

In all honesty, we really have no idea how the Criptotrends app works to generate any kind of profit. This is not due to a lack of research on our behalf by any means. The presentation video for this system features one long explanation of how it works. It talks about some trading strategy that quite honestly does not make a lick of sense. It’s a 7 minute long convoluted, useless, and totally nonsensical explanation of how the Criptotrends system works.

It just doesn’t make any sense at all and we suspect that a 5 year old kid came up with the trading strategy. Ok no, a 5 year old would have done a better job than these clowns. We did not mean to insult any 5 year old children that might be reading this review. At any rate, if we don’t know how a cryptocurrency trading app works to generate money, chances are that it doesn’t generate anything at all. We are experts in this subject matter and if even we cannot decipher what the heck is going on here, there is definitely a big problem.

What Are The Profits With Criptotrends Software Like?

This is something that we are just never told either. This is another red flag and a huge issue for us. Never are we told what the potential profits for this Criptotrends app are like, nor are we told what the ITM rate looks like. These are probably the 2 most important things to know when it comes to any Bitcoin or crypto trading system. After all, the whole point of these applications is to make money for us, but if we are never told what the ROI is like, it is all kind of pointless.

We want to know that if we invest time and money into this Criptotrends system, that it is going to pay off. Now, we do know that nobody has ever seen any kind of profits with this scam system. We have talked to hundreds of innocent victims out there and they were all ripped off severely by this ludicrous crypto trading scam platform. People have lost literally thousands and thousands of dollars to this scam, so make sure that you are not the next one.


Who Runs Criptotrends Trading Software?

Yet another clear indication that this Criptotrends software is a crappy rip off is that we are never told who is in charge of it all. A rule of thumb that we cannot stress enough is that you can never ever trust any kind of anonymous and faceless cryptocurrency system that wants your money. We want to know who is in charge of it all, because these are the people that will have access to our money.

Think about it, if the Criptotrends system were legit, the owners would have no problems telling us who they really are. However, the only reason for the leaders of this Criptotrends scam to stay anonymous is because they know darn well that what they are doing is illegal. These criminals are here to steal from you, so they obviously aren’t going to reveal themselves. They may deserve to be behind bars, but that doesn’t mean that they will go to prison willingly.

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Criptotrends Scam App – Unregistered & Unlicensed

The next red flag that came to our attention here is that the Criptotrends system is clearly unregistered and unlicensed. First off, we checked pretty much every business registry and incorporation document database possible, but could not find a single thing related to this Criptotrends. It is obviously not a real company with absolutely no physical presence.

At the same time, it is also very obvious that this Criptotrends scam system is not licensed to provide signals or to take any kind of investments. We have already discovered that this crypto trading app is headed by a fake company, is anonymous, and results in nothing but losses. Therefore it is safe to assume that the Criptotrends app has no kind of licensing whatsoever. It is not legally allowed to do what it claims to do.


Criptotrends Scam Review - Conclusion

The only thing to know about this Criptotrends scam is that it is a rip off without a shadow of a doubt. Don’t make the mistake of using this application because the only thing you will ever accomplish with it is the complete loss of your money.

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