Invexic Review: TRADING SCAM!


In terms of trading scams, this Invexic app is probably the worst of them all. This anonymous trading system is brought to us by, well, we don’t know because it is anonymous. In terms of what the Invexic system trades, well we don’t know either because we are never told. What we are told is that our small investment could be multiplied by up to 15 times in just a few short days and we don’t even have to do anything at all.

Sure, this particular trading system might sound OK, but with some further investigation it quickly becomes clear that this trading system is anything but the real deal. We are here today doing an Invexic scam review. This Invexic has the purpose of giving you fair warning about this terrible trading scam. It as the very real potential to steal money from you if you let it, so keep reading because you definitely want to find out all of the dirty details about this horrible malicious trading app called Invexic software.

Invexic Trading System – 100% Anonymous

Perhaps the first thing that came to our attention about this Invexic scam is the fact that we really have no idea who is in charge of it. We are never provided the name of a person or of people who own and operate this Invexic system. This is a huge red flag for us because we never trust any kind of anonymous trading system, whether crypto, binary options, Forex, or otherwise. Seriously, how can you trust a system with your money when you don’t know whose hands it is in?

Furthermore, we are also told that the company name is Invexic Limited, as well as that it is based in the UK. These crooks even go so far as to show phony documents of incorporation. Rest assured folks, we looked at all of the UK business registries possible and this Invexic Limited cannot be found anywhere. The address provided for the company is completely bogus, as are the fake documents shown. The bottom line is that we don’t know who is behind this Invexic scam, but we do certainly know that the company is not real in the least.

Invexic Trading Program – Not Licensed

Yet another thing that came to our attention about this Invexic scam app is the fact that it is obviously not licensed to do anything at all. The bottom line is that companies and investment services like this require licensing to take investments from people. Yet, licenses for this are only provided to real, reputable, legit, and transparent companies with actual leaders.

Well, the Invexic company is not real, we have no idea who is behind it, and it is not verified by any third party. Therefore, it is safe to assume that this Invexic system is not licensed to take investments. To take it one step further, we checked with all possible UK licensing agencies and none of them have ever heard of this Invexic scam app.


How Does The Invexic App Work?

One of the first and most disturbing parts about this Invexic software is that we are never told what it actually does. Yes, we are informed that if we make a deposit with these guys, they will automatically trade for us and put money in our pockets. Well, this is about as nonsensical, void of real info, and convoluted an explanation as possible. Simply telling is that the Invexic app is a trading tool is not nearly enough to convince us of its merits at all.

Moreover, saying that this is a trading app is fine and all, but what does it actually trade? There is mention of investing in multinational corporations and trading stocks, but this is also very vague. We really don’t know whether the Invexic app trades in stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, binary options, Forex, or anything else. Furthermore, we are never informed of how this Invexic app works. We are not told of any kind of real and coherent trading strategies, market indicators, or anything else of the sort. How can we possible trust this Invexic system when the owners won’t disclose how it trades or what it trades in? This is a telltale sign that there is a scam afoot here.





Invexic Scam App & Fake Profits

Yet another aspect of this Invexic program that just doesn’t sit right with us is how the returns promised are simply unbelievable. There are several investment packages that people can take part in, 5 packages to be exact. The worst package that requires the lowest investment claims to provide 3% returns on a daily basis for 100 days. At the same time, the best Invexic package claims to provide 1500% in investment returns after just 6 days of trading. This means that within 60 days, you could turn $1,000 in to $1,500 and you don’t even have to do any work.

Now, while this is not 100% impossible, it is highly unrealistic. Even the best trading systems out there would face some huge challenges doing this. However, since we have already discovered that the inner workings of this Invexic app are fuzzy at best, that it is anonymous, filled with lies, and unlicensed, it stands to reason that you will never see any returns if you make the mistake of using this bogus trading system.

Invexic System – A Ponzi Scheme

One of the things that is totally apparent about the Invexic app is that it is a Ponzi scheme. There is no doubt about this. These criminals simply take your investment and promise you massive returns without fail. However, we have spoken to many people out there and not a single person has ever made money with this Invexic trading system. The bottom line is that it is a Ponzi scheme specifically designed to steal your money.

Invexic Scam Review – Conclusion

The only important thing that you need to know about the Invexic scam app is that it is a rip off. It has the sole purpose of screwing you out of your hard earned money.

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