Crypto Virtnext Scam Review: DANGER!


The Crypto Virtnext app is a brand new cryptocurrency investment and trading system to take a look at. We are going to say right off the bat that the Crypto Virtnext system is a total scam. There is not a single shred of evidence here which would confirm any of the totally ridiculous lies told to us by these criminals. There are tons of lies and false promises made by the Crypto Virtnext trading app. None of the things that you see on the Crypto Virtnext website are true or real in the least. We are here doing a Crypto Virtnext scam review and you need to read it ASAP!

Crypto Virtnext App – Cheap Marketing Tricks

One of the first telltale signs that a scam is afoot here has to do with some really shady marketing tactics being employed by Crypto Virtnext scam software. On the website, there is a timer which tells the viewer that there are only 10 minutes to sign up with Crypto Virtnext software for free. Apparently, after the time runs out, you will no longer be able to sign up for free and will have to pay a substantial fee. However, this is simply is not true.

We know that this is a total lie because the Crypto Virtnext timer restarts at the original time every single time the website is refreshed. If there was actually a time limit for signing up with the Crypto Virtnext app, this timer would not simply restart itself when the website is refreshed. This is a clear and obvious sign that this cryptocurrency trading system is a total rip off. They use cheap marketing tricks to try and lure people into handing over money.


Crypto Virtnext System – Fake Security Claims

Yet another big red flag which shows us that the Crypto Virtnext system is a scam is that the security logos displayed on the website are totally bogus. Sure, all of the logos are meant to make us think that this cryptocurrency app is legit. However, these logos are simply stolen, made up, and plastered onto the website without any real meaning. These security systems and awards given to the Crypto Virtnext app are bogus in the highest.

The logos are completely meaningless. You can rest assured that this trading system is a scam and will steal your money. We have received tons of complaints from people claiming they have been bombarded by spam emails, have had money stolen from them, and have suffered from unauthorized access to banking and credit card accounts. In other words, the Crypto Virtnext app is anything but secure, and that is the truth!


Crypto Virtnext User Testimonials – Fake!

Yet another piece of evidence which proves that the Crypto Virtnext app is a scam, is that the website is full of fake user testimonials. There are tons of Crypto Virtnext user testimonials on the website, but none of them are real, genuine, or legit in the least. They are all simply fabricated and made up out of thin air.

They were written by the very same scam artists selling us this ridiculously horrible cryptocurrency trading system. The images shown to us are stolen stock images and they have been combined with fake names. The writing is equally as bogus. The bottom line is that these Crypto Virtnext user testimonials are not genuine at all. It is just another trick meant to lure newbies and unsuspecting victims into willingly handing over money that is to be stolen on contact.


Crypto Virtnext App – Non-Existent Company & Owner

The next indication that the Crypto Virtnext app is a scam is the fact that we really have no idea who is in charge here. During the presentation video there is one man that talks the whole time. This would lead us to believe that he is the owner and CEO of the Crypto Virtnext app.

However, this guy never actually tells us his name, who he is, or what his position is. We are just supposed to take all of his talking at face value without confirmation of who he is or what he does. The reality is that this dude is just a paid actor reading words off of a nonsensical and incomprehensible script. While he may be a real life breathing human being, other than being paid to read some words in front of a camera, he has no association with this software whatsoever.

Furthermore, this anonymous man claims that the Crypto Virtnext app is part of a company, Crypto Virtnext LTD. Yet, when we checked business and financial trading registries from around the world, we could not locate a single shred of evidence which would confirm that this company actually exists. To repeat, Crypto Virtnext LTD is not real in any way, shape, or form. It is a fake company with a fake name and fake credentials. Simply put, this is all one big lie meant to fool you into thinking that this cryptocurrency trading system is the real deal, when it is anything but that.


Crypto Virtnext System – No Regulation Or Licensing

Something else that is painfully obvious about this bogus app is that it is not licensed to engage in cryptocurrency trading or investing. Licensing boards need to be sure that companies and systems which they grant licenses to are the real deal. However, seeing as the Crypto Virtnext app is headed by a fake person, owned by a fake company, and promises fake results, it stands to reason that there is no license involved. No sane minded regulatory or licensing agency would ever afford a cryptocurrency trading license to this rip off and total scam! We did some digging around and found no evidence of any license being obtained by this Crypto Virtnext scam app.




Crypto Virtnext Scam Review – Conclusion

The only thing that you need to know about the Crypto Virtnext app is that it is a rip off. The only purpose of this horrible cryptocurrency trading system is to steal money from you as fast as possible.

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