The Bright Future Of Cryptocurrency

The fact of the matter is that the Future of Cryptocurrency is looking very bright, very big, and very profitable. With the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, recently hitting an all-time record high of $12,000, it is evident that the opportunity to make a serious profit is here and now. The Future of Cryptocurrency is not yet set in stone, but there is one thing that is for sure, there are some serious changes in store for the whole world. For the most part these changes are said to be for the better. The point we really want to get across is that cryptocurrency is the future, so investing in it now is your best bet at a wealthy future.

Future of Cryptocurrency – Failing National Currencies

One of the big predictions right now is that the currencies of either Argentina or Venezuela, potentially both, are going to fail any given day now. While this is of course not a good thing for Argentinian and Venezuelan natives at first, this does provide them with an opportunity to use Bitcoin as a main form of currency. The potential use of Bitcoin as a main source of currency for these people is going to cause the price to spike, potentially by as much as $50,000 USD. In other words, for anybody looking to purchase or trade with Bitcoin, the time to do so is now. Once this spike hits, you will be glad to have invested beforehand.

Future of Cryptocurrency – Bank Storage

Another big direction in terms of the future of cryptocurrency and BTC is the direction of banks. Up until recently banks had not at all been willing to deal with Bitcoin. Apparently it was too volatile, plus some of the more old school experts say that it’s all nothing but a bubble ready to burst. However, it seems as though banks are coming around, slowly but surely.

For the most part banks have not started any processes or programs for BTC and crypto yet, but this is all going to change very soon. With the drastic and steady rise of the price of Bitcoin, banks will start offering Bitcoin storage options and access to software. They are also going to start accepting Bitcoin as a major form of payment, something which the CME has already done. In other words, using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is going to become much easier and more widely accepted.

Future of Cryptocurrency – 95% vs 5%

Many experts have predicted that the next four to six months are going to see a huge change in cryptocurrencies. There are many smaller cryptocurrencies which simply will not survive, which is due to a number of reasons. World leading financial experts are predicting that as many as 95% of these alternative coins, ones other than Bitcoin, are going to crash and be wiped off the face of the earth. Only a select few such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and a few others are going to get past the chopping block. This means that the surviving coins, like BTC, are going to jump in value to new record levels. Once again, this means that for any investor out there, investing in Bitcoin right now is probably a really good idea.

Future of Cryptocurrency – The Government

Another thing which many experts are predicting, even those within government agencies, is that the US government, as well as others, is going to start accumulating cryptocurrencies. Most are saying that it will be a smaller cryptocurrency, but this is all up in the air as of now. Apparently, this accumulation will be used for the government to perform grey area transactions. In other words, governments are going to start using cryptocurrencies. This then opens the doors for all kinds of new procedures and processes involving Bitcoin and other digital currencies. In other words, governments are highly likely to start using and accepting cryptocurrencies around the world.

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Future of Cryptocurrency – Legitimization

Another really positive sign is that cryptocurrencies like BTC are solely but surely gaining an air of credibility and legitimacy. A few years ago most people would have said that cryptocurrencies are a worthless joke not worth the time of day to spell BTC. However, as more and more people buy and sell them, the more people make transactions with them, and the more banks and governments are coming on board, the more legitimate these currencies are becoming.

A couple of years ago nobody would have ever dreamed of using cryptocurrencies to buy and kind of good or service, or even to invest. However, with the rise of the value and popularity of these currencies comes the rise in their legitimacy. In other words, these currencies are on track to be a world leading currency, maybe even bigger than the US Dollar. On that same note, is it is rumored that China is going to be heavily investing in a cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin in order to create some competition with Bitcoin and gain an edge on the world market. This is another factor that will legitimize cryptocurrencies as a big player in the world market.

Future of Cryptocurrency – End Of Monopolies

Something else that is sure to happen with the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is that governments are going to lose their monopoly on the creation of currency. Up until now governments were the only entities to create currencies, print them, and keep them stable in terms of value. However, this is all changing now.

Now, anybody with a good setup can more or less “print” money. Therefore, governments around the world are going to have to rethink their strategy surrounding national currencies. This could potentially cause a worldwide downturn in the value of national currencies far and wide. There are also going to be lots of tax reforms, and in all likelihood, governments may even start accepting cryptocurrencies as your tax payment.

Future of Cryptocurrency – Cryptocurrency

Like we said before, the Future of Cryptocurrency is not certain yet, but there are many signs that the future is looking good. Governments, banks, investment firms, and everybody in between is slowly realizing just how big this whole thing is.

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Future of Cryptocurrency
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