Crypto Wealth Review – BOGUS SYSTEM?


Max Carney is the scammer who supposedly brings us the Crypto Wealth app, a horrible cryptocurrency trading scam. We’re told that we can make around $4,000 per day using this so-called awesome system. However, we did a whole lot of research and all of the signs do not point in a good direction. When it comes to Crypto Wealth software, everything about it appears great at first, but that quickly changes upon closer inspection.

In fact, all of the evidence we dug up is full of red flags and big indications that this is indeed a rip-off. Yes, things like Bitcoin and Ethereum are great cryptocurrencies, and trading them the right way can be very profitable. Yet, that is not so true when you use a scam program like the Crypto Wealth trading app, a system specifically designed to steal your money. Keep reading our Crypto Wealth scam review to find out everything that you need to know about it.

Max Carney – The Crypto Wealth App Fraudster

The biggest and clearest indication that this pile of trash is out to get you is that the man representing it is as phoney as bologna. From the presentation video, we know him as Max Carney, a self-proclaimed and self-made multi-millionaire. Apparently, he was already a big Bitcoin trading guru before he made this system, but he needed a good trading app to really become rich. He claims to have made countless millions of dollars using the Crypto Wealth trading app. He claims to have “mastered the art of crypto trading; Bitcoin, Neo, Ethereum, & others”.

It is interesting to note that we could not find a single online reference to this Max Carney, superstar crypto trader. You would think that a man who has made millions with Bitcoin and other online currencies would have significant references on the internet, whether in financial magazines, sunshine lists, on Google, Wikipedia, or even just a Facebook profile.

However, we could not find any of these things. Surprise, Surprise, we were able to discover that Max is a paid actor and obviously his name is not Max. He’s just a scapegoat being used to protect the identities of the real crooks behind the Crypto Wealth app. They just want to stay anonymous so they don’t go to prison for stealing your money and ripping you off with a totally fraudulent trading system.

Crypto Wealth Software – “Mathematically Impossible To Lose”

Another sign that a scam is afoot here is that Max, the paid actor, tells us that there is no way we can ever lose trades with Crypto Wealth trading software. Apparently, his sophisticated trading strategy, combined with a revolutionary algorithm, allow for a 100% ITM rate all of the time. This is an obvious lie.

It is actually impossible for a Bitcoin trading app to make it mathematically impossible to lose. The risk of loss is always inherent in any and all kinds of trading, whether Forex, Bitcoin, or with anything else. There is no way, not in a frozen over hell, that any kind of trading program could ever change this. This is a total lie. It can never be mathematically impossible to lose.

The Crypto Wealth App - $4,000 Daily?

Yet another ridiculous fib we are spoon fed about this crappy trading system is that we can make $4,000 on a daily basis no matter what, and all from a small $250 investment. This is another giant lie. Even the best trading systems out there can’t get close to that. A good trading system will allow you to make around 300% to 400% ROI on a $250 investment, which would be $1,000 per day at most. What these criminals are claiming is unrealistic, impossible, and wholly unachievable in any way, shape, or form.

Crypto Wealth Scam – 700+ Canadian Members

This is yet another thing that sticks out like a sore thumb. Unless you are a select few apps, binary options trading in Canada is not legal, not regulated, and simply not allowed. The scammers at Crypto Wealth software claim that there are hundreds of Canadian members, but according to Canadian law, this is not possible at all. People in Canada cannot use this software. There is no question about that, so this is clearly another cheap trick to try and lure is in.

Crypto Wealth Scam App – XXX Profits on September 27, 2017

Something else that came to our attention was that the Crypto Wealth website says that on September 27, people have currently made over $70,000 with this app. This number displayed keeps rising accordingly and just keeps going up. However, we know that this is another lie and a marketing ploy because of what happens when the page is refreshed. When the website is refreshed and newly opened, the number always starts back out at the same $73,000. Therefore, the counter showing the daily profits is rigged to start at $73,000 no matter what.

More Lies About Crypto Wealth Scam System Discovered

There are a few other misleading claims and downright boldface lies that we came across, so let’s tell you all about them right now.

  • There are no licensed or regulated brokers involved with this scam. All of the brokers are not legally allowed to handle your money. The only reason they exist is to drain the money out of your trading account.
  • The website claims that the world famous boxer Floyd Mayweather endorsed Crypto Wealth software. This is simply not true.
  • This software claims to be 100% secure and safe to use. However, we’ve gotten many complaints from people who have said that the software is stealing their money, using credit card info, and scamming emails. It is certainly not secure.






Crypto Wealth Review Conclusion

At the end of the day, the bottom line is that Crypto Wealth software is undoubtedly a rip-off. Its one and only purpose is to steal every single penny they can get their hands on. Don’t trust these fools because you will pay dearly if you do.

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