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We have been getting lots of questions about the Automated Crypto System program. Yes, it is a great trading app, but there does appear to be some confusion. At any rate, we are here to answer the most pressing questions we have been getting concerning the Automated Crypto System autotrader right now.

Are The Signals Automatically Provided To Me?

Yes, when it comes to the signals which are provided to you, they are automatically provided. The signal generation here is totally automatic. This application works to provide you with the best possible trading signals of the day so you do not have to do much research and go find your own pairings to trade with. It’s definitely quite convenient.

Do I Have To Execute Each Trade Manually?

Now, there has been some confusion about whether or not the Automated Crypto System is fully automated in terms of trading. Guys, this is not a fully automated trading app. For one, those are not always that reliable, and second, they are outlawed by most brokers anyway. Yes, signals are automatically generated for you, but you do have to execute each trade manually. You cannot just turn the software on and let it do all of the trading for you.

What Can I Trade With The Automated Crypto System Autotrader?

The main things that you can trade with this platform right now include cryptocurrencies and Forex pairings. This is more than enough to provide you with high profit margins. It’s kind of like a one stop shop for all of your trading needs.

Is There A Time Of Day That Is Best To Trade?

Yes, there is an appropriate or good time of day where you should be using the Automated Crypto System app to trade with, as well as a wrong time of day. Folks, you want to trade between the hours of 9 AM and 7 PM. Keep in mind that this only applies if you live in the GMT time zone. If you do not live in GMT, you need to make the right calculations to ensure that your trading hours match the ones we just mentioned. This is when the market is the most active and volatile, and therefore when the market holds the biggest profit making opportunities.

What Should I Trade With The Automated Crypto System App?

Now, although the Automated Crypto System has “cryptocurrency” in its name, at this time, you should probably stick to trading only Forex. The cryptocurrency market is a bit iffy and very dangerous right now. For the best chances at making the highest profits, you should only use this app to trade Forex right now. We will let you know when it is once again safe to trade cryptocurrencies.

Can I Use The Automated Crypto System Platform To Trade On The Go?

Yes, luckily this awesome trading application comes with a mobile trading app. As long as you have a decent smartphone, a relatively new one, you can use the Automated Crypto System mobile trading platform. As long as you have an internet connection, or are using data, you can trade from anywhere. This is of course quite convenient.

Does Automated Crypto System Software Come With Educational Tools?

Yes, that is one of the good things about this Automated Crypto System program. It does come with some educational tools. Mainly, it comes with some written pieces and video tutorials concerning cryptocurrency and Forex trading. There are also some resources to help you master the platform itself.

How Does The Confidence Rating Work?

The so called confidence rating is quite simple to master here. Simply put, on the trading assets and signals displayed to you, there will also be a percentage included. This percentage represents the exact chances of a trade being won or lost. For instance, the CHF/USD pairing could have a confidence rating of 85%, which means that there is a high probability that if you execute said position, it will turn out a winner. One thing to note here is that you should never place trades when this confidence rating is lower than 70%. The higher it is, the better the chances that you will make a profit.

How Do I Use The Economic Calendar?

The economic calendar feature is quite simple to use as well. Just click on the economic calendar tab and take a look at the various national currencies listed. You are looking for 3 Bull News. If any national currency is experiencing 3 Bull News, just don’t trade with it. This also applies for 30 minutes before and after the 3 Bull News release. If the USD is experiencing 3 Bull News, you want to hold off on all Forex trades for a while.

Can I Choose My Own Broker With Automated Crypto System Software?

No, the long story short is that you cannot choose your own broker here. However, no trading applications let you do this. When you sign up for an Automated Crypto System trading account, you will be assigned a broker. Now, although you cannot choose your own broker, what you can do, if you are not happy with the one assigned to you, is to use a new email address to create a new Automated Crypto System account. This way it is more than likely that you will be assigned a different broker than the first time.

How Do I Sign Up For The Automated Crypto System Autotrader?

This is very easy. Just follow the links we have provided here, fill out the necessary personal information, and then verify your account through the confirmation email. Afterwards, you will have to set up the broker account for the assigned broker and fund the account with trading capital. Now you are ready to start trading.


Automated Crypto System Important Questions – Conclusion

Guys, if you have any more questions about the Automated Crypto System trading app, feel free to ask us. We are here to help and to provide you with all of the info you need to be successful traders!

Automated Crypto System Sign Up

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