The CryptoLux ICO might seem like the real deal upon first glance, but it is anything but legit. If you take a closer look at it, like we already have, it quickly becomes obvious that the whole thing is a huge scam meant to rip you off. This is our CryptoLux scam review and we are here to provide you with fair warning about this malicious and thieving cryptocurrency initial coin offering.




CryptoLux System – ANONYMOUS!

First and foremost, one of the reasons we cannot trust this CryptoLux crypto ICO is due to the fact that it lacks clear leadership and any kind of transparency. This is a big problem no doubt. When we are asked to invest large amounts of money into an initial coin offering, we want to know exactly what is going on.

We want to know all of the details, and that includes who is in charge, who owns the ICO, and who created it. The CryptoLux ICO appears to be totally anonymous and faceless, an issue which always bothers us and makes us very suspicious immediately. Simply put, if this particular cryptocurrency initial coin offering were the real deal, the owners would be proud to show their faces and tell us who they are.

However, the only reason why these crooks would want to keep their identities hidden from us is because there is something illegal going on here. They just do not want us finding out who they are. It is obvious that the CryptoLux system involves a bunch of fraud and thievery, and you are the target, which is exactly why these criminals choose to remain hidden in a shroud of anonymity.


CryptoLux Scam ICO – ILLEGAL!

Another thing that came to our attention about this CryptoLux trading system and ICO is that it is clearly not registered, nor is it licensed. Cryptocurrency initial coin offerings like this, especially when a trading system is provided, need to be registered. This is supposed to be an official company with a real address and real leadership.

However, never is there a mention of where this CryptoLux company is registered. As far as we can tell, besides having a website, the whole thing is totally non-existent. These guys are not registered as a real company, and that is a big problem. This means that this ICO must also be unlicensed.

You see, you cannot just go around accepting investments from people without the proper business and financial licensing. Seeing as the CryptoLux ICO scam is totally anonymous, lacks transparency, has no real address, and is unregistered, it is clear that it is also unlicensed. Therefore, any “investments” which these guys take are illegal. The reality of it is that these crooks are not actually taking investments and they surely are not providing returns. They simply steal your money and then disappear.





Perhaps one of the most ridiculous aspects of this CryptoLux system is how they try and convince people to sign up. Apparently, this is supposed to be a big time trading system, one that produces a hell of a lot of profits on a daily basis. To make sure that people sign up, these crooks claim that people will be trading in a “permanent growth crypto market”. This is nothing but a lie and it is a totally absurd statement to say the very least.

For anyone that is involved with cryptocurrencies, it is common knowledge that it is definitely not a permanent growth market. There is no such thing as permanent growth in any market. Prices fluctuate, they go up, they go down, and they can bottom out real fast. Just look at the price of Bitcoin in the last year. Telling us that cryptocurrency is a permanent growth market that only increases in value is a boldfaced lie and these guys know it.





Another thing which remains a mystery about the CryptoLux trading platform is how it actually works. We are told that the trading system will allow us to trade cryptocurrencies, but other than that, there are absolutely no details provided. We are not told what kind of crypto coins will be traded with, we are not told about trading strategies, or anything else.

Heck, we are not even told if this is a fully automated or semi-automated system. We are provided with literally zero useful information, and when it comes to something that will be handling our money, that is totally unacceptable.




CryptoLux Software – NO PROFITS!

Something that we definitely know about this CryptoLux ICO is that it does not provide for any profits at all. Supposedly, you can make 45% in profits every single month. Now, this on its own is already highly unrealistic, and that is just supposed to be the profits from the initial investment. Apparently the trading system will provide us with even more money.

The whole thing just seems very unrealistic and way too good to be true. There is also the fact that every single person we have talked to, who has invested money here, has had their money simply disappear. They never received any kind of ROI, nor was there a trading program available for use. This whole CryptoLux ICO is just a huge scam and an epic exercise in thievery, with the targets being anyone who steps in its path.




CryptoLux Initial Coin Offering – PONZI SCHEME!

The other thing that we need to mention about this CryptoLux initial coin offering is that it is clearly a Ponzi scheme, as well as a pyramid scheme, all wrapped up into one neat little package. There are a bunch of referral programs you can join, each of which provide you with increasing commissions for each person you refer to this CryptoLux system.

However, while not totally illegal in itself, it is obvious that these crooks never actually pay out these referral commissions, which is definitely illegal. No matter what way you put it or look at it, this cryptocurrency initial coin offering is a scam and it is meant to rip you off.



CryptoLux ICO Scam Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the CryptoLux system is not to be trusted. The only purpose it serves is to steal money from innocent and unsuspecting victims.




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