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Uptos claims to be a world class broker for trading Forex, stocks, indices, and much more. Apparently, this broker allows traders to use either MT4 or MT5 for trading, and it offers some really great features too. Well, or at least so we are told. According to uptos.com, you can make countless thousands of dollars using this brokerage. While it definitely sounds like a great deal, it also sounds way too good to be true.

The fact of the matter is that we were not about to take anything that these people say at face value. Mainly because we actually have no idea who these people are. Moreover, after doing a lot of digging around, we came across a number of red flags and scam factors which indicate that something shady is going on here. This is our Uptos scam review, and we are here to keep you and your money safe from harm.

Uptos Alert

Uptos Leadership

The first thing which we always look for with any broker is who owns it and who is in charge of it. After all, if we are going to deposit large sums of money, we want to know who’s hands that money is in.

Well, when it comes to the Uptos broker, there is not a single mention of company ownership or leadership, just nothing at all. This is a very bad sign.

Unless there is something illegal going on here, then why else would the people behind this broker choose to stay hidden from sight? This complete lack of transparency is indicative of a scam.

Uptos.com Company Registration & Contact

Next, seeing as we do not know who is in charge here, we figured that we would try and contact these people to see if we can get ahold of somebody. This also turned out to be fruitless. There is both a phone number and an email address provided.

We tried contacting the people behind uptos.com through both methods, and came up empty both times. Nobody ever picked up the phone or responded to emails. This total lack of communication is another clear indication that something fish is happening.

Next, in terms of the company location, we are told that the Uptos broker is located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Well, this is very suspicious in of itself, because this automatically makes uptos.com an offshore broker.

Offshore brokers are also very dangerous. There is also the fact that we looked up the registration info for this company. To no surprise to us at all, we quickly figured out that this broker is in no way registered in St. Vincent.

Uptos Alert

Uptos Licensing

The next thing that came to our attention about this very suspicious broker is that it is clearly not licensed. A broker like this, which claims to offer financial investment services across many markets to investors, needs to be licensed to do so.

A broker which is not licensed is operating illegally and without authorization, as is the case here. There is absolutely no evidence which could prove that uptos.com has any sort of licensing. This is definitely a huge deal breaker.


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Trading Platform

Yet another thing which came to our attention here has to do with the trading platform which the Uptos broker claims to provide for people. The story here is that this broker allows people to use MT4 or MT5 to trade. Yes, these are great trading platform, but unfortunately this is also a total lie.

We know for a fact that this broker actually forces investors to use their own custom built web based trading platform. This was designed by the anonymous crooks running uptos.com. It is definitely not MT4 or MT5, just some horrible web based trading app. The bad part about this particular platform is that it includes absolutely no security measures and no forms of encryption.

It leaves traders totally vulnerable to theft. However, we strongly suspect that this has not been done by mistake. The platform has been designed to be unsecure, specifically so that the people running this scam broker can easily steal your money.

Uptos Alert

Uptos Account Managers

What also stands out about this broker is that it claims to provide people with professional account managers. The premium uptos.com account comes with a so called account manager that will do all of the work for you. However, we know for a fact that these so called account managers are nothing more than random people.

These people have no trading experience or knowledge whatsoever. In fact, we suspect that the whole purpose of these account managers is to provide somebody from the Uptos brokerage with access to your account, thus making it much easier to steal money from you. There is no semblance of any sort of real account manager here.


Perhaps the biggest Uptos scam factor that we came across has to do with the withdrawals. Of course, when you trade, you are supposed to make profits, profits which you should then be able to withdraw from your account whenever you see fit.

However, when it comes to uptos.com, from what we have gathered, making withdrawals is simply not possible. We have been contacted by well over 1 dozen different scam victims who report having their money stolen. People say that their accounts were simply shut down at a moment’s notice, with all funds on those accounts also disappearing.

Therefore, it is obvious what is going in here. The people behind the Uptos scam broker simply drain accounts and shut them down before victims can figure out what hit them.

Uptos Scam Review – The Verdict

At the end of the day, the only important thing that you need to know about the Uptos broker is that it is indeed a total ripe off. The one and only purpose it serves is to steal money from anybody and everybody unfortunate enough to fall for this scam.


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