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GlobalSpot FX is allegedly an amazing Forex and CFDs broker, one that produces massive profits, but we have our doubts. There is a reason why we are here doing this globalspot FX broker review, and it’s not because we have any amount of confidence in it!

GlobalSpot FX Company Information

This broker is completely anonymous. We never get to meet a CEO, CFO, manager, a board member, or anything else of the sort. In terms of actual people, we have no idea who is in charge here. The scammers behind the GlobalSpot FX broker are purposely staying hidden from sight. This is not a good sign.

Next, claims to be owned by Trade Con Limited, which claims to be located in the UK. Well, a quick address check proved this to be false. We also checked with the UK Companies House. There is no business registered in the UK under Trade Con Limited or Global Spot FX. It’s not an officially registered business.

Finally, the GlobalSpot FX broker also does not have any kind of licensing. Neither the FCA nor any other relevant financial regulatory has provided these crooks with a license to perform financial investment activities. This is a completely illegal and unlicensed broker.

GlobalSpot FX Scam


GlobalSpot FX Broker – A Lot of Confusion

The first thing which came to our attention about is how the whole website focuses on cryptocurrencies. The entire homepage makes several mentions of cryptocurrencies, complete with news stories, articles about trading crypto, and so much more.

here are so many mentions of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, that it seems as though the GlobalSpot FX broker is all about trading crypto.

However, things look a whole lot different when you take a look at the accounts. There are various account levels here, and all of them list the various instruments that can be traded with. These include Forex, CFDs, commodities, and indices.

However, oddly enough, not one of the account types lists Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies as a trading instrument. So, why is crypto mentioned a million times on the homepage if it is not listed as a possible market to trade in for the various account levels? It really just doesn’t make any sense at all.

GlobalSpot FX Scam – Nonsense Accounts

Going back to the various GlobalSpot FX broker accounts, they don’t make any sense in the grand scheme of things either. For one, there is more leverage available in the lower account levels than in the higher account levels. This in itself doesn’t make any sense.

Wouldn’t higher account levels usually come with increased leveraging capabilities? Moreover, other than that, there is no real or discernible difference between any of the account types.

If there is no real difference, then why are there different account types? It seems as though this is all bogus anyway. The account options here just don’t make any sense at all, and this makes us very suspicious of

GlobalSpot FX Demo Account

Yes, this broker does come with a so called demo account, which is allegedly provided to users so they can test the platform and the broker out without having to risk real money. Demo accounts are very popular across the board, as they show potential clients how well a platform works to produce profits.

However, unfortunately, this is often nothing more than a trick, a rigged game if you will. Demo accounts like the one found here at are engineered to only display winning trades.

The whole thing is a sham, nothing more than smoke and mirrors. This demo is completely bogus and made to trick people into thinking that the real live platform is going to perform just as well as the demo. It’s a dirty trick meant to fool people into investing their hard earned money. Trading Platform

What also needs to be said here is in relation to the trading platform which the GlobalSpot FX broker claims to provide its clients with. This is a web based trading platform, and what we realized is that it does not feature any sort of encryption or security, no DDoS, no SSL, no nothing.

This is a huge problem of course, because it leaves people’s financial and personal data vulnerable to theft.

Make no mistake about it though, because these crooks purposely provide an unsecure platform. We suspect that the whole point of this is to make it much easier for the anonymous criminals in charge of to steal your money.



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GlobalSpot FX Affiliate Programs

Allegedly, the GlobalSpot FX broker also features some affiliate programs. This means that current investors and clients can refer their friends and family to invest, and then receive a nice bonus for their efforts.

One of the suspicious aspects here is that we are never told what the referral or affiliate bonuses are. We are simply told that we will receive a commission, but how much this commission is, is never stated. This is of course another huge problem.

Folks, this is just another way for this scam broker to lure even more victims into its web. There are no commissions or bonuses to speak of. This affiliate program is a way for the scammers to get you to do the heavy lifting, to get you to go find their next scam victims for them.

GlobalSpot FX Scam Withdrawals

Perhaps the most GlobalSpot FX scam factor is how this broker just does not allow for any withdrawals whatsoever. We have been contacted by dozens of people so far, and they have all said the same thing.

In one way or another, this scam broker denies people from making withdrawals. They may ask for more money to be deposited to allow for a withdrawal.

They might close or block your account altogether, or you might just wake up one day to find that your money is gone. Whatever the case may be, is stealing money from people and has never provided its investors with any returns whatsoever.

GlobalSpot FX Scam Review – The Verdict

The one and only thing which you need to know about is that it is a scam broker and it will steal your money if given the opportunity.


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