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Forex Windwaker software claims to be the best automated FX trading platform in the world. Apparently, this app can easily double your money in just a couple of trades. According to the website, you can make thousands and thousands of dollars on a daily basis.

Sure, it definitely sounds like a great deal. However, it also sounds way too good to be true. There are various grandiose claims made on, ones that simply cannot be true.

Moreover, over the past couple of weeks, there have been literally hundreds of complaints filed against Forex Windwaker software, and for good reason.

Seeing as there are so many complaints about it, we figured that it was pertinent to do a Forex Windwaker review, which is what we are here for today. We did a lot of digging around into this FX trading app, and what we found is not convincing. Let’s take a closer look at this automated FX trading system and what it’s all about.

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Forex Windwaker Leadership & Company Info

One of the most suspicious aspects of this Forex Windwaker trading system is how the owners are nowhere to be found. There is literally not a single shred of information in regard to company ownership and leadership.

There is a picture of some random guy shown on the site, but we have no idea who this is. We are also not told where this platform or company is located. What country does this platform operate out of? It certainly does not seem to be registered or licensed in any way. Moreover, the link for “contact us” does not work. There is no contact info available.


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Forex Windwaker Platform – BOGUS

The first thing which came to our attention about this Forex Windwaker trading platform is how it just looks really bad. We are provided with dozens of screenshots of the trading platform. We have to say that this is the worst looking trading app in the history of all trading apps.

The screenshots look more like a 5th grader’s school work done on Microsoft Paint. It really does not look like a trading platform at all. We would never trust our money with an FX trading app that looks like literal trash.

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Proposed Profits

What is really suspicious about this Forex Windwaker trading app is how they claim to be able to earn up to 100 pips per profits in day, or more. In other words, these crooks are claiming that their fully automated software has the ability to double your money in just a couple of trades.

According to these guys, you can make countless thousands of dollars per day using this fully automated software.

Allegedly, it does all of the trading for you and then simply puts money in your pocket. Folks, does this sound realistic or possible to you? When is the last time you were able to make a few thousand bucks in a single day without actually doing any work?


Forex Windwaker User Testimonials

What is almost laughable about this Forex Windwaker scam has to do with the one and only user testimonial featured on the website. There is a user testimonials, one which more or less amounts to “this is the best trading software”, supposedly left by Orville from the USA.

Orville has no last name, no contact info, no picture with his face, and it doesn’t even say where in the USA he is from. It is very obvious that this is a totally bogus user testimonial.

There is no way to confirm who this Orville guy is. You can be sure that this is a totally falsified user testimonial. We have received so many complaints about this scam system that there is no way that anyone has ever had anything good to say about it.

Forex Windwaker Alert Profitable Trades Chart

On the main website, you will also notice a chart which displays winning trades that clients have made in the past 30 days. Well, these are also false. As mentioned above, this software is designed to display winning trades, which encourages users to deposit more money.

Once even more money is deposited, the criminals behind the Forex Windwaker scam then simply drain your account of all money. Therefore, displaying a bunch of winning trades is irrelevant.

These could be the “winning trades” which the system shows before it thieves money from its users, or they could just be totally fake. Folks, it’s not hard to make a chart like this. It takes a few minutes and a half decent program on your computer. You can rest assured that nobody has actually made any real profits here!

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A Fake Affiliate Program

Forex Windaker software also offers its users an affiliate program. The story here is that people who refer others to invest will be given huge commissions and bonuses. Folks, this is simply not true in the least. Sure, these crooks will gladly steal money from anybody they come into contact with. However, you can rest assured that you won’t ever see a single penny in bonuses or commissions.



What is really suspicious about is how at the bottom of the site, you will see a section that has to do with previous scam reviews. Yes, other reviewers have already covered this scam and warned the public.

However, on this site, the anonymous crooks behind the Forex Windwaker app say that all reviewers who say that this software is a scam, are in fact scammers. These criminals are literally and actively trying to discredit those of us who are trying to keep you safe.

They are labelling us reviewers as scammers. This is an attempt to get ahead of the curve. These crooks know that what they are doing is wrong, and they will do anything to make themselves look legit while making those who speak out against their horrible thievery look like liars. Folks, these scammers are not to be trusted!

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Forex Windwaker Review – The Verdict

The verdict here is that the Forex Windwaker scam is a rip off. The only purpose it serves is to steal money from innocent day traders!


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