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Expert Optioner claims to be one of the best brokers for BO, indices, commodities, stocks, and more. This broker claims to offer some great financial management and consulting services to its clients. Moreover, the claim here is that you as the investor do not have to do any of the hard work yourself.

All accounts are allegedly fully managed, or in other words, the trading gets done for you. According to, investors will make a 200% ROI every single week. Sure, this definitely sounds like a great deal, but the fact of the matter is that it is highly unrealistic.

This Expert Optioner broker makes some really grandiose claims, but it does not back any of them up with any real evidence. In fact, through our extensive research, we came across a number of scam factors which indicate that something shady is going on here. This is our Expert Optioner scam review and we are here to keep you from being scammed out of your money.

Expert Optioner Alert – A Horrible Website

Of course we cannot judge this broker by the website alone, but the quality of the site is certainly a good indicator of what is to come. If you take a closer look at the site, you will notice that there are plenty of spelling and grammar errors.

Folks, this is a bad sign. If you are going to invest your hard earned money with a broker like this, the broker should know how to spell simple words! Such a low quality and hastily put together site is an indication that not everything is how it should be.

Expert Optioner Leadership

Something else that stands out about this particular investment platform is that it does not have any clear leadership. There is a total lack of transparency present here. Now, on the site, we see a picture of a group of people, along with the signature of the so called leader.

Well, this signature is completely illegible, so we cannot make out an actual name, and this signature does not coincide with any one person.

In other words, this is a completely faceless and anonymous investment platform. Folks, unless there is something illegal going on here, why else would the people in charge choose to remain hidden from sight?

Expert Optioner Alert

Expert Optioner Registration & Licensing

Something else that came to our attention here is how the Expert Optioner broker has no official registration. According to the site, this investment system is based in the USA. However, binary options trading software like this is totally illegal in the USA.

Therefore, it does not make sense that this platform could be based in the USA. Just to make sure, we checked the USA business registry, and of course, no such company exists there.

On this same note, there is also the fact that is not licensed either. This is supposed to be a company which provides financial investment services, and therefore it needs to be properly licensed as such.

However, seeing as BO software is illegal in the USA, there is no way that this platform could be licensed. This is a totally unregistered, unlicensed, and illegal trading operation. Accounts

One of the biggest scam factors here has to do with the amount of returns promised by We are told that this investment service can generate profits of up to 200% on a weekly basis.

Folks, this would mean that you would be tripling your initial investment every single week. Does this really seem realistic or feasible to you? No, of course not! There is not a single investment or trading program in the world that can achieve these kinds of results. The claims made by Expert Optioner are totally bogus.

Expert Optioner Alert

Expert Optioner User Testimonials

When it comes to user testimonials, we have honestly never seen ones quite as ridiculous as this. If you take a look at the user testimonials, you will notice that they consist of random names, without faces.

In other words, there is absolutely no way to confirm the identities of these people. Moreover, all of these testimonials are nonsense. They are totally filled with spelling mistakes. They all look as though they were written by an illiterate child. These user testimonials are clearly fake!

Random Logos

Something that really does not make sense on is how the site is filled with random logos from other companies. On the site, we see logos from Lily’s Flowers, Global Finance, SMS Finance, and others too.

Well, these have absolutely nothing to do with this Expert Optioner scam. None of these companies are in any way related to this binary options investment system. It’s just another trick meant to make this investment service seem more legit.

Expert Optioner Alert

Expert Optioner Withdrawals

The most telling scam factor here is how Expert Optioner does not allow for withdrawals. First off, people who invest supposedly get a welcome bonus. Then, when people go to withdraw money, they are told that in order to make a withdrawal, they must first deposit money equal to the bonus received upon registration.

So, instead of withdrawing money, people are forced to deposit even more first. However, still won’t allow you to withdraw money even after you deposit more funds to match this bonus. This is just an easy way for these crooks to scam you out of even more money!


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Expert Optioner Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that this Expert Optioner broker is indeed a scam. It does its best to stop people from making withdrawals through ridiculous conditions.

Nobody has actually been able to make a withdrawal here, which is all the proof that we need to confirm that this is a scam. Moreover, without any real leadership and a total lack of licensing, you can rest assured that this is an illegal trading and investment operation.


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