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Bit Holdings claims to be the world’s most advanced and profitable cryptocurrency trading platform in the world. Allegedly, it operates out of both Switzerland and the UK, and it is targeting people from all over the world. makes some fairly grandiose claims about how much money traders can make through crypto trading.

Sure, although cryptocurrency trading can be quite profitable, it does take skill and knowledge, as well as the right platform, which Bit Holdings claims to be.

Now, this crypto trading platform looks like the real deal at first glance. However, we were not about to take these guys at face value, so we decided to do some digging around. Through our research, we came across a variety of scam factors and red flags, which is what this Bit Holdings review is all about.

Bit Holdings Scam

Bit Holdings Leadership

If we are going to be investing with some trading platform, we want to know who is behind the platform. does not feature a single mention of who might be in charge of this operation, not so much as a single name or face. This is a big problem, and we always take issue with these anonymous and faceless trading systems.

The reasoning here is that if this crypto trading platform were the real deal, then the people behind it would not choose to remain hidden from sight. Sure, there is an “about us” page, but this just says “we are a team”. This total lack of transparency is indicative of a scam. Contact

Something that is very odd about this company is how it claims to be registered in both the UK and Switzerland, something we will touch on in the section below. The problem at hand is that there is only a single phone number provided, a UK phone number.

Of course, we tried contacting these guys using the phone number, but nobody picked up. We also tried contacting Bit Holdings via email, but nobody responded. This total lack of communication is another strong indication that something shady is going on here.

Bit Holdings Scam

Bit Holdings Registration

Alright, so we are told that this platform, or the company behind it, has headquarters in both the UK and in Switzerland. We are even provided with office addresses for both countries. Well, to no surprise at all, both of these addresses are 100% bogus. Ok, so the addresses do exist in real life, but they do not belong to

Moreover, this made us question whether or not this crypto trading company was actually registered in either of these countries. Once again, to no surprise at all, it is not registered, not in Switzerland and not in the UK. It’s completely unregistered and this means that it’s not even a real business at all. Licensing

Yes, this is a crypto trading and investment platform. Software like this is required to have the proper kind of licensing. For instance in the UK, it would have to be registered with the FCA, as well as another authority for Switzerland.

Well, of course, this company has no licensing whatsoever. So, not only is not registered, but also not licensed either. This means that this is a completely illegal operation that has no authority to be in the financial investment business whatsoever.


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Bit Holdings Accounts

One of the biggest scam factors which came to our attention here has to do with the account options available at Did you know that the set industry standard for minimum deposits for trading accounts is $250?

Well, with this crypto trading platform, for even the lowest account level, the minimum deposit amount is a whopping $10,000. This is way over the set standard for the minimum, and it’s a strong indication that there is a scam afoot here.

Not only that, but the accounts just don’t make any sense either. If you take a look at the various levels, you will notice that there is literally not a single difference between any of them. If this is the case, then why are there different levels? It’s all just a cheap trick to make you think that there is a variety of options to choose from, when in fact it’s all the same thing.

Bit Holdings Scam

The Bit Holdings Platform

We really don’t want to spend too much time on this, but the fact of the matter is that the Bit Holdings platform itself is total garbage. It’s some homemade custom built platform that nobody has ever heard of.

The problem with it is that it has absolutely no security or encryption measures. It leaves users totally vulnerable to theft. Make no mistake about it, because this platform is made without security for a good reason, so the crooks behind it can easily steal from you.

Random Company Logos

What also stands out about is that it features a bunch of random company logos, as well as some blurb which those companies said about cryptocurrencies. The aim here is clear, to trey and fool you that these companies are in some way related to Bit Holdings. This is of course not true.

Simply slapping some logos from recognized and trusted companies definitely doesn’t mean that this crypto trading scam is suddenly legit. Reuters, Forbes, Coindesk, and CNN money, all of the entities featured on the site, have never, not in any way endorsed It’s just a trick meant to feign legitimacy.

Bit Holdings Scam – No Withdrawals

The most telling scam factor here is how not a single person has been able to withdraw any amount of money from We have received many complaints from people who have had their accounts blocked, drained, or just totally erased. People are losing money by the thousands, all thanks to this horrible crypto scam.

Bit Holdings Review – The Verdict

The bottom line is that the Bit Holdings platform is a complete rip off. The sole purpose it serves is to scam you and everybody else out of money. Don’t go near it!


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