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Amelok claims to be a broker which allows for many different kinds of trading including CFDs, stocks, Forex, crypto, indices, commodities, and more.

According to the main site,, this broker has received many rewards, it is sponsored by some really big companies, and has even been endorsed by a variety of celebrities. The website itself does look quite legit. However, appearances can be quite deceiving, so we cannot go off the look of the site alone.

While the Amelok broker might seem like the real deal at a glance, upon further inspection, things start to fall apart pretty quickly. We personally received a number of complaints from angry scam victims who have had their money stolen from them.

Therefore, we decided to dig a bit deeper into exactly what is going on here. This is our Amelok scam review and we are here to shut this bogus broker down once and for all.

Amelok Alert

Amelok Broker Leadership

The first red flag which came to our attention with this Amelok broker has to do with company ownership and leadership. Simply put, there is not a single mention on the entirety of the website as to who could be in charge here. This is what we like to call an anonymous and faceless broker.

Think of it this way, unless there is something illegal going on here, why else would the people in charge choose to remain hidden from sight? This total lack of transparency combined with a good dose of anonymity is a strong indication that there is a scam afoot here.


Amelok Contact Information

When it comes to the Amelok broker’s contact information, the website provides us with a few different email addresses and phone numbers, some in English and some in Russian. Well, we tried using all available contact methods to get in touch with somebody, and we came up empty on all fronts.

We tried calling all of the phone numbers, but nobody picked up the phone. We tried emailing them, but nobody responded.

Moreover, using the chat function located on the bottom right hand corner of the site is also useless, and it is only in Russian. This total lack of communication is definitely indicative of a scam. Why won’t these people talk to us?

Amelok Broker Company Information

The next red flag which came to our attention about the Amelok broker has to do with the company information in terms of its location and registration. According to, this broker is allegedly registered in both the UK and in Russia.

In fact, the company behind this broker is known as the “Global Limited Group Holding”, which is not registered in Russia or the UK. Whether it is the UK Companies House or the Russian business registry, there is absolutely no registration info available here, and that is a very bad sign.

Amelok Alert Licensing

The next scam factor that came to our attention here has to do with the total lack of licensing which this Forex, CFD, commodities, stocks, and crypto broker has. When it comes to the UK, this broker would have to be registered with the FCA, which it is not.

In terms of Russia, it would have to be licensed with the FMRRC, which it is also not. In other words, has absolutely no semblance of any kind of licensing at all. Therefore, this broker is operating illegally, without a license, and it has no business handling anybody’s money.


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If you take a look at the main site, you will see that the Amelok broker allegedly has several awards, most of which boil down to “best broker”. Well, did some digging around, and it quickly became apparent that all of these awards are 100% bogus. Bogus Endorsements

Right at the top of, there are a bunch of celebrities shown, and it is implied that these famous folks endorse the Amelok broker. Most notably, we see Louis Hamilton (F1 race car driver) and Harry Kane (UK Footballer). However, this is not true at all. Both of these men have absolutely no association with this broker whatsoever. It’s nothing more than a lie, a trick meant to make this broker seem legit. Accounts

There is nothing too special to say about the Amelok broker’s accounts, beside the fact that even for the most basic account level, the minimum required deposit is $500. The issue here is that the industry set standard for minimum deposits is $250. These crooks are well above this industry standard, and that is not a good sign in the least.

Amelok Affiliate Program

Another claim made on is that there is a great affiliate referral program in place. Allegedly, if you convince your friends and family to invest money with this broker, you will get a commission of up to 20%. This certainly sounds like a great deal, but it’s also not true.

These affiliate bonuses and commissions never actually get paid out. Sure, they will have steal money from your friends and family, but there are no bonuses to speak of. This affiliate program does nothing but help the crooks behind Amelok find more scam victims.

Amelok Alert



The most telling Amelok scam factor is how this broker simply does not allow for withdrawals in any way, shape, or form. We have personally received several complaints about this broker over the past few weeks, and the story is always the same.

Now, there appear to be various ways in which these crooks block people from withdrawing money, but at the end of the day, this is exactly what is going on. In other words, not a single person has been able to withdraw any amount of money from this scam broker.

Amelok Scam Review – The Verdict

The verdict here is that the Amelok broker is indeed a scam. There is no feasible way to make a profit with this scam broker. The only purpose it serves is to steal money from innocent traders like you.


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