Noble Markets Scam Review


Noble Markets is allegedly a very high yielding trading platform for Forex, CFD, crypto, indices, and more. This is a broker for trading, one which claims to offer traders with hundreds of trading instruments.

According to the site, well over 100,000 traders use this platform and broker to trade profitably. Well, although the website looks like the real deal, we have our suspicions. We did a lot of research into this Forex and crypto broker, and what we found out is not flattering in the least.

We came across multiple red flags and scam factors which indicate that something shady is going on here. This is our Noble Markets review and we are here to shut this scam broker down once and for all.

Noble Markets Scam




The first Noble Markets scam factor which came to our attention is how this broker is leaderless and anonymous. There is not a single mention of who might own or lead this broker on the entirety of the site. This is very suspicious indeed.

If this were a legit online broker for trading, then why are the people behind it choosing to remain hidden from sight? This complete anonymity and total lack of transparency is a very strong indication that there is a scam afoot here.


Noble Markets Location, Registration, & Contact Info

What also stands out about this Noble Markets broker is how none of the information in terms of location and contact adds up. First of all, it is implied that this broker is located in the UK. However, we checked the UK Companies House business registry, and came up empty. From what we can tell, this broker is not registered in the UK, or in any other country for that matter.

What is also super suspicious is how the phone number is a virtual number, not actually a phone number from the UK. This goes to show that is not actually based in the UK at all. Just out of curiosity, we tried calling the number anyway, and to no surprise at all, nobody ever picked up the phone. We even tried contacting these people via the provided email address, but of course, there was never any kind of response.

Noble Markets Scam


Noble-Markets Licensing

The next Noble Markets broker scam factor which came to our attention has to do with company licensing. This is a broker, which means that it provides financial investments services to clients. This therefore means that it is by law required to be licensed. Well, we checked with all necessary licensing bodies such as the FCA, SEC, and about a dozen others too.

There is not a single financial regulatory agency in the world which has ever granted the right to handle other people’s money. In other words, this broker is unregistered, unregulated, unlicensed, and completely illegal. It has absolutely no business handling anybody’s money whatsoever.


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Noble Markets Accounts

The trading accounts do look pretty decent at first glance. However, things quickly start to crumble upon further inspection. One thing which stands out here has to do with the minimum deposit requirements for the accounts. In case you did not know, the industry standard for minimum deposits is $250. Yet, the minimum deposit, even for the lowest account level, starts at $5,000, well over the industry standard.

What also needs to be said about the Noble Markets accounts is that the trading education which they claim to offer is completely bogus. Each trading account features a certain amount of “trading education” included with it. Well, although we have not bothered to look for ourselves, we have it on good authority that the so called education here is totally worthless. It’s all stuff you could find with a simple Google search.


Noble Markets Scam


Trading Platform

Something else that quickly came to our attention here has to do with the Noble Markets trading platform. This is advertised as being one of the best, most profitable, and most secure trading platforms on the planet. However, this is simply not true, not in the least.

The fact of the matter is that there is not a single shred of SSL or DDOS protection here. The trading platform features absolutely no security and encryption. Now, make no mistake about it, because this is purposely done. The whole point here is to provide scam victims with an unsecure platform so that the crooks running the show can easily steal from the unsuspecting traders.

It is also worth noting that the broker does not use segregated funding accounts for its members. There is one single account which all money gets deposited into. This makes it very easy for the anonymous crooks running the show to steal your money. Domain

We also discovered a blatant lie here. According to the website, the Noble Markets broker has been active since 2018 and has nearly 150,000 members. Well, we checked the domain info here, and we discovered that the site has only been active for a couple of months, not a couple of years. This is a downright lie and it’s a very strong indication that there is a scam going on here.

Noble Markets Broker – No Withdrawals

The final and brightest of the red flags worth mentioning here is that the Noble Markets broker does not actually allow for withdrawals. Of course, to make and receive your trading profits, you need to be able to withdraw funds, something which this scam broker does not allow for.

We have received dozens of complaints from people who get withdrawal error messages, find their accounts drained of funds, or who have had their accounts blocked without warning. One way or another, the crooks from will steal your money.

Noble Markets Review – The Verdict

The bottom line is that Noble Markets is a scam broker. They claim to offer huge profits through Forex, crypto, CFD, indices, and stock trading, yet deliver nothing of the sort. This is a scam and you need to stay away from it.


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